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Morning Report: Georges Saint-Pierre suggests what Connor McGregor needs to do to recover from the loss of Dustin Poirier

It takes a long time to catch Georges Saint-Pierre without knowing it, but at UFC 257 Dustin Poirier did just that.

Saint Pierre is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time and known for his analytical approach to wrestling. Last year, St-Pierre took this expertise and took on the role of analyst for the RDS (Reseau des Sports) broadcasting team in Quebec. But as good as Saint-Pierre is, he admits he didn’t see Poirier beat Conor McGregor last weekend.

“I thought Conor would win, and I was wrong,” St. Pierre told Michael Bisping of Bisping. Trust me podcast. “I was very surprised how Poirier (kept) his composure under pressure. I think one of Conor̵

7;s biggest strengths is that he overwhelms his opponents with his pressure, with his presence, with all the information that his opponent’s brain gives. All these things he does, kicks, talking, all that. He defeats his opponents and many of them, they fold under pressure. But Poirier remained sharp, and that was a real testament to how good he was. It was amazing. Now it will be really interesting to see how Conor can come back from it. “

Poirier’s victory was the biggest in his career and perhaps McGregor’s biggest loss. This is the first time McGregor has been knocked out and left “Notorious” with no clear path ahead. A trilogical battle with Poirier is possible, as well as a third duel with his original rival Nate Diaz; however, both matches represent a dangerous opportunity for another loss and many fans are beginning to wonder if the end is near the biggest star in the sport. But not Saint Pierre.

“I believe Conor can come back from this loss,” Saint-Pierre said. “He is such a fighter, I believe he feeds on confidence. When he is confident, this is how he performs best. He likes to act confidently (pantomime billionaire), fake it until you succeed, he plays a role that is very confident. Maybe, deep down, he’s very scared, but I believe he is fueled by this, this confidence to be loved or hated by fans, the attention. Now it will be interesting to see how he returns from it. I believe in Conor. I believe he will return from it. I believe that he is able to overcome this obstacle. “

McGregor’s return is already a hot topic of conversation in the MMA community. After the match, the fans immediately started to note that McGregor is already 3-3 from leaving the pen in the division, and as a good measure, a loss of TKO in boxing is added. Some suggest that McGregor should return to 145 pounds, others that McGregor needs a change of camp, and still others that McGregor can do nothing. That the game just passed him by. For St-Pierre, everything is straight ahead: McGregor must change his mentality in the same way that St-Pierre did after his loss to Matt Serra.

“He must be reborn,” Saint-Pierre said. “He needs to change things in his studies and in his life, which he thinks are the reasons for his failure. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not as long as he believes. So in my case, for example, when I lost to Mat Serra, I learned to believe that I lost to Mat Serra because I underestimated him. Maybe I wasn’t scared enough, maybe I didn’t invest as much as I should in training, I tried to force myself to believe that. Maybe it’s not true. But the important thing (part) is that he believes in it so that he can build his trust in it, because he believes in it. Does not matter.

“He has to find out what he thinks he did wrong in his previous preparation leading up to the battle, whether it’s his training, in terms of his life or whatever, and not make the same mistake twice. It doesn’t matter if most people believe it’s nonsense, as long as he believes it himself. His confidence will grow from there and he will be able to return better Conor McGregor, at least as good as he was. “

St. Pierre has often credited his loss to Matt Serra by making him a better fighter, and it certainly seems so. After this match, Saint Pierre never loses a battle again. For his part, McGregor has already at least publicly suggested that the lack of recent activity has played a role in his performance and hopes to compete more often in 2021. And if St. Pierre is right, then maybe that’s all McGregor needs. to get back on top.

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