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NFL Draft: Hearing by anonymous spies in the selection of the “eagles” in 2021 and the signatures of the UDFA

One of my favorite things to do after the NFL draft every year is to go back and look at what anonymous scouts have to say about the players. predecessor for them to be chosen by the Philadelphia Eagles.

This post contains quotes from various people from the football staff, mainly as Bob McGinn’s annual series of preliminary projects at Athletic. There are a few quotes provided by Lance Zierlein of NFL.com as well.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what league insiders have to say about the Eagles’ 2021 NFL draft.


Smith was the third successor selected in this year̵

7;s version, after Ja’Mar Chase and Alabama teammate Jalen Waddle. McGinn’s poll led Smith to rank as the second best player in his position.

First scout: “When (Henry) Rugs and (Jerry) Judy came out last year, I said the best player was Smith. These guys went into the top 15, but now I don’t know if DeVonta will get into the top 15 when it comes to pushing because he’s 170 pounds. It is as thin as a rail. Bama was 21 points better than anyone she played for. It was a perfect world and I think life will be a little harder than it was last year. “

Second scout: “I am not worried about its size. Here we have (little) boys kicking everyone’s ass. The boys are 190, 200 per professional day and will play at 185, 179. They get up here, their diet changes. The way the rules have changed, especially in the receiver, these guys are no longer getting heavy collisions. Half the time is a 7 by 7 ball. “

Third scout: “If you just pick people to play football in the backyard, it will be the first choice every year. He is weak, but he is so good. He is strong. He just got better every year. “

Fourth scout: “He really is a smooth, smooth athlete. It’s almost effortless. He is tiny, 170 years old, but he doesn’t fuck. It is not redirected against press coverage. “

Here is Zierlein’s contribution:

NFC Scout: “It may be beans, but it won’t fail.” He will not fail off the field or on the field. These coaches brag about how he is connected and how much football means to him. “

That’s part of why I’m so high on Smith. Extremely talented, productive, And driven. That’s what I’m talking about when I refer to BWE (Big Winner Energy). This guy is locked up and wants to win.

Here’s another quote about Smith through Albert Breer that we shared over the weekend:

NFC Rival: “We asked all the boys in the SEC who was the best player they had played against in the last few months. Everyone, everyone, DeVonta said. And all of the Bama boys said, “He’s the best footballer I’ve ever been.”

It’s not surprising to see that the people of Alabama think highly of a player from their own program … but that’s a bold and meaningful statement! There is no shortage of competition for Crimson Tide’s best player.


Dickerson was the first center selected in this year’s project. McGinn’s poll led Dickerson to rank as the best player in his position.

First scout: “If you’re trying to restore a culture, it’s all you want as a person. He is real. He’s just nasty. The only problem is the numerous operations he has performed. “

Second scout: “He’s a big man in the middle.” He has many intangible and leadership qualities, toughness and all that. But he has three injuries at the end of the season in four years. For teams that implement a wideband scheme, it is really not suitable. “

Third scout: “He’s not a good athlete, a lot on the ground. I don’t like his stiffness. I don’t like this and that. But he is the person I want on my team. He’s my type, even when I look at him as an athlete. Fortunately, you won’t be able to clear it. “

Fourth scout: “It’s a wonderful story … but it’s not that good. He has been injured throughout his life and is athletically limited. Does a person have talent? No. Just a man. “

The Eagles are certainly a team trying to restore culture, so Dickerson is a pretty logical solution in that regard.

It is interesting to see that the scouts were not unanimously sold to his talent. Many argue that Dickerson just needs to be healthy. If he’s not as “special” as Howie Roseman suggests, that’s a big deal.

Here is a much more sophisticated quote provided by Zierlein:

NFL Contractor: “I love him. I know some people in the league think he’s still on the radar, but I doubt it. He reminds me of Game of Thrones mountain. Just big, strong and tough.”

Any snakes in the Eagles’ locker room have no chance with Dickerson around.


Williams was the fourth defensive wrestler selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll led Williams to rank as the sixth best player in his position.

First scout: “It was absurd. Unbelievable. But … he plays like a training warrior, not a football player. Limited instincts and block recognition. Washes (washes) at the point of attack. It must be in motion. Limited plan and moves. “

Second scout: “Carolina took Vernon Butler from there late in the first round (in 2016) and he never did anything. This kid is better than Butler. It has everything you are looking for but does not play hard. It flashes, then takes three or four games. But (after) the (pro-day) workout someone has to grab it in the second. “

Third scout: “We don’t know where to put it. It’s kind of an end, 5-technique. He is a great child and if he is willing to work in it, he has many traits that can potentially develop. He may be the surprise of this class. ”

The fact that Williams washes himself is something I noticed as I watched him more. It has an upside, but it’s hardly a finished product we’re talking about.

Cirline’s contribution:

AFC Scout: “He uses his hands very well, which makes his size a smaller problem for me.”


McPhearson was the 18th cornerback selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s poll ranked him as the 17th best player in his position.

McGinn did not offer any scout offers, but he named McPherson as the “unsung hero” from all angles.

He spent three years in Penn without playing much, but graduated with a degree in labor relations. Moved to Lubbock, Texas, as a transfer student and produced as a starter for two years. He has adequate height / weight / speed (5-foot-11, 193, 4.50), 40½-inch vertical jump, strong leadership skills and love of the game. He also holds a master’s degree in Texas Tech in interdisciplinary research.

“Love of the Game” was definitely the theme of this year’s Eagles project. They wanted to acquire players they could count on to work to improve.


Gainwell was the ninth runner selected in this year’s project. McGinn’s poll ranked him as the sixth best player in his position:

First scout: “He’s like the kid Dallas took in the fourth round two years ago – (Tony Pollard). I thought he was better than Tony Pollard. “

Second scout: “After [Travis] Etienne, he is probably the best receiver. He looks a lot like Alvin Camara. Only this person is faster. Rather a runner with a straight line. “

Third scout: “In the worst case, he can give you something like a backup runner in third place. It is slippery. He’s one of those guys who could end up being really good professionals. He will go third or fourth and will eventually become a starter. “

Fourth scout: “I didn’t see a person who could really fail and make contact, which you should be able to do unless you can make room for him.”

Faster Alvin Camara ?! Sign me up.

More from Zierlein:

NFC Scout Director: “They’re really good at finding backs that work on these broad things they do, but I don’t know if they’ll translate if they don’t find a scheme to keep it in space.”


Tuipulotu was the 13th defense defender selected in this year’s draft. McGinn’s survey ranked him as the 10th best player in his position:

First scout: “Real” 50 “front nails. He is a big, strong and tough person who treats your room (defensive line). I just don’t see anyone generating bags. “

Second scout: “In the Adult Cup, he was very down to earth. He danced a lot on the line. In fact, he didn’t show much pressure. “

Third scout: “He plays hard, he has zero passes. Straight nose. “

It seems that MT may be more of a player with two down.

More from Zierlein:

AFC West Coast Scout: “He will do all the right things, he will be very responsible and he is a good teammate.”

Another good addition to the dressing room.


Jackson was drafted on the 23rd defensive line and he was 28th in McGinn’s poll. No intelligence report provided.


Stevens was not included in McGinn’s poll.


Johnson was unappreciated in McGinn’s poll. Zirlane did give him an idea.

AFC Personnel Director: “I like him. He comes for a fight any minute, but you just want him to be a little longer.”

It will be interesting to see how Jonathan Gannon uses Johnson. They designed it as a 3-4-fringed rusher, but the Eagles listed it as 4-3 behind.


Jamie Newman

McGinn’s poll had Newman as QB12. In this year’s project, 10 quarterbacks were selected.

First scout: “At Wake Forest, he reminded me of Jordan Love. He is a great athlete and has a strong hand, but he was not accurate. “

Second scout: “He said he would not be properly prepared to play and be successful. He has never been on the field with coaches from (Georgia) because of COVID. He has the ability. He can control the ball. But I was not sold to this child. “

Newman has some talent. The Eagles’ coaching staff depends on helping to get something out of it. It would be a great gain if it could become a quality backup file.


McGinn’s poll had Awosika as OG11. 13 guards were selected in this year’s project.


McGinn’s poll had Grimes as WR21. 36 recipients were selected in this year’s project.


McGinn’s poll had a Stoll like TE19. 11 narrow ends were selected in this year’s project.

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