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Navy sends a nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf after Iran takes over a British oil tanker | The world News

When tensions in the region increased, the sources stressed that the Astue class submarine would play a purely defensive role by using its sophisticated electronic intelligence collection equipment to protect British and international ships. On Saturday, Iran raised its provocation by publishing pictures of the Cuds' elite forces of the Iranian National Guard, which descend from helicopters to board a tanker. This is a mirror of images released two weeks ago from Britain showing Royal Marines descending on Grace 1, an Iranian tanker suspected of transporting oil to Syria. During an urgent talk with his Iranian counterpart, Mohamed Javad Zarif, Mr. Hunt said he "expressed utter disappointment that after assuring me last Saturday, Iran wants to de-escalate the situation in which they behaved in the opposite direction" . "This should be about actions, not words, if we want to find a way to do that." British shipping must and will be protected.

The 7,400-ton submarine, one of the newest British, will be able to plan 200-mile movements and voice transmissions.

The Electronic Warfare Set can capture and retrieve all conversations with on-board specialists-linguists. They can assess the rendition and report to the naval staffs, sources say they will turn their attention to the Iranian port Bandar Abbas and the fleet of so-called small submarines that pose an increasing threat to the international ship on the Strait of Hormuz.

"We're sending a boat ̵

1; perhaps already heading for the region," a high-ranking source from the Royal Navy said last night. "His role is secret intelligence, just collecting information to support planned escorts from tankers

" The Astute Class commanded a significant e-warfare capability and did not have to sit in the Persian Gulf in order to be effective. "

  Attack, the second of the mighty royal Navy The new Astute class submarine attackers <span class= [Image: Royal Navy]

Last night, Defense Secretary Penny Mordan confirmed that the frigate of the Royal Navy was only an hour when the Iranian forces captured Stena Impero in what she describes as "cf. "Mr. Hunt denied Tehran's assertion that he had committed an" act-of-the-tat "act of the British seizures of the Grace 1st Supertanker

" Nothing can be farther from the truth. has been fueling EU sanctions against Syria, "said Hunt," the Impero Wall has been detained in Oman waters in clear contradiction with international law, and then forced to sail in Iran, which is totally and completely unacceptable. "Firing comes only a week , since Mr. Hunt tried to increase his support for the nuclear deal with Iran, according to which Tehran has earned more than £ 100 billion for promises not to develop nuclear weapons and who is on the brink of collapse. The United States has withdrawn its support. Senior shipping sources have rejected Iranian allegations that Stena Impero, which has now appeared, was not carrying oil, has collided with a fishing boat and was seized as part of an investigation. "There is absolutely no credible evidence to support these claims, as previously Iran's position that the ship was in Iranian waters, has no connection with reality," the source said.

Last night, former Foreign Minister Sir Malcolm Rifkind said the time has come for multinational convoys to protect transport through

Britain has already increased its maritime presence. HMS Kent, the duke-class frigate type 23, will sail from Portsmouth in early September, raising the strength of the British Royal Navy to nine.


HMS Montrose is on the run (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)

RFA Wave Knight last night arrived from Gibraltar on the way to HMS Montrose and my squadron [196599015] Royal Navy hunters, already in the Persian Gulf on three-year deployment, are already charged with escort duties.

On Friday, intelligence intercept orders from Islamic IRGC Corps Commanders will increase heavy artillery within the borders of Stena Impero and build a new "detention center," sources said last night.

Iran is believed to have 2,000 swiftly attacking ships. submarines that are the biggest threat, said former Royal Flight Commander Tom Sharp 9003] The Yono Submarine is a special threat. Often lurking right under the surface in the middle of the traffic separation system [a maritime traffic-management route-system]they are armed with a few heavy torpedoes, "Commander Sharp said.

" This will kill the frigate and maybe even a carrier. There is always a couple in the sea and they are hard to follow and even harder to defeat. "[19659902] Last night, former secretary of international development, Priti Patel, said British attempts failed to ensure normalization of diplomatic relations, adding:" We play. "


Defense Secretary Penny Mordant : David Mirzoeff / PA

Ms Patel, who is now a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, said: "The level of hostility we see from the Iranian regime for a certain period of time must affect us. Despite the efforts of the UK, there has been normalization – these are the techniques and tactics involved "We see that the basic system based on international rules is threatened We play

" Although our response needs to be measured, it is certainly time to have more unpleasant discussions where we go from here. "

James Rogers of Henry Jackson, a British foreign policy think tank, said:" Britain has joined the EU in terms of the nuclear deal and Iran. "But Iran is trying to repel us from this node and, to a great extent, they succeed.

"The time for these actions is significant, Britain seems weak due to internal problems, soon there will be a new government and the current is about to leave."

He added: "The question now is whether the EU framework for dealing with Iran is the right thing to work in. These recent actions are clear evidence that it does not work. "Letting it be directed without reacting simply links our weakness and unites this perception around the world.


Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt (Image: Aaron Chown / PA Wire)

"Our next government must reconsider our position. are taken or deviated from their voyage, and this requires a greater presence than the Royal Navy and the potential use of convoys.This is for freedom of navigation. "


19659042] For 200 years The Royal Navy maintained open seaways, Garant we said that trade could pass safely through straits like those at the opening of the Persian Gulf

We have built ships not only for ourselves but also to see international trade beyond our wildest dreams. shipping carries goods around the world at prices lower than ever in history

Removing a British ship from the Corps of Iran Guards is a reminder that rules are always tested by those who think they can break them. weakness and feeling to the west today.

  commandos "title =" commandos

Shots of Iranian commandos who storm the detained court

(Image: NC)

Our resolve and we must

be strong against a group that has spread the death of Syria and Israel, corrupted and undermined peace efforts in Iraq and Yemen and is trying to exert Islamic violence

This means working together. We must support our allies and not give our enemies any reason to doubt our commitment to each other and the international rules we have built together.

Of course, this means the United States, but far more than today it means India and China.

More of the energy that is transported through the Hormuz Strait goes east to the west, as these economies depend on foreign reserves, so they also have to play their role in protecting supply routes. If we do not have the rule of law, we will be reduced to the rule of power, and, as we have learned for centuries, it will make us lose all.

Today, more than ever, we need to make sure that our policy

Tom Tugendhat is chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

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