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Naughty dog ​​explains why the last part of us, part 2, is not open

The Last of Us, PS4 Part II is not an open world game and there is a good reason why: it would be a worse game. As you will know, while battle royale is a multiplayer trend, turning games into the open world and bringing RPG-lite elements into them is the trend for single player AAA games. That said, The Last of Us, Part II will not succumb to this temptation. However, the game will have larger areas, but they will not be completely open world, and will also be supplemented by more contained, linear and scripted segments when the game needs to heighten the tension, something most open games lack.

"Unlike an open-world game that is usually open all the time, this game [type of] doesn't work for us The Last of Us because it loses tension," said creative director Neil Druckman. while talking to the IGN. "If I have to go rescue someone and [the game] says, 'Well, save them right away … or do those 1

0 other things on the side,' you lose tension. '" [19659002] Although the game is not an open world, it has some elements you tend to find in open-world games, such as optional side content and the ability to decide what to do next. However, it sounds like this is not the majority of the game.

"Depending on where you are with the story, we can open things up a lot and say, 'Here are some ptional things you can explore, some side stories or you can go directly to where you want to go,'" said Druckman. "But the tension is not high and with the increase in tension we can tighten things up, you can play a lot of scriptwriter, author of the Naughty Dog series. And we know that we can go both ways according to the needs of history. ”

The last of us, part II is under development for PS4. At the time of publication, there was no word on a PS5 reissue. However, we have a word for a release date. Barring any delay, the game will be released worldwide on February 21, 2020, priced at $ 60. here.

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