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Never use this thing on your grill, authorities warn

With warmer days approaching and summer approaching, people in the United States are enjoying long hours outdoors, enjoying outdoor meals with friends and family. However, if you are considering lighting your grill for the first time this season, there is a critical (and common) mistake that authorities can make that can take you to the hospital ̵

1; and this is not a burn that you risk if you do. this error. Read on to find the serious grill safety mistake you can’t afford to make this summer.

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metal grill brush
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It is known that the grilles are difficult to clean, making heavy wire brushes a major part of the arsenal for cleaning a barbecue master. However, experts say that using a metal brush to clean your grill can pose a serious safety risk.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has just issued a warning to the grilles, warning against the use of wire grill brushes, as the bristles can build up and be swallowed, which can cause serious injury or even death.

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A man in a hospital bed talking to a doctor

Injuries associated with accidental ingestion of bristles from metal grill brushes occur more often than you think.

According to a 2016 study published in the journal Otolaryngology – surgery of the head and neckBased on data from the National Consumer Product Safety Monitoring System (NEISS) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 1,698 U.S. residents went to the hospital after inadvertently consuming brushes or fragments of metal bars between 2002 and 2014 .

Side view of an elderly man suffering from stomach pains while sitting on the bed at home

NEISS data show that the most common sites of brush bristle injuries are the mouth and throat, but metal brush brushes can cause more serious injuries to the lower digestive tract.

2016 report published in the journal The American surgeon investigates six cases of ingestion of bristles with metal brushes, leading to intestinal injuries; among the patients studied, five needed surgery, including three who underwent laparoscopic surgery to restore intestinal perforations.

According to research published in Annals of coloproctology in 2016, mortality from intestinal perforations was approximately 30 percent, but could reach 70 percent among people whose injury causes diffuse peritonitis, in which an infection that began in the gastrointestinal tract spreads to the abdominal cavity.

a ball of crushed aluminum foil
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If you want to clean your grill thoroughly – but safely – this summer, there is hope. CPSC recommends using either nylon grill brushes that have softer bristles that are less likely to cause injury, or aluminum foil collected in the ball to clean your grill instead of metal bristle brushes.

If you decide to use a metal bristle brush to clean your grill, make sure it is relatively new, as older people may be more likely to remove their bristles. According to the above American surgeon study, none of the people who had an intestinal perforation had replaced their grill brushes in the two years before they were injured.

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