Jedi Pinkett Smith's "Talking on the Red Table" redefines the way celebrities tell their stories.
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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith open about the time they feared for their son's health.

The Smith family convened to have an honest discussion about food in the latest episode of Red Table Talk Monday. During the discussion, the couple recalled that their 21-year-old son's vegan diet made them worry about his health.

"Will and I did a little intervention with Jaden because he's already vegan, but we realized that he wasn't going to get enough protein," Pinkett Smith said. "So he was wasting."

According to Pinkett Smith.

"He just looks exhausted," she said. "He was just exhausted. He didn't get enough nutrients. "

Will Smith remembered that his son's eating habits had taken his state of health, recalling that Jaden had" dark circles under his eyes "and" even a little grayness "

" We were really nervous but now you definitely look better, "he added.

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Juden said that he made some adjustments to his diet. "

" I tried to eat vegan food, "he said." I'll go vegan to eat a week or more, but for the last year I've been vegetarian. "

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he also recalled that he rarely ate three meals a day.

"I just ate, for example, two meals a day, you know. And maybe one," he said. Oh, you know, I didn't go around it. " "

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