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My 19-year-old daughter died of toxic shock syndrome. Here is my request to the deputies.

It was the end of March 2017 when Madalin Massabni flew home from college to spend his 19th birthday with his mother.

Zora Massabni, a mother of two from Rumson, NJ, said she was looking forward to celebrating with Muddy, whose smile could illuminate a room.

At the time, Maddie was studying fashion at Lynn University in Florida and dreamed of working behind the scenes at runway shows.

"Dress as she wants and is not afraid to judge. She did a little modeling and liked it," Massabni told Good Morning America. "She was on the cover of a magazine. And her favorite thing to do on the beach – even in the winter, it would go off.

" She got infected with that contagious laugh, so when she came in, people would say, "Oh, Maddie is here. "

"I miss hearing," I love you, Mom "

On March 27, at Muddy's birthday, she and her mother went out to dinner. Massabni said Maddie wasn't feeling well when they both got home. Maddie fell ill, but was resting in the hope that she would improve.

"I said, 'We'll go to the doctor in the morning,'" Massabni recalls. "The next morning she could hardly answer me and couldn't speak. I don't even know if she knew who I was and I called 91

1 right away." at this point, Maddie is having a seizure.

"I held her and she looked at me and closed her eyes … I said, 'I love you very much. Please do not leave me "." said Massabni. "She got a heart attack in my hands and stopped breathing."

Maddie is brought to the hospital and doctors are trying to revive her. The next day, teenagers' health turned to the worst. Her family decided to remove the fans and she died on March 30, three days after her 19th birthday.

Tears Massabni said that life had not been the same for her and her son George since losing Madi. [19659003] "The three of us were very close, extremely close. She would talk to George several times a day. They did everything together," Massabni said. "He had to say goodbye to his sister. I don't know how he graduated, but he did. He went on to school and when I asked him, 'Why? "He said, 'I want to make Maddy proud.'"

"It's torture and hell since the day he left me," she added. "I miss her so much. I miss hearing, "I love you, Mom."

Maddy had a period of sudden illness and used tampons. The official cause of death is toxic shock syndrome, Massabni says.

What is toxic syndrome?

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but serious illness caused by some types of staphylococcus bacteria. Not all TSS cases are associated with tampons, but women who use them are at greater risk. non-menstrual men and children can also become ill with TSS due to inf According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders,

the American College of Obstetricians told GMA that leaving a swab in your vagina for too long was a risk factor associated with TSS. TSS can lead to amputations of the fingers or toes or limbs or even death.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, TSS cases of menstrual and non-menstrual cycles are estimated at about 0.8 to 3.4 per 100,000 people in the United States. If left untreated, this can be fatal.

"While mortality rates have declined over the last two decades, they still range from 1.8 [to] to 12%," NCBI states on its website. "For those patients who have been misdiagnosed or delayed, the mortality rate may exceed 50%. Therefore, healthcare providers need to be aware of the disorder and even if they do not manage it, they should be able to make timely referrals." [19659003] ACOG recommends that women change their tampons every four to eight hours.

Dr. Jacques Moritz, medical director of the Tia Women's Health Clinic in New York, told GMA that it is also important for women to learn about the early signs and symptoms of TSS in order to recognize it as soon as possible.

"The culprit seems to be these super absorbent pads, and it looks like it's time-related, which means the longer it's located, the greater the chance of it happening," Moritz said, adding that there was no sufficiently reliable TSS studies on swabs. "Bacteria cause it. [If] Super absorbers will stay longer, the longer you can forget it's inside. And if you don't have leaks, women can forget. "

Here are the potential symptoms of TSS, according to Moritz and ACOG:

Low blood pressure


Rash on the palms, soles or any place on the body that resembles sunburn [19659003] Pain in the body




"This is a horrible death that can be prevented"

Mady, Massabni has made it her mission to teach TSS women and girls and the safe use of tampons through speaking at schools and universities

Its 501C3 Foundation, Don't Shock Me, was created in honor of Madi for spreading awareness of the infection.

On November 14, Masabni met with the Food and Drug Administration to discuss potentially new regulations for manufacturers

Currently, the FDA code of the Federal Consumer Labeling Regulations for Menstrual Swabs states that if TSS risks, warning signs, and information about when to seek medical care are "included in the packaging," the following th following signal should appear legibly printed on the packaging:

"Warning: Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome. TSS is a rare but serious illness that can cause death. Read and save the attached information. "

Massabni asks the FDA to include a bigger, bolder warning on every box, along with the signs and symptoms of the TSS on the inner valve, not just the paper insert that the girls are probably throwing in the trash," she said.

"There are [bold] warnings about things like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs – we want tampons to have those same warnings," Massabni said. "This is a horrible death that can be prevented. Families do not recover from this. I want to return it. "

Although there are no specific guidelines, Moritz agrees that the following may help prevent TSS from using tampons:

1. Use tampers with lower absorption

2 .When your flow is heavier, change your swab more often

3. Alternate with menstrual pads

4. Never be shy about going to your doctor, emergency room or emergency room if you have symptoms or have forgotten to remove your swab, said Moritz.

Masabni is also fighting to be accepted into her county. the Madi Act "to appoint fifth-grade and upper-class students to have TSS information sessions. She asks anyone with TSS experience to

" I know that Madi would really be grateful for the rescues "If she had been able to get through it, she would have done exactly what I was doing."

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