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Our new myths of Tesla

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Posted on June 23, 2019 |
Vijay Govindan

Vijay Govindan Vijay Govindan Vijay Govindan

Vijay Govindan

Busters & FAQ page. I sent a Twitter call to "collect a full campaign to break myths" and the people replied. We just want to make a record of Tesla's various myths. Thanks to the Tesla community, who listened to my appeal, this first project was done in just four days, which is amazing and wonderful when you think about it.

I can not promise how quickly we'll update the page because there are many myths and questions. They range from "Can you take Tesla in a car wash?" Some very serious ones that will take time to spill. This is a group of volunteers who listened to the call and did a great job. We will do our best to stay on top of this and update it.

Spread the word for disintegration of social media myths using #WeChoesTesla as a hash! If you feel excited, think #TeslaSmackdown . If you feel nothing but your love for Tesla, we also apologize #TeslaLove . And there is always #uttsinseats [19659909] (thanks, Zack and Jesse ) and #CleanEnergyWillWin (courtesy Maye Musk ). This is still the best way.

Two Questions:

  • What myths are not often listed when you talk about your Tesla?
  • Are there any links we can add that reinforce the case for any mythical answer

The goal here is not to beat other media or bad actors. It is about empowering the Tesla community to minimize and eliminate the impact of these widespread myths with easy-to-remember stories.

Below is our current response to Tesla's myths and frequently asked questions. For future reference (if you want to share it with a friend, a colleague or a family member), please mark this page: cleantechnica.com/tesla-myths-faq/

Dear supporters of Tesla, [19659029] The vision of this document is to provide a common voice to counteract Tesla's outrageous myths and legends. Every revision will become more polished, deep and organized over time.

The number of Tesla's myths circulating and how often some of them are being pushed can become mental. We hope you will not be numb and will respond to misleading and totally false statements to help the public.

We encourage you to identify more Tesla myths and help you write answers to them. We also invite you to sharpen / improve the answers below.

We invite you to use #WeChooseTesla when discussing Tesla's myths in social media. A heartfelt gratitude to Tesla's cheerful group of mythological fans who made it possible and who will improve it over time!

Lauren Row (@ LaurenRow5) The World of Elon (@ElonsWorld) ] and Janet Aisbet .

Contents below are posted on this permanent link: cleantechnica.com/tesla-myths-faq/

Context, Audience, and Purposes

Simply put, there are two types of myths:

  1. A Bad Myth ] – false and misleading information that deliberately spreads to disinform
  2. Non-militarized myths – False information disseminated by those who believe that false information is true.

The first (malicious) group is probably small in number, but includes a great deal of financial interest. However, it is important to understand that there are significant distributors of myths (influential) in both groups and the latter can be reached and their misconceptions corrected.

It should be noted that while the financial interests of the first group are there, none convincing will not change their behavior. What might have a chance to stop them is to ensure that their efforts to push Tesla's myths are ineffective. This means counteracting and neutralizing their efforts. (So ​​yes, this is where you come in.)

The second group's education is a more encouraging proposition. Many in this group are simply disinformed, which means that accurate information can help their opinions. Others may have stronger beliefs, which means it can take them a lot more time to jump over to the mythical side of non-Tesla.

In all this we want to focus on the facts (especially since so many of myth Tesla spreads lies). People are prepared to appreciate and listen to stories, and stories really help people to highlight and trust the source. He said another way: Stories are powerful. [196590059] Our goals are:

  1. To inform and influence the second group (those who have been misled, uninformed, or simply have no information or context we have).
  2. The effort to help neutral media use this information to provide a more accurate idea of ​​Tesla.
  3. They empower Tesla's supporters everywhere with the information and evidence needed to help us in this endeavor.

Tesla will be with us for a long time

Tesla will be with us for a long time

Tesla's Tesla's Tesla's Tesla's Tesla's Tesla

" is something. People announce that Tesla will soon go bankrupt every month, quarter, and year for the past 11 years. Like a cat with an endless life, Tesla says: " No !" Tesla has a duty to pay with time. Around $ 2 billion is due soon, but if Tesla works well, he will be able to repay these debts himself without additional funding. Recently, Tesla took $ 2.7 billion from the financial markets. Two very unlikely things have to happen to bankrupt Tesla: No creditor around the world is willing to pay Tesla's loan at any rate of reimbursement, and Elon Musk somehow loses all 20 billion. The dollar either does not want to help Tesla. Recent increases in capital suggest that it is unlikely to happen.

Top: The Joke of the Day of Elon, April 2018 Other links on these topics:

] Tesla is the leading car in EV scale and technology

Myth Tesla: Tesla's killer comes

The whole idea of ​​a Tesla killer is a little absurd. Anyone who buys an electric car kills the internal combustion engine rather than Tesla. The only thing other car makers can do one day is to sneak potential new customers from Tesla, but for now the greater awareness and sales of EV will lead to greater awareness and sales to Tesla. At best, with the overpowering electric vehicles, the other carmakers are preventing Tesla from killing them by keeping customers instead of losing them to Tesla.

In the next 5 years, carmakers can finally start selling compelling EMUs. , but they still have a long way to catch Tesla in a technological sense. A car maker could defeat Tesla in one or two metrics, such as loading speed or monitor size inside the car, but Tesla's vehicles currently have an ecosystem of advantages – faster charging, a larger charging network , better software, – air renewal, cheaper battery, faster acceleration, better autonomic driving technology, better safety, mass production of large-scale EVs and more.



Vehicle manufacturers have adhered to their old technological investments

Myths Tesla: The Big Coming

manufacturers are huge companies that have been moving in one direction for decades. Making such huge companies change their core business, the vehicles with internal combustion engines, to new, electric vehicles, is very difficult – both bureaucratic and technological. Anyone who has invested in something usually likes to squeeze whatever they can from this investment. This is why big car manufacturers are moving into creeping electric cars. Moreover, it means they will probably arrive just before or after bankruptcy.

Large automakers have an advantage over Tesla – they have large factories around the world. What they do not have is a lot of EV or related technology or experience. Instead, they have factories, IPs and entire subsidiaries or corporate departments dedicated to gas and diesel engines. They do not have much trained and trained in electrical technology. Instead, many top managers and managers have experience in engines and all supporting parts of a gas / diesel car. This problem extends from research and development to factory workers. Even if they want to switch to electric cars with all their hearts, the means for doing so are to a very small extent.

Tesla has the first fully foreign factory in China

Myth Tesla: Tesla lags behind China

It is an honor that bigger car companies like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, GM and Ford are not happy. In addition, the Chinese government provided Tesla with low-interest loans and 99-year leasing for Tesla's Gigafactory 3, and Elon Musk was offered permanent residence. This factory will produce cheaper model 3 and Y models for the Chinese market. The exterior of the plant rose to a record six months. Every "expert" said it would take years, and several say Tesla would never finish it (see myth # 1 above if you missed it).

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Tesla has accelerated the adoption of sustainable energy and transport

Myths Tesla: Tesla has had a minimal impact on moving the world to electric vehicles and sustainable energy

VW, Porsche, GM and elsewhere have Tesla acknowledged that there is demand for high-performance electric vehicles.

"First, Tesla proved that there is a significant demand for cars that combine sustainability with performance and design. Last year, Model 3 surpassed any other premium sedan in the US. We know that US consumers are adopting new technologies, especially if they are re-branding. And once technology captures, consumers respond well to the expanded choice as competitors enter the field. Just look at how many SUVs you can buy today or the distribution of smartphones since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, "said Klaus Zelmer, CEO of Porsche.

Tesla (mostly through its subsidiary SolarCity) is also one of the world's largest roof solar installers, both historically (# 1) and now (# 3).


Tesla is a net producer of renewable energy

Myth Tesla: Tesla consumes more energy than it produces

From Tesla's latest report produces more energy than they consume Tesla cars. Not even close.

Electric vehicles produce shorter lifetime CO2 from gas vehicles

Myths Tesla: Fossil fuel cars produce less CO2 throughout their lives than electric vehicles

One study after another shows that electric vehicles generate more CO2 in production (due to batteries), but they also compensate for this with zero CO2 emissions in the exhaust pipe and a much more efficient drive mechanism. Because of the mechanical simplicity of electric vehicles, they can last much longer than gas-powered vehicles. Every electric vehicle on the road replaces several gas-fueled vehicles. Tesla strives for batteries and vehicles that can withstand 1,000,000 miles. as an environmental point of view. Tesla has already begun to recycle batteries and intends to recycle 100% of the batteries as closely as possible

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Tesla regularly proves that Wall St. and Tesla are short shorts

Myth of Tesla: The shorts of Wall and Tesla are all-knowing when it comes to Tesla

Most Wall Street analysts and Tesla shorts are regularly and painfully wrong when it comes to Tesla's revenue and growth in supplies. Their Twitter feeds and media interviews serve as enough feed for how consistently they are wrong about Tesla's issues, big and small. There are several who make clever statements. Overall, however, trust them in danger. [196590070] Related Links:

Tesla has more demand than offering for Model 3

Tesla: The Model 3 market is far from what the bulls believe it is

The large number of pre-orders (~ 400,000 pre-orders) for Model 3 demonstrates an unprecedented increase in car demand. Critics and short sellers want you to believe that these pre-orders represent the entire demand for Model 3 and, once satisfied, demand will collapse. What they seem to miss is that a car with such initial interest is probably so compelling that many new customers will find out about it over time and will want it. In fact, Tesla pointed out that ~ 90% of sales of a new model 3 are not from booking owners, and these are quarters after some critics think Tesla has exhausted the car's demand.

When you want to buy a car, you usually do some research, see what excites you, go to the dealer and get more information, select the few cars you like the most to test the driver, weigh your options and then – finally select one. In the case of Model 3, given that ~ 400,000 people have gone through this process and ordered a car 2 to 3 years ago, that means it's a very competitive car. Countless reviews show that expectations are exceeded. Tesla are amazing vehicles and when new customers get their cars, their friends, colleagues and neighbors can experience Model 3. Many of these people may have no interest in the car in advance or have not even heard of it. Past experience has shown us that organic mouth-to-mouth organic marketing has led to a long search for model 3.


Tesla's common myths about Tesla's products

Model 3 sports near 20% gross profit margin

Myth Tesla: Model 3 is not (or is low) Gross Profit Margin

Tesla has a highly vertically integrated manufacturing process. Most suppliers do not deliver the quality or price Tesla wants, so the company makes most of its supplies by itself. Expert analysts have found that Tesla's Model 3 electronics are even up to or above military standards, and the only other place where you can find such advanced technology is the F35. Thus, when people try to calculate Model 3's production costs by using the high prices of other suppliers (for example, rarely military electronics), they get a very inaccurate and low profit margin. В момента Модел 3 е с приблизително 20% брутен марж на печалбата.

Свързани връзки:

Tesla Autopilot е най-модерната технология за подпомагане на водача на пазара

Мит на Тесла: Автопилотът на Тесла никога няма да работи

Tesla Autopilot вече работи. Това не ви отвежда автоматично от точка А до точка Б, като избирате дестинация на монитора, все още не. Това вече ще ви накара да излезете от състезанието в офроум, макар че нещо, което не може да се използва от друга технология за подпомагане на шофьора в производствената кола.

През 2019 г. Tesla ще обнови заместващия се компютърен модул във всички Teslas, които са платили за "Full Self Driving". Този ъпгрейд ще направи компютъра поне 100 пъти по-мощен от предишния. Това достатъчно ли е? Много експерти смятат, че е.

Tesla вече открива, че водачите, използващи Autopilot, са много по-малко вероятно от нормалните шофьори да влязат в произшествия.

Tesla Myth: Tesla Autopilot е зад всички останали

Докладите, според които Тесла стои зад всички, е доста голяма загадка. Известно е, че те искаха вътрешен поглед върху технологията на всеки и Tesla не се задължава, което е основната причина, поради която са постигнали толкова ниска оценка. Въпреки това, ако погледнете ситуацията със здрав разум, ще видите, че Apple има само няколко прототипа на автономна система, която се движи наоколо и въпреки това все още изглежда, че по някакъв начин удря Тесла, компания, която има стотици хиляди коли на пътят, който тества технологията с всяка миля, която те карат.


Качеството на Tesla съвпада или надхвърля конкурентите

Мит Тесла: Тесла има по-ниско качество в сравнение с конкурентите

Посоченият критик на Тесла Боб Лутц погледна към червен Модел 3 в Мичиган. Беше изумен от качеството на боята и смяташе, че пропуските на панелите са „световна класа“. Ако това не е достатъчно, какво прави? Във всеки случай, много други прегледи на Модел 3 на Тесла са показали по същество едно и също нещо.

Свързани връзки:

Батерията на Южна Австралия е огромен успех и създаде огромно бъдещо търсене на технологията

Мит Тесла: Тесла не е печелел пари от батерийната система в Южна Австралия

Зависи от това как го гледате. Тесла не е реализирал печалба от сделката, не. Най-простият вид транзакция е, че плащате пари, получавате продукт в замяна, а продавачът печели. Но за какво плащате? В други случаи продавачът може да не печели, но може да използва продажбата като реклама за бъдещи продажби и печалби. Батерията на Южна Австралия потвърди технологията, която Tesla предлага и създаде много по-органична реклама, отколкото компанията можеше да си позволи. Това е почти като безплатни мостри в хранителни магазини, но в този случай Тесла не е загубил нищо – не е спечелил пари от сделката, но е придобил нещо много ценно.

Свързани връзки:

Tesla Powerpack е много повече от просто добавяне на батерии

Мит на Тесла: Батерията на Южна Австралия използва батерии на Samsung

Проектът на Южна Австралия Tesla Powerpack е много напреднала система за управление на мрежата, която използва литиево-йонни батерии като средство за съхранение. Технологията е направена чрез собствена технология на Tesla, а литиево-йонните батерии са направени от Tesla, използвайки акумулаторни клетки на Samsung.

В зависимост от това как изглеждате, всички клетки на батериите в колите, които Tesla прави, са от Panasonic , Tesla има изключителна сделка с Panasonic за всички автомобилни акумулаторни клетки и помогна за проектирането на клетките, но те се произвеждат от Panasonic. Тъй като това не е автомобилна акумулаторна батерия, използвана в Powerpack, Gigafactory 1 не се движеше до необходимия за този мащабен проект в Южна Австралия, така че Tesla използваше акумулаторни клетки от Samsung, друг най-голям производител.

Всички производители на автомобили превключване между производителите на батерии – като LG Chem, Samsung SDI, CATL и SK Innovation. Това е почти като игра на пинбол. Ако не друго, това дава висока оценка на гъвкавостта и способността на Тесла да доставят без значение какво

Свързани връзки:

Tesla има най-голямата супер-бързо зареждаща мрежа в света, която все още се разраства, както и огромна мрежа от целеви зарядни устройства. Водачите на Tesla могат да използват и други точки за зареждане и обикновени електрически контакти.

Мит на Тесла: Няма достатъчно точки за зареждане

Достатъчни ли са точките за таксуване? Всеки паркинг метър няма да има свое собствено зарядно устройство – не сега, вероятно никога. Това е така, защото наистина не се нуждаете от толкова много точки за таксуване. Много хора могат да зареждат колите си вкъщи или на работа всеки ден. Когато правите пътувания на дълги разстояния, има повече от достатъчно нагнетатели на пътя. Хората, живеещи в апартаменти, в многоетажни сгради, където няма собствен гараж или място за паркиране, може да се нуждаят от повече точки за зареждане, но могат също така да използват зарядни устройства за дестинации в магазини, паркове, молове, общински сгради, плажове и др. Повече решения за жилищни сгради също се развиват.

Моделът Tesla 3 има невероятно ниска „Обща цена на собствеността“

Мит Тесла: Тесла са много скъпи, по-скъпи от колегите от изкопаеми горива

Ниската цена на притежаването на Тесла – поради по-евтиното „гориво“ (електроенергия срещу бензин), по-евтина поддръжка, и по-високи стойности при препродажба – позволява на Tesla да се конкурира с много по-евтини превозни средства, които всъщност са много по-ниски от модела на Tesla 3.




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