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No champion in NL Central yet, as the Cards, Brewers both lose | Cardinal Beat

The regular season, which began on March 28, when the Cardinals play the Brewery in Milwaukee, boils down to one day for the Cardinals and Brewers six months and one day later. Perhaps.

All we know is that the Cardinals and Brewers will play their final games in the regular season schedule on Sunday, with first place still being grabbed in the Central Division National League. The Cardinals, after falling behind 6-0 when Adam Wainwright delivered four career homers, staged several fierce rallies before succumbing to the Chicago Cubs for the second consecutive night, 8-6, at Bush Stadium.

While the Cardinals, led by 3 3 games on Monday, dropped their fourth straight, the Brewers were outscored in Colorado and lost 3-2 in the 1

0th in the Trevor Story homer.

Both teams are already in the playoffs, but the Cardinals have won another game from the Breweries. Ergo, the Cardinals' magic number is one – either winning the Cardinals or losing the Brewers on Sunday starts the division. Cardinals manager Mike Schildt announced late on Saturday that ace Jack Flacharty would be his starter on Sunday.

"We can be disappointed that we are around tonight," Schildt said. "We put everything there. But we can look and realize that on the last day of the season we are in control of our own destiny.

"And you can ask for nothing more than that."

If the teams are tied in the standings after Sunday's games, there will be a playoff game here on Monday afternoon.

The division winner will go to Atlanta on Thursday for the start of the division series. The runner-up will leave for Washington on Tuesday for the wild card game, with the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the winner in the other series of divisions.

The Cardinals abducted from six packs in the fifth inning but got so close at 6-5 in the seventh. Paul DeJong hit his 30th homer for the Cardinals and Tommy Edman knocked on three runs. But Wainwright, who has conceded 12 of Kubb's 16 hits, has broken his winning streak to five as he allowed four homers for the first time in his 316 starts.

After the Cardinals nearly wiped out six runs in Chicago, the Cubs moved the needle to 8-5 in the eighth inning against Cardinals relievers John Brebia and Andrew Miller on Saturday night at Bush Stadium. But the Cardinals Paul DeJong started his 30th home run from Pedro Strop to bring the Cardinals back to 8-6 in the Cardinals' eight.

With the Cardinals trailing only 6-5 after being behind 6-0 in the fifth, Brebia allowed.

The striking pinch Albert Almora, Jr., jumped out to Brebia, trying to make it public. Tony Kemp, but struck by the left hand, lifted a rider past diving second baseman Tommy Edman, scored Russell and sent Bote into third.

Nico Honerner dresses to the left, introducing Bot. 5

Coming closer, the Cardinals scored two runs in the seventh inning on Saturday night to cut the once-impressive Chicago Cubs to 6-5.

Chicago Liberator Brad Wick hit a batter and went two more to load the basics for the fabulous Tommy Edman, who ran his streak of multiple hit games to seven, turning left.

But with two out and two out, former Cardinals reliever Steve Cicek gave way to Yadier Molina on his way to center.

The Cardinals were 6-0 behind as Adam Wainwright allowed his career worst four homes before Edman doubled in triples in three-fifths. The extra-base hit is Edman's 16th of the month, breaking the Hall of Fame Joe Medwicke's Hall club record, set in 1932.

The Cardinals, after falling behind 6-0 in the fifth inning since Adam Wainwright allowed the personal worst four of the Homers, collected over three runs in the home stretch of Chicago Cubs Boulevard, to play it at 6-3 Saturday night at Bush Stadium.

The key stroke was not a surprise. Tommy Edman, hitting safely for the tenth straight game, tripled to Tyler O & # 39; s Neal and Dexter Fowler. Kyle Ryan's first left-handed move was Harrison Bader's 12th homer.

The only downside to the inning was that Edman was left third. Paul Goldshmid hit and Marcel Ozuna was robbed of extra punch by fast-moving right fielder Tony Kemp jumped in to make the catch before breaking into the right-center wall.

Ian Happ, disappointed with the Cubans this season, pulled off his third and fourth homers over the last two weekends against the Cardinals as the Cubs took a big, early lead on the Cardinals.

Both were ambiguous blasts. Hap's first Wainwright came in the third inning and walked 436 feet to right center. The second, a two-way crash in the fifth, was the opposite movement to the left of the switching hitting Happ.

The Happ home run bracket, which has 11 home runs in the year, and solo shots in the first by Carl Schwarber (No. 38) and Victor Karatini in the fifth, gave the Cubs a 6-0 cushion. The Cardinals, who have already lost three consecutive games, have been trying to get back on the road to the division title after lately getting off the road.

In the third inning, the Cardinals missed a possible double ball game hit by left-handed Schwarber. With a man at first and no one out, Schwarber landed to stop Paul DeJong, who was preparing to throw a second at Tommy Edman. Second Founder Edman shifted well to the left for Schwarber and flew out for a second, but pulled away briefly when he apparently thought he couldn't get there before running back Nico Hoerner.

DeJong, redirecting his views, came out first, but the Cubs then had a guy for Happ.

In the fifth, Schwarber escapes to the middle-right field, where Edman stops diving. After a fly to the deep left, Karatini punched her 11th home to the right. And Wainwright, starting his 316th career, was graciously picked up after a single by Addison Russell, Kubbs' 12th hit in 4 1/3 innings by Wainwright.

Left-hander Cub Hamels, who did not allow a runner-up run by the Cardinals in 19 innings this season, struck out eight, holding the Cardinals to two harmless singles in his four innings. Hamels, who had a crooked left shoulder, was lifted to strike a pinch in the heel.

Cardinals catcher Yadir Molina doesn't have to throw the glove, but he threw his bat after being hit in the right hand by a Cole Hamel step in the Chicago Cubs in the second inning Saturday.

When Molina first started based, he said something to Hamels, who took a few steps a step or two from the mound to answer Molina or try to hear what the cardinal hunter was saying. At that moment, Molina threw her bat on the ground and began approaching Hamels before being caught by deck attacker Matt Carpenter.

Both benches and bulpes naturally emptied and there was an exchange of rhetoric, but nothing stronger. Whether Molina was trying to fire his club is not immediately known, but after ordering back, Hamel regained control by hitting two of the next three forwards to keep the lead 1-0. Molina had suffered a torn ligament in her right thumb as a result of her step stroke.

This lead was given to the left-wing Hammels Hamels in the No. 1 home, No. 38, by Kyle Schwarber, the only regular on the Cubs on Saturday. Cardinals Chief Adam Wainwright allowed four hits in his first two innings, but scored three.


The Chicago Cubs are reduced to a regular, left fielder, Kyle Schwarber, for a Saturday night game with the Cardinals. The Cardinals, with second founder Colten Wong still resting on a strained left belt, use the same eight players they hired since Wong was injured a week ago on Thursday.

Dexter Fowler has pitched 11 times in his last three games and is five for 26 against Chicago starter Cole Hamels. He will remain in the right field and bat first in the middle of the rink with one for 23.

Paul DeJong, one of 16, is at a short stop. Marcel Ozuna is 14 for 102, but two for the last two. Harrison Bader is three for his last 29. But those numbers don't matter.

Manager Mike Schild thinks it's his best squad and he's in virtual ride or die mode as the Cardinals try to secure the National League Crown of the division, which entices them all week, but with three consecutive losses, the Cardinals failed to touch.

Randy Arozarena had a great game when on Wednesday in Arizona he started at Fowler's place, hit a home run, steal home and throw a runner. Shieldt said Arozarena's game on Saturday was considered.

"But there's a big picture in that," Schildt said. "Not that Randy is not capable of defense, but Harrison is an elite quarterback and we want to keep our strengths, which is our defense."

Regarding veteran Fowler, who has fallen to. 237, said Schildt, "It's back to 'Do you trust your boys?' "I tend to have confidence and confidence.

"A few games and one person is not doing well. , and just tossed it aside. I don't think this should work. There is no blindness to this We know that he has not been dealing with it lately. I have a lot of confidence in Dex and he is a big part of what we do. ”

Hamels (7-7), who lost a great 2-1 match to June 2 here with this year's Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, has caused problems for other Cardinals. Paul Goldschmidt is one for 13. Yadier Molina is six for 30. But Matt Carpenter is five for 15, and Ozuna has three homes in 38 batting careers against longtime Philadelphia Phil.

And Hamels has never encountered the hottest cardinals. striker, Tommy Edman, who has six consecutive multi-hit games.

For the Cubes, hunter Wilson Contreras and second founder Ben Zobrist, who started on Friday with an 8-2 win, were joined by injured regulators Chris Bryant, Javy Baez, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Heyward and Nicholas Castellanos.

The magic number, of course, is two, which means that any combination of two Cardinals wins or two Milwaukee Brewers losses or one of each will give the Cardinals their first division title of 2015. There may be a wait , which includes a Saturday night. The Milwaukee-Colorado game in Denver starts an hour after the 6:15 peak here.

Wainwright, a five straight winner, will look for his 15th win of the season.


Second founder Colten Wong said his left knee support has improved, but neither he nor Schildt can guarantee that Wong will play in the regular season finale on Sunday.

"He obviously loves to play," Schildt said. "And we want to get him out there, too, but not at the expense of his health or his inability to represent himself."

Asked specifically about Wong, who was nine days old, playing on Sunday, Shield said: I can't turn it off. "But he hasn't turned it off in either one.

" Daily, "Wong said." It's still there. (The tension) has obviously not disappeared. So, when is the right time to press it and when it's not ?

"Right now, it comes down to just running. Running is the only thing I can feel it.

" Do I push it now and risk blowing out and then coming out for the real series that matters? am I even waiting for the playoffs? This is a position no one wants to be in, especially me.

"I don't know where my belt is. I know it's better. But 100 probably not.

"If I play today and something happens, I punch myself in the face, knowing that if I waited another day, what would happen.

If the Brewers and Cardinals equate to the title. of the division, a one-game playoff will be organized here on Monday at 2:09 pm Tickets starting at $ 10 are available at cardinals.com and by phone at 314-345-9000.

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