SportsPulse: Dan Volken describes in detail what he did and did wrong to the college football committee in the first standings of the season.


CORVALIS, Oregon – Clarity came from a thick fog.

The dream of the Oregon playoffs is dead and the state of Oregon has finally breathed some life into the rivalry.

The Beavers beat No. 11 Ducks 22-7 in the fourth quarter to win 41-38 on Friday at Reserve Stadium.

Oregon coordinator Andy Avalos lost a total of 532 yards, but had a chance to take the win if he could keep the Beavers at 531.

But the Ducks’ goal line didn’t last a quarter of an inch, as Beavers Nolan’s reserve quarterback managed to enter the final zone for the game with 33 seconds left.

Oregon quarterback Tristan Gebia appeared to be in second place, but he was beaten by the goalie. In third place on the inside of the 1-yard line, he was again crammed by Oregon in defense of Austin Faoliu and injured in the game.

Jemar Jefferson was happy to play the lure and celebrate a brilliant moment for Nolan after rushing for 226 yards and two touchdowns to keep the Beavers (2-2) in the game.

Tyler Schuff passed for 266 yards and two touchdowns for Oregon, but threw two interceptions as the Ducks (3-1) lost to Oregon for the first time to freshman Justin Herbert in 2016.

After Gebia went 13 yards to convert fourth and 7, Oregon came out with a key stop four clicks later when backback Isaac Slade-Matautia hit a fourth and 7 from Oregon’s 15-yard line with 2: Remaining 18.

But the ducks did three or more in the next series to give the Beavers a shot of frustration.

The state of Oregon scored 15 points in 63 seconds at the beginning of the fourth quarter to turn the deficit of 31-19 into a lead of 34-31.

Oregon challenged a game in which Deomodor Lenoir fought the ball from Jefferson’s side. The review was supported, and the play was judged first in Oregon, not by touch.

Gebbia’s 1-yard touchdown device, after Jefferson converted a fourth and 3, completed a 16-game, 92-yard drive in 8:05 to get the Beavers within 31-26 with 13:26.

Shough was then selected by Nahshon Wright, who created a 2-yard touchdown run by Jefferson with the remaining 12:38. Gebbia’s two-point lead gave Beavers a three-point lead.

Schuff responded with a 23-yard run by Hunter Kampmeier to convert third and 7 before Cyrus Habibi-Likio’s 1-yard run brought the Ducks 38-34.

The Beavers were within 24-19 after an 8-yard pass from Gebbia to Zeriah Beason, but the two-point conversion attempt failed.

Oregon unfolded a series of pieces and Shough completed the fast 74-yard drive with a 4-yard pass to Kampmoyer to make the score 31-19 with 6:43 left in the third quarter.

The Ducks led 24-13 in the intermission, while Schuff made 13 of 18 passes for 202 yards, including a 60-yard pass to Devon Williams.

In the game’s first drive, CJ Verdell moved the chains to third-and-11 with a 14-yard screen pass. Jaylan Red refused to cope and turned down the side line for a 37-yard run to find the result.

Jefferson, who had 75 yards in the first game of Oregon’s victory over California last week, tied the score with 82 yards missed in the visitors’ sideline.

Oregon responded with 11 games, a 93-yard device limited by a 1-yard touchdown run by Shough to make the score 14-7.

Jefferson finished the first quarter with 134 yards in six runs, but was held up to 15 yards in five runs in the second quarter.

Beavers’ promising drive was stopped in the red zone after a fight for a loss by Noah Sewell and a diversion from a pass from Caivon Thibodeau.

After holding Oregon to a field goal, Shough contacted Williams for a long second-and-21 touchdown to give Oregon a 21-10 lead.

Everett Hayes’ 48-yard goal made it a one-man game, but the walk of Henry Kuttleman, who beat Camden Lewis in practice this week for tidying duties, was a 33-yard attempt with 46 left in the first half.

Oregon is set to play California next Saturday at Berkeley. The Bears fell 0-3 with a 24-23 loss to rival Stanford on Friday.

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