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New York Yankees fans carry inflatable trash cans, suits and more at the first opportunity to light up the Houston Astros

Many New York Yankees fans spent the pandemic looking for a way out to express their anger at the Houston Astros bin collision scheme. On Tuesday night, when Houston made its first trip to the Bronx since news of the scandal broke, fans finally had a chance to bring down the 2017 World Series champions.

Here are the stories behind some of the signs and landmarks of the fans, who finally managed to express the dissatisfaction that was boiling over the past year in quarantine. It doesn’t hurt that New York won, 7-3.

“New York never forgets”

Jack Turner (pictured left): “They got away without fans last year, but New York is coming out tonight. New York never forgets.”

Jack Genesie: “It’s a collective hatred against Astros and it definitely goes even deeper into the integrity of the game. They hurt a lot of players outside of them who cheat. It’s deeper than just winning the World Series. We brought a trash can lid that they took away from the game. because they said it could be used as a weapon. “

“We want to defeat fraudsters”

Heino boy: “It’s plastic [the trash can necklace] and my security allowed it. This is what they did when they received signals, when they played, so we wanted to show that we can make signals too. I come here every night and every game, but I certainly had to be here tonight because we want to defeat the fraudsters. We took it from a store that sold them. I picked it up somewhere in the Bronx. A girl took it from me. “

“I’ve been waiting to go to this game for more than a year and a half”



A passionate Yankee fan wears a Groke Oscar suit full of a trash can so he can fuck it while the islands are raining. Unfortunately, fans were not allowed into the stadium in the suit.

David Taub (pictured in the center, holding a sign): “The costume came from Amazon. It was about $ 90 and I ordered it and it was three weeks ago, so I made sure to order it earlier. I’ve had this pencil game for a long time. Since the schedule came out. played more than a year and a half, waiting for Astros to come.

“I was waiting online and they had a new policy that came today. I actually came on Sunday. I showed a picture of the manager [of the costume] and he said I could bring it. I paid a lot of money for the suit. I came in today and they said they had a new policy and they couldn’t allow suits and they made me leave the line and remove it. He is currently hiding in the grass. I hid it somewhere around the stadium. “

“She’s the MVP. … She slipped it.”

Betsy Rivera: “We actually slipped it in. I actually had to put it in the waist workout. I had to take the waist trainer off, put it on, put it back on my trainer and then go to the bathroom, take off my exercise machine and inflate it more than once He had to go up and bring him back and before the end of the game we will blow him up for the last time and show Astros that we are the best team. “

Alvin Aquino: “The first time we were told we had to deflate it or they were going to kick us off the field. The second time I went to have a drink and she kind of inflated it. I came back and the guards told us again that we couldn’t do it. My friend is a damn crazy fan of The Yankees. The guards brought the manager. We brought him back and they told us to deflate him in front of him. She’s the MVP. … She sneaked him in. “

Rivera: “They couldn’t tell me anything. I could be pregnant, but I’m not that fat.”

Not here: “I wish I had brought my plush doll from Altuve because I wanted people to throw it there.”

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