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Muller will testify before Congress. The five most popular storylines in 2020 that you have to watch this week

5. The last three months were not good with former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke – defined by an impartial debate and an even more meaningless campaign that does not seem to know what he wants or where

39. Rourke needs something serious to change the word of his candidacy, which has been moving steadily since he entered the March 14 race, or, as these cash numbers show, he can be found without money to finance the great national a campaign he has built. Better will be in CNN's first debut in Detroit and absolutely MUST find a way to show a life – or risk seeing how once his promising candidate ends earlier than he would like.

4. The struggle with Medicare for All continued: The central struggle for Democracy's policy is ̵
1; and will continue to be – which candidates support the abolition of private health insurance to make way for the state-run Medicare for All " Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts support this move California senator Kamala Harris somehow does it Sometimes former vice president Joe Biden does not do it a lot

"I'm not a big guy in Medicare for All, but I will tell you what – over my dead political body will get away "Sanderson insists that Biden incorrectly describes the impact of the abolition of Obamacare and replaces him with Medicare for All."

Joe is my friend and he has different points of view in terms of health than I do, "Sanders said in Iowa on Saturday," It's great. We will discuss these questions. But we should not have a distortion of what Medicare for All means. "

This is a fundamental disagreement within the Democratic Party, and neither party will slip in. They both believe the voters are with them.

3. Bernie has hypocrisy: There is nothing that voters do not like more than a candidate who tells them how to do something but does not meet the same standard in his own life.

Join the campaign of Bernie Sanders, who, as an expert doc sung by Sean Sullivan of The Washington Post this week, does not pay some of the field organizers the minimum wage of $ 15 an hour the senator has insisted on being a national standard
And Sanders' initial reaction to the news, "It bothers me that people go out of the process and go to the media," he told the Des Moines registrar on Friday, "It's really unacceptable. It's not really what the labor negotiations are about, and that's wrong. "(The Sanders campaign was the first in the field of reunification in 2020.)

Unfortunately for Sanders, this dispute comes at an inappropriate time, as he is only 10 days to stand by his main rivals for liberal voices – Warren – on the stage in a debate in Detroit sponsored by CNN 30.

2. Tramp's campaign continues: One week after provoking a huge storm, sending a series of racist tweets to four non-white Democrats and congresses, the president of the United States became a Sunday morning and

"I do not believe that four congressmen are able to love our country. They must apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They destroy the Democratic Party. , but are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation! "

There is no debate that Trump believes that these kinds of calls to racial bias are effective in uniting his base. He has done it over and over again in his four years in public life. And he will continue to do so – even when his assistants insist that he is not. (This is about patriotism, not racism, they insist, unconvincing.)

  Rep. Elijah Kumings: Trump returns back; comments return painful memories of racism in childhood
But just because none of the 2020 players will be, um, the players in the drama Mueller to reduce his potential imports in 2020. As the New York Times pointed out Sunday in the title, "Muller listens to Wednesday as a moment for Democrats."
The Democrats in the Congress and in the race in 2020 (and there are many overlaps between these two groups!) – have been directed at Muller's testimony as a moment when society really realizes what this president has done to prevent an investigation Russia's interference in the 2016 elections and why. And yet, Müller is quite clear that he a) does not want to testify, and b) has zero plans to go beyond what was in the 448-page written report. in the presidential race.

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