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NXT Summary and Reactions (November 20, 2019): All quarrels

NXT returned to us last night (November 20) from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. You can find the live blog results here.

More of the same

Becky Lynch returned to NXT and that in itself was a big moment.

Becky did not reach the NXT peak. She never won the women's title. The closest was to take Sasha Banks to the limit and win the love of the crowd in the process. It was something that Man remembered when he brought it out in his promotion.

Lynch is a great promotion. The crowd challenged her several times, but she leaned toward her, such as when they chanted, "Shane will kill you," and she returned them to her side. This is not news, but I am reminded every time I am attracted to my promotion, and it is almost always.

Her challenge to Basler was actually accepted by Ray Ripley and the two had a pretty good match. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by the very predictable launch of Baszler & Co .. This Survivor Series assembly was a multitude of interrupted matches. We lost the final on a great New Day against the rebirth of SmackDown because of him. On Raw both Andrade vs. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre suffered the same fate. It's creatively lazy and penetrates the NXT.

Lynch's vision was great. It is perhaps one of the most successful NXT cities in a number of very successful NXT cities. With her climb last year, it was really cool to see her return to where she started. We are far from Irish jigs.

But booking this version of the Survivor Series was very lazy. This is usually not a problem with NXT, but it was a theme all night with fights.

Lost Control

Following the failure of the Becky / Rhea match, we received a Ricochet and Matt Riddle match that was presented. .. you suppose! … intervention!

As soon as it was opened, when the same thing happened, an eye burst out of me. Riddle had made a profit in the midst of the chaos so that they would not have two non-finishes in a row. But otherwise it was the same.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura got in a fight and the fight itself was not bad. A ricochet pigeon from the top rope on the floor, which was impressive as hell. And that led to a moment between Finn Balor and Riddle, who helped hook up what these guys could do on TakeOver on Saturday.

In a vacuum, this was all along with some cool moments. But it was the second of the two segments to intervene, taking away what could be a great match, which led to the feeling that NXT was losing control of its chaos. by far the biggest draw for this episode tonight for many.

These are two of the best teams in NXT history and two of the best tag teams in all wrestling today. It's great to see them for the first time. And fortunately, they delivered.

There is always a risk that one match may not be expected, but these two teams clicked. It was strange to see Dash Wilder play a person in danger when he is usually at the other end of the role. But someone had to, and that allowed the ERA to do its job.

(One of the great things about the two teams and they make the extended person in the danger section fun because their insult is plausible, whether it's Kyle O'Reilly's ju-jitsu background or Riley's grieving grief.) [19659017] Scott Dawson was, after all, a hot label who, in and of itself, was not common. He plays it cerebral, never deviating from his style. Dawson did not fly around the ring, throwing his body at his opponent. He will avoid the move and bring a big blow. His extensive team-fighting skills are his greatest strength, and he uses it.

At the end of this game I felt like extra passes, with both teams feeling tired from their battle. In the end, Fish and O & # 39; Reilly were able to position themselves to block Dash Wilder from rescuing Dawson from the low ERA low. Dawson went out on his own, saying "fuck it" after learning that he had lost.

I really appreciate that the ERA won because they read the situation and were able to get into a position where the advantage of the position guaranteed them victory. It was like two great generals trying to maneuver each other until one was guaranteed a victory. And a student from a game like Dawson knew it was over.

I hope these guys do it again someday. It doesn't have to be soon. Probably better if it wasn't But another head down the line would be welcome.

Main Event

The Main Event was the Men's Ladder match between Adam Cole (Bay) and Dominic Diakovic to decide who would receive the WarGames advantage.

It was obvious that Adam Cole would win, which he did. Heels always get the advantage of WarGames. The match was not missed as much as the ladder ladder match last week. And it wasn't so good (although this meeting was great last week). But it was still nice.

These two boys were having fun with the time they had. And there was no interference during the match, which was nice.

Of course, after the match there was a fight with Pierre 6.

That's right, another show ending with a big fight. It happened on Monday. It will probably happen on Friday. We are difficult for repetition here.

However, he still had his moments. Keith Lee gaped at Drew McIntyre. Lee and Ivar of the Viking Raiders dive to the sea from the bodies on the floor. But the end was that moment .

Seth Rollins showed up and stood tall in the NXT ring. Everyone else was down outside. That's with Daddy Chiampa. He strolled across the sea of ​​bodies (great image) and was about to enter the ring before bouncing Adam Cole in the head. Remembering that he still hates Adam Cole during this brand war was a good thing. Then he and the first-ever NXT champion stood face-to-face before throwing haymakers when the show faded to black.

This evening, quarrels had their moments, but they passed too often.

More Chaos [19659033] Kay Lee Ray defeated Dakota Kai in a 1-on-1 draw after Kay Lee Bulldogs Kai last week and assisted Io Shirai in winning the ladder match.

It was a good match, but I'm still disappointed that we're not doing it there is an explanation for why Kay Lee, who has never been to the NXT prime, joined the Shayna team. Either Shine or Kay Lee had to tell us.

This also ended in a Raw & SmackDown style fight. There was a great time when Kauri Sane and Raw & # 39; s Io Shirai, once fast friends when the two were real blue baby interfaces, started each other. But beyond that, it was a standard feud.

Other Events:

– The only other match that was not mentioned was the surprisingly good match of the Viking Raiders against the Lost Sons. The kidnappers won, which should not be surprising, but the sons had a very good performance.

NXT has failed in an attempt to balance its own WarGames stories with the Survivor Series built this week. It was too much for random attacks and intervention and too much like Raw this week in that sense.

NXT has done a good job of focusing on its own stories with the intersection of inter-war warfare this week, but that went beyond utility here. I felt too much like they were upgrading to the Survivor Series with a little bit of WarGames stuff here and there. It must be the opposite, as WarGames is their big show this week.

There was still a lot of good stuff in this show. Indisputable against rebirth (seriously, watch it if you didn't). Ladder Match Final showing. But I look forward to when this invasion is over and they come back to do their thing.

Degree: C +

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