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Oculus Homes Ransacked

There is nothing left but fire and some wood, probably to complete the work of destroying this House.  Unfortunately, arson requires limbs.

There is nothing left but fire and some wood, probably to complete the work of destroying this House. Unfortunately, arson requires limbs.
Screenshot: Oculus / Kotaku

Yesterday I dressed my three-week-old baby Oculus Quest 2 and decided to register at Oculus Home, a personal 3D space that any Oculus user can customize with furniture and any number of artificial home polygonal accessories. But when I stopped, something was wrong. Or rather, everything was missing: My home was undressed!

At first I blamed myself. I must have done something funky on my computer that had led to virtual thefts lurking with my set of inconspicuous default furniture. Or rather, my avatar is being persecuted because it is a witch. “So much for a new beginning in a new city,” I complained.

In my confusion, I turned to Reddit and it turned out that many other Oculus homeowners in multiple headphones have he was also hit by smooth criminals.

“Today I went to Oculus Home and my whole home environment was empty. EVERYTHING WAS LEFT,” said a poster, adding:not only that, but every room I visit, or the one I own, or someone else’s, they are also empty. “

“It’s the same with my Rift S. Quite annoyed because I made some really cold rooms with a cozy interior design,” said another.

“That’s why you need to have home insurance,” a third suggested. (As Mr. Rodgers told me, always look for helpers.)


My sunbeds! My barbecue! My dangerous, clean drop in the desert!
Screenshot: Oculus / Kotaku

One user called Oculus support and said he was familiar with the issue. It is assumed that the import of baby waste Pier 1 Import will be restored in a timely manner. In my search I noticed this also happened two and a half years ago. More cybercrime! It didn’t take long for this particular case to break through, but we have to wonder what’s going on at Oculus in their cloud if carefully selected consumer decors can disappear so easily.

Oculus Home was introduced in late 2017 as part of Rift Core 2.0. At this time CNET wrote, Oculus believes that the ability to customize VR to your liking will make you feel even more at home.

“We give you the space that belongs to you,” he said Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell, unaware of the large-scale furniture robberies that lie ahead.

Maybe it’s just me, but as a new user of Quest 2 in 2021, Oculus Home is short of breath, which makes me wonder if it will last long. Because this is a PCVR application and Quest is its own platform, it no longer loads by default when you start using the headset. I find the interface cumbersome and I’m not very tempted by the opportunity to “visit” the homes of other users, even when they are not deprived of all the distinctive features.


Well, now there is enough space for VR.
Screenshot: Oculus / Kotaku

Home also still uses rather ugly, custom user avatars, which may already be a legacy from Oculus just started A “new, expressive” avatar system. (The new avatars are quite indistinguishable from the generic style popular after the Xbox 360 avatar update, so this is probably a step to the right, if not a visually exciting direction.) In short, in short, I’m not tempted to spend some time customizing my Oculus Home because he feels amortized and gives me PlayStation Home vibes (RIP).

Anyway, without my furniture, I didn’t have much work left in the Home, except to go crazy and clog Home’s selfie camera deep in my avatar’s skull.


Oh, oh, a tooth warning.

You know that now we are entering deluded territory …


Oh my God!
Screenshot: Oculus / Kotaku

Looks good!


I feel cute rn, can be deleted later.
Screenshot: Oculus / Kotaku

Some real Fear and disgust energy here. Work!

Well, that’s all for now. I guess I’ll lie on the hard marble floor.


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