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Mulvaney To Challenge Call, Bloomberg Prepares 2020 Offer And What To Watch This Holiday Season: The Morning Rundown

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A senior State Department official described the White House's actions against Ukraine as "detrimental to the rule of law", another billionaire may jump into the 2020 presidential race and 21 movies and television

Here's what we see today .

Diplomat says Putin, Orbán and Giuliani "formed the President's vision for Ukraine"

George Kent, senior State Department official responsible for Europe, told House investigators that Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán and Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani spoke with the president in a negative way about Ukraine and its new leader.

A transcript of Kent's testimony, released Thursday, by longtime concerns from national security experts that the president's views on key foreign affairs are influenced by Putin and other autocratic leaders as the far-right leader of Hung

The assistant secretary of state is also seeking Giuliani for his role in running a smear campaign against Marie Jovanovic, the estranged US ambassador to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, House Democrats are calling on Mick Mulvani to testify on Friday as part of an impeachment investigation.

The incumbent White House chief is expected to be absent, in tune with several other officials who have been ordered by the president not to co-operate in the investigation. [1

9659010] Anonymous author writes that Trump's decision-making erodes over time

The behavior of the president can be so chaotic that most senior administration officials have pre-written resignation letters ready for submission, an anonymous author, who claims to be a senior Trump administration official is saying in a book that will be published this month.

To complicate matters, the president's decision-making abilities deteriorate over time, according to excerpts from the "Warning" received and read Thursday night at MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

In excerpts from the book the author describes the almost daily "five-alarm fire drill" that prompts senior officials to cancel plans and race to the White House to cross Trump before he can implement his latest "crazy or devastating idea."

The information comes from anonymous source and NBC News doesn't know which is the writer, nor have they been able to witness what they say came out.

Mike Bloomberg prepares a possible presidential bid in 2020

Former New York mayor and billionaire businessman

In a sign that he was seriously considering running, Bloomberg was collecting signatures in Alabama to qualify for the primary there. Alabama has a 6.00 a.m. Friday deadline for candidates to formally compete.

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Bloomberg is still considering jumping into the race because he thinks the current Democrat field is not strong enough to defeat Trump, his spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a statement to NBC News.

"Please do not take my children"

After her baby fell out of her chair, doctors incorrectly called it abuse. Weeks later, the state took custody of both of Melissa Bright's children, as she asked the Child Protection Children not to remove them from their home.

The Bright family case is just one example of how physicians' opinions can have a tremendous impact.

These findings sometimes raise questionable family separation and criminal charges, an investigation into NBC News and the Houston Chronicle found.

Week in Photos

Patrick Semanski / AP

Trump hugs Washington hunter Kurt Suzuki during an event honoring the 2019 World Series champions at the White House on Monday. See more of the most captivating photos of the last week here.

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Think about it

The Oscars disqualified the Lionheart because Nigerians speak English in it – just like in Nigeria.


Thinking of borrowing money from a friend or family member? Read this first.

Quote of the day

"When we see that these changes happen in animals, we cannot ignore them because the effects on humans and the planet are not lagging behind." [19659002] – Elizabeth Van Wormer, lead author of a new study linking a deadly virus that threatens sea lions, seals and otters to climate change.

One Historical Moment

Sometimes the course of a story can change overnight.

In an archive video below of November 8, 1989, Tom Broca announces the frantic efforts of East Berlin communist leaders to hold on to power.

The very next night, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed – a significant event that led to the end of the Cold War.

See more coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on NBCNews.com this weekend.

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