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New Amsterdam Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 – [Spoiler] Dead

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Tuesday's New Amsterdam. Continue at your own risk!

Get out of your knuckles because New Amsterdam just pulled out an emotional lure and switch switch. The season 2 premiere on Tuesday began three months after the ambulance crash, with Max waking up to his wife Georgia while their baby daughter Luna was crying. "It's your turn," Georgia said, so Max got to pick up his little girl.

Then, as Max went to his work day, receiving miraculously good news about his health, the incident replicas began to unravel what had happened that fateful day. Doubt began to creep into Helen's fate and then Lauren until it became clear that both had survived, though the latter was still experiencing disabling pain on her first day back to work. And that brings us back to Georgia, who again declared "Your Turn" at the end of the day, to which Max replied, "It's always my turn." Then a flash revealed that Georgia had actually died at the operating table, so Max

Below, showroom David Schulner talks about the decision to kill Max's wife ̵

1; and how Max / Helen's carriers almost inadvertently saved her life.

 New finale of Amsterdam

TVLINE | There were several ways in which the disaster could be reached, and even at the premiere, there were times when it seemed that Lauren or Helen might have died. Why did you decide that in the end Georgia would be the one to die?
Well, that's something I was trying to create in the pilot episode. When Georgia came in with pre-eclampsia and was having baby problems, I was trying to put a stop to the season in these scenes. When we started talking about our season finale, I backed away and decided we would support Georgia because I love Lisa Hare and just loved seeing Max happy, after all. Then Peter Horton, our executive producer, gently nudged me and supported me with a sympathetic, "I think you're chicken outside," and I said, "I know. I feel it too, but I love these characters and I don't want to hurt Max anymore. "And then NBC less gently nudged me and said, 'You're writing. You set this in the pilot. You've talked about it all year long. You have to follow your gut. "So we did it, and it was terribly painful to do in the room while we interrupted the episode, it was awful while we were writing the episode, and it was terrible for everyone who filmed the episode. It was really like death. With Lisa O'Hare playing a corpse on this operating table, these things are really difficult to ask the actors, and we have not done it lightly and we have not done it cavalierly. Many thoughts and anxieties entered the process.

TVLINE | Have you ever considered taking another route and being Helen or Lauren? Or were they always just red herring?
No, it was always just a red herring. We put Lisa in the pilot process and something would go wrong during the birth of the baby and we found ways to hide it from the audience as much as we could as long as we could. Peter, who directed the season finale … came to me and said, "What if we just didn't see Sharpe after the ambulance crash?" I think it was careless, just before noon, I said, "Yes, that's a great idea," Without knowing the impact and the gold, which was, even if we don't see Sharpe, [and] how much freedom to give us going forward in And Lauren just said that she was thinking of taking a break, gave us a huge amount of red herring in the opening episode.

TVLINE | In what storylines this loss opens in Season 2, especially for Max?
This gives Max another load. I feel like the show works best when Max deals with his personal life, and with the hospital life and trying to juggle both …. So with Max's cancer in remission he needs another obstacle in his life and feels heartless and cruel to do what we did to him, but we don't write comedy – most of the time.

TVLINE | Is this the season of sorrow and healing for him then? Will he be in a pretty dark place throughout the year?
I wouldn't say dark because the show is not very dark. What the show is trying to do through Max is find a way to stay positive, because in the world we live in today, it's definitely easy to focus on the negative. But what we lack in our lives right now is optimism, and Max still has it. He may be a bit buried during the first part of the season, but he needs to focus on something to stay positive, and he has a moon, and he has the hospital. But this season will definitely be associated with grief and healing.

TVLINE | Is it just hurting, and that's why he's sticking with a doctor in Georgia? Or did something happen during her treatment?
Well, I think that's Max's fear and anxiety: Did everyone do their best? Could it be saved? This will not go away and this will deal with Dr. Hartman in a future episode, definitely.

 New Amsterdam Max / Helen TVLINE | There's also a little distance or a bit of a cold between Max and Helen when she returns. Is it just his grief, or has something else happened between the two during those three months?
When Sharpe put his hand on him and said, "If you ever want to talk about this, you know, I'm here," I think Max doesn't want to talk about it and I think Max doesn't want to be close to anyone who wants to talk about it. He is not there yet, especially at work. When he is able to focus on everyone else, he does not want to be reminded what he is missing.

TVLINE | How much does the relationship that developed between Max and Helen in the first season affect your decision as to who will eventually die at the end of the season? I know you said you built it in the pilot project that this is Georgia, but when you saw how people started to really invest in Max and Helen, did that put the decision in the scenario of "three women" in the final?
You know, it's interesting: It almost made me I don't have Georgia killed. We have a huge fan base that all they want to do is see Max and Sharpe together, which is not in the cards right now. So without Georgia it would actually be easier and we wouldn't we wanted that. We don't want them together. They are best friends and this is the bond we are really looking forward to exploring: two older friends who love and care for one another. So, in fact, Georgia, when he was gone, made it too easy to give fans what they wanted. In fact, it was thought that maybe we shouldn't kill Georgia for that very reason.

TVLINE | It seems that Lauren is experiencing severe physical pain, which she is trying to mask, How does she deal with this as a working doctor and also as someone who is addicted to Adderall?
Yes, I think she's trying to catch a turkey. She doesn't trust herself, she doesn't want to suck back. She knows she has an addictive personality, she knows she is genetic and she does not risk it. So she will fight this pain with a little help, but she won't be able to do it forever.

TVLINE | One of the things that really loved the season premiere was that little moment between Helen and Lauren. Will we see more than friendship between the two?
Absolutely. They're really great people who can lean on each other, even more so because they were out for the second half of last season.

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