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NBA Draft for 2020: Daryl Moray quickly redesigns the 76th with moves that complement Joel Embid and Ben Simmons

It didn’t take long for Daryl Morey to leave his mark on the Philadelphia 76ers. Just weeks after being elected the new president of the basketball team, Moray made his first big move. Before the NBA Draft for 2020 began Wednesday night, the Sixers agreed to trade with veteran big man Al Horford, along with a first-round protected choice in 2025, the 34th overall pick in the 20-year draft ( the French guard Theo Maledon) the rights of the Serbian guard Vasilije Micic of Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for the veteran guard Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson.

The fact that Moray’s first move with the Sixers was to trade with Horford is appropriate, if not ironic, as much of the reason Moray was brought to Philadelphia in the first place was to clear up the mess that the front office the organization made the last out of season when it signed Horford and Tobias Harris for monstrous long-term deals. Both deals quickly turned out to be among the worst in the entire league.


7;s move to Oklahoma City is solid for Philadelphia, as it connects a player in Green who will fit perfectly with the team’s two best players, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and provides the player with a great pedigree championship. During his career, Green won three NBA titles with three different teams, including the last two champions, the Toronto Raptors in 2019 and the Los Angeles Lakers last season. Green has played a key role in every team and in turn knows exactly what it takes to win at the highest level.

In addition to being a decent perimeter defender, Green is a 40 percent long-distance shooter and skillfully knocks down corner 3 and notices in transition – two things he will be assigned to do quite often in Philadelphia. His experience playing with the Lakers’ LeBron James last season will also be useful, as Simmons is similar to James when it comes to his ability to generate open opportunities for his teammates in transition. In fact, since joining the NBA in 2017, no one has assisted on more shots than 3 points from Simmons. In Philadelphia, there must be enough opportunities for Green to do what he does best: knock down outside blows.

Landing green was only part of the reason this trade was good for Philadelphia. It also allowed them to get out of Horford’s contract without having to give up too many assets. Horford’s experiment didn’t work for Philadelphia, and that was obvious to anyone who watched the team last season. He just didn’t fit in well with Embiid and Simmons, and he was trying to find ways to make a positive impact.

The main issue was that Horford’s offensive skills were superfluous with Embiid and Simmons. Horford is best when operating from either the elbow or the lower block. It is very convenient to create a good appearance for yourself and others in these areas. The problem was that Embiid and Simmons were also most comfortable in these areas, especially in the lower block, where Embiid made a fair share of the damage and where Simmons often withdrew as a result of his inability to deliver a shot with him. Thus, Horford was forced to spend most of his time with the Sixers on the perimeter, where he was limited and not very effective. Potentially, he could still be a very productive player in the league, but that wouldn’t have happened to the Sixers.

By unloading Horford’s contract, the Sixers opened nearly $ 10 million in space this season and more than $ 50 million in space ahead of next season, as Green is set to be an unlimited free agency in 2021. If things go well, the Sixers can to seem to bring him back at this point. If not, they can cut ties and spend the money elsewhere. Either way, they will be released from the albatross, which was Horford’s contract. With this single move, they regained much of the future financial flexibility they lost last season.

But Mori hadn’t finished there. As the draft flowed, he made a new move. This time he sent Josh Richardson and the 36th pick in the project (University of Colorado striker Tyler Bay) to the Dallas Mavericks for Seth Curry. Like Green, curry projects fit in very well with Embiid and Simmons. He is a knockout shooter and holds the second highest 3-point shooting rate in NBA history (44.3%). Richardson is a better defender than Curry, but there must be enough room elsewhere between Simmons, Green and Mathis Tiboul Sixers to make up for it.

Then there were the motives. In the first round, the Sixers chose Tyrese Maxey from Kentucky – an explosive, athletic guard capable of playing both on and off the ball – a set of skills that the Sixers have constantly needed since the beginning of Simmons’ career. In the second round, they landed Arkansas guard Isaiah Joe and DePaul, striker Paul Reed, who is great around the rim:

Rumors continue, but the Sixers continue to insist that their plan is to continue to build around Embiid and Simmons. Elton Brand said so. Like Doc Rivers. Moray confirmed this point after the project on Wednesday night, as he emphasized the fact that the team is making moves to complement its All-Star duo.

“We have two young superstars in their prime and you want to get around guys you can build with,” Moray said during a conference call with members of the media. “… Joel and Ben will be here for a long time.”

At this point, Sixers’ list for next season is far from complete, so it’s hard to say exactly where Green, Curry and Rookies will land in the rotation. But on paper, they are all projected to fit into a Sixers team that finally seems to have a clear direction. Surrounding Embiid and Simmons with shooting is what the Sixers had to do all along, and it seems like they’re finally doing it under Morey’s direction.

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