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More details from Müller's report will be revealed weeks, not months

Washington – A Justice Department official told CBS News that it would take weeks, not months, for General Prosecutor William Bar to provide additional information on the report by special advocate Robert Mueller for his nearly two-year investigation . The White House has not received a preliminary copy of the report

President Trump sees Bar's letter to Congress, which sums up Muller's report as a full justification. The Special Attorney determined that there were no collusion with Russia in the 201

6 election, and Bar and Deputy Chief Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein said the president had not impeded justice.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a firm ally of Mr. Trump, called for an investigation into the origin of Muller's probe.

"I would like to find someone like Mr Müller who can investigate what happened with FISA guarantees an investigation into counterintelligence." Graham told reporters Monday

Meanwhile, Democrats remain unconvinced by Bar's summary on four pages of Muller's investigation. "We do not need an interpreter from a general attorney who is appointed to a particular job to make sure that the president is above the law. We have to see the report, "said President Nancy Pelosi to reporters on Tuesday

Although Burr is expected to release more information from the report in the coming weeks, the Democrats have promised to call both Mueller and Bar and force them to testify before Congress

Rudi Giuliani, one of President Trump's personal attorneys, told CBS Correspondent Correspondent of Washington that someone else invented the accusations against Mr Trump Trump for drag vorks with Russia during the elections in 2016

"So somebody did this. Now we are talking about really serious crimes. because of the republic, not just the president, "Juliani said of the allegations. "I do not know if I would call it treason, but it's pretty close," Juliane continued, though he added it legally. Making stories about the president is not a betrayal.

Giuliani and Trump Jay Sekulow's lawyer appear in the episode this week on the podcast "The Takeout," which will be released on Friday.

Stacy Abrams says it is "inappropriate" "Suppose what is in Müller's report

" It is inappropriate to suppose that we know what Müller's report says until we read it, "said the former candidate The Democratic Party of Governor Stacy Abrams for CBS This Morning on Wednesday Abrams questioned Bar's ability to reach a fair conclusion on Müller's findings after he "reprimanded Müller" during the earlier parts of the Russian investigation

"I do not think we can assume that what he is announced in his resume, is an exact summary of the report. But the best way to understand what was said in the report is to read the report. And my conviction is until we see the report that we do not know what it is. "

Rudy Giuliani strikes Mueller's response to the pathetic obstruction

Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has clearly revealed the indecisiveness of the special lawyer in hindering the claims of justice against the president, calling him" totally inappropriate and totally unethical "and" pathetic "in an interview with Fox News Tuesday night.

Giuliani told Fox "The Ingraham Angle" that Robert Mueller's findings, as he refers to the blocking indictment, were "weak", criticizing the FBI officer for not having "made a decision." ] In his letter Marking the report, General Prosecutor Bar said that Muller described the facts of his investigation into charges of impeding justice, but did not decide whether Mr Trump had committed a crime and deferred the matter to Bar. The report "does not conclude that the president has committed a crime, he also does not justify it," he quotes Barry Muller as a writer. But Bar said he and Deputy Chief Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein have determined that the evidence available is insufficient to establish

Here are some other highlights from Juliani's conversation:

  • Giuliani suggested that the former FBI Director James is guilty of "gross negligence" for failing to properly investigate allegations of a Russian deal. "He is to blame not only for Hillary, he must be investigated, he must be investigated," said Juliani.
  • Giuliani said that "half of" the prosecutors from Muller's team are "completely unethical prosecutors, such as prosecutors, that I would be fired in two minutes when I was a US lawyer." He said Mueller's leading lawyer Andrew Weissman "terrible" and "never to approach a courtroom all his life," later questioning his ethics that he is a supposed supporter of Hillary Clinton.
  • In connection with the potential impeachment process, Juliane told Fox that the President's Legal Team was "absolutely" prepared for the next. "We have a very, very long multifaceted note written already that we can cut and set depending on what day," said Juliani.

Rashida Tlaib insists with a resolution on impeachment

Rep. Rashida Tleib, D-Michigan, a first-time MP who swore colorful to "remove" Mr Trump, has circulated the proposed resolution calling on the parliamentary judiciary committee to determine whether President Trump has committed crimes in impeachment in following the publication of Muller's report. She began to spread the text of her proposal on Monday night.

A spokesman told CBS News that he was doing this, but did not comment on the number of co-sponsors he expects to attract. Members should add their name to the resolution today. Below is a copy of the letter sent to colleagues from Tileb:

"Dear Colleagues,

President Trump's actions before being officially placed as president of the United States are currently being investigated by the South County of New York and much of it is part of the completed report by independent investigator Robert Muller

However, the most dangerous threat to our democracy is President Trump's action to take the oath. "Various clauses in our US constitution set a dangerous precedent of these this is not yet fully investigated by this body, which has also vowed to respect the American constitution of interests that directly undermine our democracy

The resolution directs the Justice Commission to investigate whether President Trump has committed crimes, They can provide an open and transparent process for the sole purpose of ensuring that we know the truth and make sure that it does not go on and do not repeat itself.

I firmly believe that the Justice Commission's commission should look to whether President Trump has committed "High Crime and Transgressions" as stated in the US Constitution, and if the facts support these findings, Congress has begun an impeachment procedure. We believe the Justice Commission should consult the following and decide:

Whether President Trump's actions and his companies violate the foreign reward clause. Through President Trump's business in the United States and abroad, the president has received payments, regulatory approval, and other forms of direct and indirect financial benefits from foreign governments. Has President Trump committed crimes to deceive the United States by directing Michael Cohen to make unlawful payments to interfere and influence the presidential elections in 2016, which undermines the belief in elections and preserves political corruption .

Is the evidence of the special counselor on impediments to justice related to the actions and intentions of the president being in violation of federal law.

We all have vowed to defend our nation, and this begins by ensuring that no one, including the president of the United States, acts above the law. I appeal your support to the recommendation that the House of Commons' Justice Committee will open hearings, take testimony and issue summons to answer this question, which is fundamental to the rule of law and to preserving our democracy. "

Trump asks if the Justice Department reveals the scales

Mr Trump asked Tuesday on the Capitol Hill about Senator Lindsay Graham's call for a second special adviser to investigate the origin of Muller's probe , he said he wanted to see "How did all this happen."

"Those who are responsible for the Capitol Hill will watch," the president said, "but let's see how it all began. Did we have the best people in the justice who were trying to miss the scale to prevent Trump from being elected. "

On Monday, Graham told reporters:" I would like to find someone like Mr. Müller who can investigate what happened with FISA's orders, a counter-intelligence investigation. Am I right to be concerned? It looks pretty bad on his face – but there are people who will never accept Muller's report, but by any reasonable standard Muller investigates Trump's campaign. You can not tell this about the other side of the story. "

Pelosi: Impression is not on the table until he is on the table

Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks if there is a message for her members Commission, who may still want an imposition to be on the table after Bar's summary , expressed caution.

"Well I think we want – right now the message needs to be clear," Let's see this report. "I have great respect for Special Adviser Müller, but let's see the report." We do not need to be interpreted by a lawyer who is assigned to a job to make sure the president is above the law, and we need to see the report. our members. "

When a reporter wishes to clarify whether the impeachment is out of the table, she said," The Impiracy is not on the table until it's on the table, so it's not about it. that we are doing our work today, we are introducing the health bill today, We are talking about building green infrastructure, we are talking about clean governance, we are on the agenda, we are doing what we said we will do in the campaign, and we are doing so, so in addition to that, we honor our oath to support the constitution of the United States, and we must see the report so that we can do it. [19659903] Rebecca Kaplan

Chief Democrats give Bar April 2 a deadline for publication of a full report

the need to make their own "independent assessment", redsedatelite the judiciary oversight committees of intelligence, foreign affairs, ways and means and financial services have asked the Attorney General to publish the full report Mueller and materials from its investigation early next week.

Cummings, Adam Schiff, Elliot Engel, Richard Neal and Maxin Waters said the summary of the Attorney-General of Muller's investigation was not "enough" for Congress, and left many questions about the behavior of the president and his best- and the Russian government during the presidential election in 2016. "

The Chamber's presidents, who launched their own studies on the behavior, politics and business relations of the president since the return of the majority, gave Barr a deadline of April 2, h

Barr, however, may be open to public demonstration and told Senate Senate Senate chairman Lindsey Graham that he would be happy to appear before Congress, Graham said.

Read the full letter here:

Muller's Report: Break Point Investigating Russian Interference in the Presidential Elections in 2016 for almost two years and Sunday, America finally learned at least some of its conclusions: In a letter to the Congressional Leaders the General Attorney William Barr cites the report that "the investigation It has found that members of the campaign "Trump" conspired or coordinated with the Russian Government in its activity intervention. "

But there are still many unanswered questions. Mueller did not decide whether Mr Trump had hindered the investigation, but Bar said there was not enough evidence to establish that the president had made an impediment to justice. Democratic legislators continue to investigate and say that the entire report should be public.

Why was the Special Advocate appointed? And why do American voters and elected officials come to question whether the president of the United States has entered into an agreement with a foreign government?

Watch special news at CBS ] to learn more.

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