NASA's new Horizontal Survey simply shared the clearest image of the superhuman Ultima Thule, the furthest object in the solar system that we studied closely.

Landowners have received another fantastic shot of "Space Snowman".

This image, made during the historic nightlife of Ultima Thule on January 1 on New Horizon, is "the clearest idea of ​​this remarkable, ancient object in the distant part of the solar system," the University's Applied Physics Laboratory "John Hopkins."

Ultima Thule consists of two merging spheres, one of which is three times larger than the other, stretching approximately 20 miles. The older one is "Ultima" and the smaller is "Thule".

When the picture is side-by-side, the object looks like a snowman. Although the spacecraft New Horizons flew near the rock on Jan. 1, the photos taken this day continue to be received and processed.