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NFL Draft Predictions: Analyze the Eagles’ Day 2 selection

The Philadelphia Eagles selected Landon Dickerson in 37th place and Milton Williams in 73rd place in the 2021 NFL Draft. Now let’s get to some estimates.


Let’s first look at how Eagles fans here at Bleeding Green Nation appreciated the choice.

My rating: ° C-

Some things I like about Dickerson’s selection:

  • No worries about his talent if he is able to stay healthy. A very good player who has experience both in the guard and in the center. It soon became apparent that he could harass the people he blocked. Dickerson could be a theft.
  • A player with a high character, the energy of the big winner (BWE). His teammates and coaches seem to love him. Dickerson can succeed Jason Keltze as both a player and a leader.
  • Investing in an offensive line is usually a smart thing. The Eagles needed more inner depth, and eventually Kielce. Brandon Brooks’ future is in question due to age and injuries.

Some things I DON’T like about Dickerson’s selection:

  • It is impossible to ignore the history of his injury. Torn ACL (right leg) in 2016. End of season ankle injury in 2017. Another ankle injury in 2018. Another torn ACL (left leg) in 2020. Will he ever be healthy? What about an NFL team that has been battling injuries more than most others lately? It is a very big risk to take on number 37. There were many other quality options on the board in this choice.
  • Is the risk-reward factor really worth it here? I have no doubt that Dickerson can be a very good player if he stays healthy. But the center’s average doesn’t seem to justify the cost:
  • Dickerson is not currently expected to play this year due to his position in the depth table. I don’t think the Eagles are fighting hard this season, so this is not the end of the world. But it’s disappointing that we may not see him play unless there are more injuries in the offensive line in 2021.


How Here the fans of the eagles on the lev evaluate the choice:

My class: B-

Some things I like about Williams’ selection:

  • Williams boasts bizarre athleticism. His best athletic comparison to Mockdraftable is Aaron Donald! Geno Atkins is also on this list.
  • The Eagles had an underestimated need for defensive fights behind Fletcher Cox and Yavon Hargrave. There was no reliable depth behind these two beginners.
  • Williams could be a potential replacement for Malik Jackson as an interior defender who offers juice for a quick pass and can sometimes bend in defense.
  • Josh Norris, a smart man, likes Williams.

Some things I DON’T like about Williams’ selection:

  • It’s certainly not Williams ‘fault, but it’s hard to like how his selection caused a moment when we saw a rift in the Eagles’ fighting room. We can talk about how disagreements happen everywhere … but they certainly don’t always air on TV like that. Not exactly dispelling the idea that there is dysfunction in the organization.
  • This is not always the case, but it may be easier for younger players to test themselves as great athletes. Is Williams big and long to succeed in the NFL?
  • Is Williams a possible starter or more than just a rotating archive?

Now for more hot suggestions and evaluation by “experts” in the network.

The Eagles have locked a strong offensive player in Dickerson, who lasted only at the beginning of the second due to a history of injuries during his collegiate career. The center in Alabama was declared a security guard when it was selected, which makes sense with 11-year-old veteran Jason Keltze, who is preparing for another season. I could certainly see Dickerson moving toward the support each time Kelse closed them, assuming he was able to stay healthy. The Eagles found good value in Williams, whose day confirmed his exceptional speed. If he continues to add weight and maintain the speed of his leg, be careful. CLASS: A-

Dickerson, the winner of the Remington Trophy as the best center of the nation, suffered a rupture of the ACL in the SEC championship game. He later took the last two photos of the National Championship as an inspiring gesture; Fortunately, Greg Shiano was imprisoned somewhere in a cage, unable to return to Ohio to call the “KILL ATTACK” defense against the victorious Alabama formation. Dickerson was last seen making bicycles in the background of a previous interview with McJones. So ACL rehabilitation should go well. Also, this was the focus of Mac Jones’ professional day. Dickerson also won his black karate belt at the age of 11. Well, so did my youngest son. That’s right: I interrupted a scout report praising Dad. My projects, my rules, Bucko. You can probably write a scout report for an Alabama center with ACL issues, as I do: a great athlete in the position, disciplined, well-trained, able to make linear calls, tested in battle against the best competition, can take advantage of the red T-shirt year despite the wheels. That’s why it covers him. Dickerson could be an NFL starter for a decade. The Eagles’ breach ranked 31st in the Corrected Lines in 2020, and while Jason Keltze is still playing well, he will soon replace Mike Golic as the hip-hop man announcing the Eagles Day 2 election. “. This is a choice of sound. We’ll find out later whether Howie Roseman has scouted programs other than Alabama in the last two years. CLASS: B +

We got into a weird little defensive fight in a project where there aren’t many decent defensive battles. Williams had an exceptional professional day that helped him get a few boards up. He was a productive playmaker for the Bulldogs, with 10 sacks and 19 loss battles in the last two seasons. But he looked very raw on the 2020 movie I was watching. He won a few clicks, outperforming or faster than his blocker, but on many reps he wired, blinded by double teams, or lost the battle for the lever to a mid-caliber opponent. Williams needs a lot of refinement to be more than a defender of the wave and interior transmission of the third and long. But he has high athletic potential. I like him better than Alim McNeill, but I think the Eagles should seek help in the minor or more reinforcements on the offensive line or the wide receiver. CLASS: B-

The issue with Dickerson is not talent, but endurance. He suffered an injury at the end of the season three times in college. Having said that, Dickerson still managed to start 37 games and according to Pro Football Focus he allowed only one sack during his entire career. Dickerson started matches in all five offensive positions. As for the process, however, it is a scratching of the head. The Eagles have needs up and down their list. The only area in which they have managed to do more with less is the offensive line. It doesn’t make much sense to spend such a high choice on an insulted person with endurance problems. Class C-

Capadia: Williams (6 feet-3, 284 pounds) is an underrated prospect. He has produced 10 sacks and 19 loss battles in the last two seasons. Williams offers the opportunity to provide a quick pass in the interior and it has been tested well athletically. The Eagles need depth in defensive fights, and Williams offers up. CLASS: B +

Everyone’s favorite universal ruler in this class. Punishment for blocking running. It is impossible to rush. And he always helps his teammates with tasks. I’m a little worried that it’s oversized for the center seat, and it’s a little stiff. A smart investment in front of Jalen Hurts. CLASS: B-

Beyond the athlete in the defensive place to fight. He also uses his hands well. It simply destroys the weaker competition and washes against running. CLASS: B +

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