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oxygen is created and used on Mars and they don't know why

NASA acknowledged that it was "struggling to explain" why oxygen was generated and then consumed it on Mars. The US Space Agency has been left scratching its collective heads ever since.

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The reason is that NASA's own Curiosity Rover, which freezes the Red Planet, has brought back some interesting data back to our Pale Blue Point, showing that it has been registered increased methane levels, and NASA can't explain why. Tests have been completed and completed to test why these levels are so high, but NASA doesn't know why.

NASA's curiosity rover "breathes" in Mars air, analyzes it, and tells NASA what kinds of gases are detected. But something interesting has been found ̵

1; here on Earth the background levels of certain gases will increase and decrease as the seasons change and something similar happens to Mars.

Mars air is predominantly carbon dioxide with 95% of gas Curiosity breathes during its tests as CO2, with the remaining 5% being a mixture of arsenic, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and oxygen. NASA has drawn these gases over a 12-month period, with scientists noting some anomalies in the amount of oxygen compared to other gases on Mars.

NASA explained: " In this environment, scientists discovered that nitrogen and argon follow a predictable seasonal pattern, waxing, and decreasing concentrations in Galle Crater throughout the year, depending on how much CO2 is in the air. They expected oxygen to do the same. But it didn't happen. Instead, the amount of gas in the air rises by as much as 30% in the spring and summer, and then drops to levels predicted by the known chemistry in the fall . "

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