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Muppets Now Overview: Rainbow Internet Connection

Muppets have been an amazing franchise, moving from TV to movies, then a few times back, even restarting movies and now dealing with streaming. They did not conquer the medium every time. Few remember Buy tonight and even less the ABC 2015 reality series. Dolls now is much more than the time of Disney +.

Dolls now Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy Disney +

This show was in the works before the coronairus pandemic (COVID-19), but new times have made the parody even more so. Muppets cheat every Zoom encounter you’ve ever had, along with issues and pixelation, screen sharing, and every Muppet talking to each other to make it sound. You will want to pause to read all the comments you enter on the screen.

Muppets Now has a streaming show

The main format is that Scooter is trying to upload the show. The viewer sees all the new sketches performed by the troupe. If you want, they are web codes, but compiled into a show in half an hour.

Dolls now: Linda Cardelini
Linda Cardelini on Zoom with The Muppets Disney +

Some of the recurring segments include a cooking segment with the Swedish chef and a “Lifestyle” with Miss Piggy. Linda Cardelini appears as a guest of a celebrity on many “Lifestyle”, despite Piggy’s passive aggressive attitude towards her. Celebrities seem to have so much fun.

Real lessons mixed with humor

Some of the segments manage to teach real lessons while keeping it funny. The cooking segments have real chefs (or Danny Trejo) teach real recipes, while the Swedish chef mocks them with nonsense. This is essentially a continuation of the classic segments of the Swedish chef anyway, with the new format of online cooking shows and new celebrities. The Swedish chef is, after all, the ass of most jokes.

Dolls now Swedish chef
Dolls now cooking segment Disney +

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In “Muppet Masters”, hosted by Walter (he finally gets involved as a real player, not as an obligation), he actually teaches the photographic rule to a third for composition. Kermit then photo-bombed the photos so they could satire the era on social media. If there’s a Muppet you’d expect to be all over Instagram, you can probably guess who it is.

Muppets Now Beaker
Dolls now scientific segment Disney +

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The new Bunsen and Beaker segment has some educational information, but also satisfies the vicious pyromania of viewers. Modern technology terrorizes poor Beaker before Bunsen.

Sometimes they just have fun

Not all sketches are educational or even satirical. Some are just random and weird. That’s what the coupes always did.

Kermit and RuPol
LR: Kermit the Frog and RuPaul | Disney +

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Thus, the segment of Kermit’s interview “Mup Close and Personal” tries to be one-on-one, until Gonzo and others interrupt with random questions. “The Amazing Games of Pepe” is not even the question. It’s just that Pepe is too enthusiastic and infected. Fozzy’s bad ideas grew exponentially thanks to the Internet.

Dolls now Fozzy
Fozzy | Disney +

So the Muppets are back and you can watch their new Disney + showmon. It may take a few episodes to give everyone time on screen, but that’s fair. The ensemble has grown so much, each episode can focus on several compartments.

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