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Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect remake

Photo : Alex Cranz ( Gizmodo )

the same day as a re-release of one of the best Zelda games of all time. The Console Switch line and Zelda series of games feel inextricably linked. The original switch is remarkable and unusual hardware unlike anything before it, and the Zelda game that started with it Breath of the Wild is remarkable and unusual . Switch Lite and this year's Zelda game, Link & # 39; s Awakening are both beautiful, incredible remakes of previous and exceptional works. You probably don't need to buy Link's Awakening if you've played it before, but you'll like it. If you already own a Switch, you may not need the Switch Lite. But if you buy it, you'll like it.

What is it?

More mobile-friendly version of Switch.


Feels solid, the display is gorgeous, it's cheap, and it doesn't creak!

No Like

There is no part of the strange allure of the original device. Standby battery life needs work.

In fact, I love Switch Lite so much that I can just get my brother to buy the original Switch from me. Switch Lite is an absolutely "smaller" version of the original Switch. You cannot plug it into your TV and you cannot remove controls to make an instant meeting with Smash Brothers a friend. The brightness of the display does not automatically adjust and there is no tinting when you are hit by bad guys in games. If you want the best Switch experience, you should not buy Switch Lite. You need to buy the original switch or the minor revision launched earlier this year (supposedly a little faster and has improved battery life).

I run my original switch almost exclusively in manual mode – just connecting to the TV when I have to destroy people through the Smash Brothers . So the new categorical manual Switch Lite looked like my dream paper machine. In practice, this is actually my dream machine (for the most part).

It's smaller and lighter than the original switch and this will probably be the first thing you notice if you handle both devices. The original Switch and Joy-Cons weigh 14.04 ounces. Switch Lite weighs only 9.76 ounces. Several people at Gizmodo's offices called it cheap while dealing with it.it People like to associate the mobility of a device with the feeling of premium so this is the expected criticism – even if they are all wrong. [19659012] Switch Lite has a nice matte finish on its plastic surfaces that is less sensitive to fingerprints than the original Switch and lacks the awful flexibility that the Switch has. There is no creaking while playing games. It doesn't make sense that you could snap the whole thing in half with a sharp twist. Even the small series of vents at the top of the device appear to be more durable and less susceptible to breaking than the same switch openings. I feel like I can shed light on the switch in my bag and not worry about it breaking as I do every time I travel with my switch.

things like auto brightness are not available on Switch Lite.
Photo : Alex Kranz ( Gizmodo )

3.6 inches by 8.2 inches Switch Lite is much smaller than the 4.02 switch at 12.23 inches. This makes it much more portable, and between size and weight is much easier to hold when playing Fire Emblem for three hours. My hands never get stuck playing marathon sessions with Switch Lite, as they do with Switch. People with larger than average hands should be cautious; several of my colleagues found the controls too tight for their hands.

However, a significant reduction in size does not mean a reduction in battery life. Nintendo shrinks the battery from 4310mAh to 3570mAh, but removing features like the weave package means the Switch Lite gets better battery life than the original Switch. On average, I saw about an hour more battery life and through the battery test run by Tom's Guide in which they tuned each device to full brightness and played extended sessions on the Smash Brothers Switch Lite continued 3:50. The original switch lasted 2:45 hours. Indeed, both devices have lost to the brand new revision of the switch, which has battery and processor performance settings and lasts 4:50 hours in the test.

  All photos: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

All photos: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

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Standby battery life leaves much to be desired. There was a two-day period where I devoted my free time to my Kindle instead of Switch Lite, and it dropped from 100 percent battery life to 71 percent battery life during that time. So keep it turned on when you are not using it, or plan to charge it before traveling.

A smaller device means a smaller display. It went from 6.2 inches to 5.5 inches. The resolution of 720p is the same, and in our testing, its maximum brightness was equal – both averaging 380 nits. And since Switch Lite has the same resolution on a smaller display, things just look better. Higher pixel density means the picture looks sharper.

Higher pixels per inch means that the display is more attractive to watch. [19659017] Photo : Alex Kranz ( Gizmodo )

The original 720p LCD feels too cheap compared to the wide range of high resolution OLED phones on the market. I felt more like a baby's first tablet than a super cool gaming device. Switch Lite didn't change things much, but the switch from 237ppi to 267ppi was immediately noticeable and extremely welcome. Between it and the solidity of the console, the Switch Lite feels like a costly upgrade, even though it's $ 100 cheaper.

Switch (top) and Switch Lite (bottom). Note the slightly yellow hue of Switch Lite.
Photo : Alex Cranz ( Gizmodo )

The Switch Lite display tends to be warmer than the display of the switch. While a cooler display may be more attractive visually, Switch Lite has more accurate colors than the original Switch, and if you think that the cooler displays keep you up at night, you'll probably be pleased with the light yellowish tint of the Switch Lite.

Overall, I'm not dealing with the very minor issues of Switch Lite. Do I want to be able to dock it or have a bundle with tint or adjust the brightness of the display automatically? Absolutely. However, as a handheld Switch first player, I'm happy to give all that stuff to a device that feels healthier and looks nicer when I play it. That Switch Lite is only $ 200 also helps.

You do not get the full and magical experience of Switch with Switch Lite. The promise of a device that can move swiftly from the TV to your bag is not there. Switch Lite is not for playing Smash Brothers tournaments at a friend's house or 1-2-Switch at a bar. This is not about experiencing all the really strange and wild promises of Joy-Cons . It's to wrap yourself on the couch and disappear into the world of some game in a few hours. For people who already own the switch, this is unnecessary luxury, but for people who play mostly by hand, this should be a requirement. For people who haven't invested in the Switch yet and want to see the noise, the $ 200 Switch Lite is the perfect entry point.


  • Switch Lite is much lighter and smaller than Switch. [19659040] This is a very handheld device and a must upgrade if this is primarily how you play.
  • It's $ 200

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