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NFL 2019: Here is a game for each team that can make or break their season

If there is a professional sports league where there is almost no mistake during the regular season, this is the NFL.

Unlike basketball, baseball and hockey, the NFL teams receive only 16 games to prove how good they are. The rough part of the 16 game play itself is that every time the NFL team loses, they actually roll out 6.25% of their season (maybe the NFL owners are not crazy) Maybe 18 games make more sense [19659002] Although every regular season game is important, some of them are more important than others and these are the games we will be looking at right now.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the "Make or Break" game from the 201

9 season We will post one for each team for a total of 32 games

Before we get to the list, let's review the rules

The first rule is that there is no play on this game twice, and yes, the patriots and bosses are playing each other this year, but since we did not want to violate our rule, we did not list them as a make or break game for both teams

is that there are no other rules, because nobody likes to read the rules, so let's get to the list of a "make or break" game for each team. As we learned last year, the Patriots do not need an advantage in the home field to win Super Bowl, but they definitely help them when they have it. Since 2005, the patriots are only 2-4 in the playoffs, so winning the home field advantage is such a big deal for New England and this week the 14 game can decide who gets the field at the AFC in 2019 . The other reason this game is on the list is that the patriots play the Bengals at week 15, so there is a 50% chance to hear Bill Belicic saying, "We're in Cincinnati."

Jets: Week 2 against Browns (Monday). One of Jets's worst losses in 2018 came in the main game against Browns, where New York scored 14-3 in the second half on the road to the loss of 21-17. The most disturbing part about Jets is that they lost to Browns, who was still trained by Hue. If Jets can win this game, not only will they get revenge, but a winning win will probably fail the Browns training. The better news for Jets is that they also have a very profitable home game in week 1 (against Buffalo), meaning that the victory over Cleveland could shoot them to a 2-0 start for the first time since 2015 [19659002] Accounts: Week 3 against Bengal. If you search for "make or break" games in the billing schedule, this may not be a game, but it is definitely a break. If the bets are lost for Bengals – in a game that will be the opening side of Buffalo – you will probably be able to continue and unsubscribe the rest of the season. If the bets lose for the Bengals, they could start 1-3 or even 0-4 starts (their first two games are on their way to Jets and Giants after they play Bengals, hosts the Patriots during the week) 4) .

Dolphins: Week 2 against patriots. The best way for dolphins to begin Brian Flores' era would be to help Flores defeat his old team. Although this game resembles a paper mismatch, it is actually a very profitable game for dolphins that somehow managed to dominate the Patriots in Miami. In their last six home games against New England, the dolphins went 5-1, a total of included a wonderful victory .

The dolphins will probably have to take out a few miracles this season if they want to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. AFC North

Steelers: Week 2 against the Seahawks. Since Mike Tomlin took over the coach in 2007, Steelers started just one season 0-2, but there is a real chance to happen again this year. After opening the season in New England, Stillers will return home to face Seahuks. If Steelers starts 0-2, this can start a whole new season of drama, which is exactly what they are trying to avoid when trading with Antonio Brown and getting rid of LeVen Bell.

Ravens: Week 4 against Browns. At the time of Week 4 rolling, we need to know if the Ravens offensive plan to move on each of them is actually working. If things have not yet happened, Garvani could have trouble with the Browns. The Cleveland match will mark Baltimore's first season division, and Brown's loss may mean a change in North AFC.

Browns: Week 1 against the Titans. Are Brown really good? Can Freddy Kuchny train? Can you control all the people in the team? These questions will be asked without interruption in week 2 if Brown lose their first match of the season. The Browns train can go straight out of the rock if they lose this game for the titans.

Bengals: Week 2 vs. 49ers. NFL certainly did not provide any services to Zack Taylor with graphics. In his first year as coach, Taylor and Bengals will open the season with three of his first four games on the road (Seattle, Buffalo, Pittsburgh). Their only home game in this area will be against San Francisco, which is actually a game to win, because if the Bengalists lose, there is a real chance they can start 0-4. The good news for the Bengalists is that the 49 are 0-12 in 2015 when playing in the eastern time zone.

AFC South

Colts: Week 12 in Texans. If Colts want to win AFC South in 2019, they will have to take down the defenders. The game of the 12th week will be the second of their two games and will come with added spice, because it will be televised in primetime. Including last year's playoff victory, Colts have won four out of five against Houston, so they will probably feel good about themselves in this game.

Texans: Week 17 against the Titans. Last season, the AFC's last wild card race went to the Colts and Titans test, which de facto played in a playoff game on Sunday evening at week 17. With all four teams in AFC South pretty good, it's not surprising if there is again a playoffs on the line for this division at week 17.

Titans: Week 13 in Colts Just in case you have not heard, the Tennesians are 0-11 all the time against Andrew Luck. In fact, we have reached the point where I begin to think they will never be defeated. Although they will have the chance to overcome the Luck hump at week 2, it will be all the more impressive if they did it on the road in Week 13.

Jaguars: Week 2 against the Tees. ] Nobody really expects the Jaguars to win their first season match against Kansas City, so all eyes must be on Jacksonville's second game. Have their crimes improved? Is Nick Foles worth the money? If the answer to the two questions turns out to be "Yes," and the Haggitte beat the teas, it would immediately become a team that we had to start taking seriously (let's be honest, no one has taken the crime seriously last season).

AFC West

Chiefs: Week 17 against chargers. The NFL schedule creator must have taken some notes after watching the Charmers' baccarat game last week last week because the only way the game could have been better was if it was played in week 17 with a division of what is exactly what we can get this year. The chargers won this week 15-28, which led the bosses to fall in a downward spiral. Including the playoffs, Kansas City went only for 2-3 in the last five games of the year.

Chargers: Week 11 against the Chiefs (Monday in Mexico City). When Chargers agreed to give up their home game this year, they probably did not expect the NFL to cost them an edge in the field in the biggest game of the season. The Chargers home game is played in Mexico City, which is not ideal for a Los Angeles team who would probably prefer to play bosses in their real home.

Attackers: Week 1 against Broncos (Monday). John Grudden's era has been a catastrophe so things can get uglier if they can not win their opening. If the Raiders lose from Denver, they will fall to 0-1, such as Chiefs, Vikings, Colts, Bears, and Packers (away) as the next five matches in their schedule. The attackers will enter this game without at least one predictable starter and that's because they will not have Richie Incognito who was intercepted for the first two games of the season .

Broncos: Week 2 against Bears. This game will mark Joe Flacco's debut in Denver. If Flacco appears and burns the Bears in some way, it will immediately change the national narrative for Broncos. If you're wondering what the national story is, just ask Chris Harris. He says that this year everyone is sleeping on Broncos, AKA media gives them no respect.

NFC East

Cowboys: Week 16 in Eagles. With games against Bears (Week 14) and Rams (Week 15) before heading for Philadelphia, Cowboys may need a win to keep their hopes in the playoffs until the game revolves. These were the two best teams in NFC East last season and it would not have been surprising to see the division's title came to this game.

Eagles: Week 12 against Seahawks. Beginning with week 10, the Eagles have a three-time game that will include games against Bears, Patriots and Seahawks. With Carson Wenz's previous problems, the eagles should be able to sigh with relief if they can get out of this area unharmed.

Redheads: Week 1 in Eagles. From the mass exodus in their front office to the situation of Trent Williams, the red skins were a circus all out of season . However, all of these things will be quickly forgotten if Redskins can open the year with a victory over a rival from an odd division.

Giants: Week 6 against the Patriots (Thursday). This may not be a game for "giants", but it could be for Elli Manning. If Manning wins the starting job, this game can take a long way to determining if it will keep it all season. If he beats the patriots, there is no way giants to jump him. However, if the giants lose this game on Thursday, they can send Manning to the bench because it will give Daniel Jones 10 days to prepare for his debut in the NFL.

Bears: Week 1 against Packers (Thursday). Losing the discovery of Green Bay did not fail the Chicago season in 2018, but that feels different. This year the Bears actually have high expectations and a loss of Packers at the start of the season will immediately have them in the NFC Northwest. This is also a great game because we will find out if the bears are able to find a kicker.

Packages: Week 2 against the Vikings. Packers have gone two seasons without defeating the Vikings (0-3-1) who probably eat at Aaron Rogers. This is a great game for Green Bay because it can put them in a position to take control of Northern Northern Europe in two weeks. If Pakers defeat the Bears and the Vikings to open the season, it will be good for their chances for the playoffs. Over the past 10 years Packers has started 2-0 in total three times and made the playoffs all three seasons. On the other hand, Packers have never started 0-2 since Aaron Rogers took the start of work in 2008.

Lions: Cardinal's Week 1. If you open an astronomy textbook and look at the sun's temperature, you'll get a good idea of ​​how hot things Matt Patricia gets if the lions lose that game. Victory over Arizona will not make the Lions season, but it can surely break it. If Lions lose, they may not win their first victory by October. After playing cardinals, lions play chargers, eagles (far), chiefs, packers (far) and Vikings. Vikings: Week 16 against Packers (Monday). If there is something that Kirk Bradns fights in his career, he wins in the best times and beats good teams. This game will give him a chance to do both. If the Vikings will win, they will have to play better in prehistory because they were quite terrible last season. In five games the Vikings went 1-4, though we should probably point out that their only victory is against Packers.

NFC South

Saints: Week 2 in Aries. This will not only be a game of revenge for the saints, but ultimately it can be decided who will have an advantage in the NFC. Although the advantage of the home field did not help the Saints last year, it could actually be argued that this was because they had room for the Super Bowl Cup completed in the NFC title as the referees decided to take it from them , by not throwing a flag on what might be the worst skipping without interfering in the history of the NFL.

Sokoli: Week 13 against Saints (Thanksgiving Day). Falcons have lost three consecutive encounters with saints, and they will need this drought to finish if they want to compete for the title of South Africa. Last year the Saints destroyed the Thanksgiving Day for fans with a victory over Turkey Day in New Orleans, and Falcon fans probably hope the saints will not get them sick of their stomach for the second season.

Panthers: Week 1 against Aries. When your quarterback is only eight months old removed from the shoulder operation the coercion to open the season against NFC defenders is not perfect. The Pantera have spent the entire offseason, saying that Cam Newton will be ready to get used to Week 1, but what if he's not ready or what if he's not completely cured? If Newton lacks hand strength, as it was at the end of last season, this may be a long year for panthers.

Buccaneers: Week 2 in Panthers (Thursday). The Buccaneers have not made the playoffs since 2007, and Bruce Ariens will be the fifth coach to try to end this drought. Armenians are known to be performing high crime offenses and will have the chance to show it to America when Busks travel to Carolina to play on Thursday night at week 2.

NFC West

Rams: Week 15 at Cowboys. Rams and Cowboys are expected to become NFC playoff rivals this year, which means they can potentially be a big bet in this game. Not only is this game likely to have consequences for the playoffs, but so far from the season we need to know if Todd Gurley's knee is actually held for the whole year.

Seahawks: Week 14 in Rams (SNF). The Rams have won two consecutive divisions and one big reason they have been able to do is to have defeated the Seahawks three times. If the Seahawks will win their first NFC West title in 2016, they will have to put an end to this drought, and what better way to put an end to the land then to do it on the road at the most obvious time the whole of America is watching.

49ers: Week 1 in Buccaneers. This is a huge game of 49ers end for many reasons. They will finally have Jimmy Garropo back. The 49ers quarterback did not play since it broke the ACL last week last season . If Garoppolo looks sharper, it will be a strong sign that we have to drop everything we go to and get to Las Vegas so we can bet 49 in order to make the playoffs. The victory over Tampa would also end the ugly 0-12 drought, which is 49 years in the eastern time zone. It's a losing series that really has to end this year because they have four games that are scheduled to play in the East.

Cardinals: Week 4 against Seahawks. Nobody expected the cardinals to make the playoffs in 2019, but if they managed to deal with the Seahawks in Week 4, it would make them instant contenders at NFC West. Kliff Kingsbury's first year as a head coach will not be easy, but the NFL definitely made him a few graphics services. Cardinals will receive three of their first four home games including the game against Seattle. With a new crime and a new quarterback (Kyler Murray), the cards could be able to surprise teams early in the year.

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