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No matter how ready you are, this 1 mistake can ruin your entire retirement – Colorful fool

Planning for retirement is not something that can be done overnight – it takes decades of hard work and preparation.

For many people the biggest struggle saves enough to retire. One in five Americans has nothing to record for retirement, according to a study by Northwestern Mutual, and money is also the No. 1 stress among the survey participants

But rescue is only half the battle. Even if you spend all your caregiving careers, a simple retirement mistake can spoil your plans for the future. ” src=”https://g.foolcdn.com/image/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fg.foolcdn.com%2Feditorial%2Fimages%2F532257%2Fbroken-piggy-bank-white.jpg&w=700&op=resize”/>

You've spent years taking out money for retirement, and once you've retired it's time for the fun part: ”

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You risk spending your money by withdrawing too much each year from your pension fund. Even if you go a little over your budget, all of this money increases over time. For example, if you download just $ 5,000 a year more than you intended for 10 years, that's $ 50,000 that you have overstated. Depending on how much you need to get each year, this may be a year or two income from retirement. [19659909] Trending

Also, if you download more than you need, it's hard to return to the track when living with a fixed income. Unless you take a pension, you may not be able to save more than you already have. You may be able to increase your savings if the stock market is booming and your investments benefit from higher returns, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. In the coming years, you can also download less to compensate for the years you have spent too much, but if the money is already tight, you may not be able to reduce the costs enough to get back on rails.

Make sure you have some sort of plan before retiring to make sure you do not retire too fast.

How Much Can You Download Every Year Every Year?

One of the most popular strategies is the 4% rule, which says you can download 4% of your savings in your first year of retirement, then adjust. this number every year to take into account inflation. So if you have, for example, $ 750,000, saved for retirement, you can get $ 30,000 in the first year. If inflation is around 3% per year, it means you will download $ 30,900 next year. By withdrawing at this rate, your savings will last for about 30 years.

The 4% rule is a good starting point, but it has its drawbacks. For example, it implies that you will spend the same amount each year on retirement. But you are likely to need more money for several years compared to others, especially when you are aging and when healthcare costs increase. Considering this, the 4% rule can take you to the right plan with your costs, so you have a rough idea of ​​how much you can download each year.

For a more flexible approach, you can choose a more dynamic download strategy. allowing you to adjust your withdrawals annually to suit your unique situation. For example, if you see lower levels of return on investment, you may need to download slightly less this year so your savings will last longer. But when you see higher returns, you could mock and download more. Or, if you find that you may face expensive healthcare costs in the future, you can now adjust your costs so that you have more money saved for these costs. Flexible from the 4% rule. However, it is more complicated and you may need help from a financial adviser to find out exactly how much you can download each year.

Regardless of the type of strategy you chose, it's also important to think about how taxes will impact your withdrawals (assuming your savings are invested in a 401 or traditional IRA and you will owe taxes on your withdrawals ). If you choose the 4% rule, for example, the amount you can withdraw each year is the total amount you can spend – which means you have to cover all your expenses plus taxes.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have some withdrawal strategy. If you decide to hide it and hope for the best, you can spend too much each year on retirement and your savings will disappear too soon. But the more you plan, the better your chances of sustaining your money for the rest of your life.

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