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“Paradise and the Last Dragon” opens to $ 8 million as the photo hits Disney + and New York opens – deadline

Saturday AM Update: Even with three new broadcasts at the box office this weekend and finally the opening of New York, the numbers are still not at pre-pandemic levels, but there is a lot of drama.

Let’s start with Disney + Theater Day and Disney + release date Heaven and the last dragon which seems to be leading the weekend with a studio $ 2.5 million Friday and the weekend forecast in the industry for $ 8.3 million at 2045 theaters. These figures are just under $ 3 million on Friday and $ 9 million – $ 10 million we’ve heard about, and are definitely less than $ 14.1 million, released to Warner Bros. by the same day of HBO Max on Tom and Jerry posted last weekend. ParadiseThe opening weekend is also less than Croods: A new erais a 3-day opening of his Thanksgiving section, which publishes $ 9.7M. And that̵

7;s definitely because Disney didn’t make a deal with No. 3 Cinemark, as we first told you (thus losing about 250 reservations), Harkins and Canadian Cineplex. Even in open New York, Paradise is not the type of movie that will gather in the city, as a Marvel movie would say.

Cinemark will not play Disney’s “Paradise and the Last Dragon”: That’s why


Although these figures are included Paradise not as stable (for the pandemic) as we saw yesterday, the publication raises a lot of fear for competing distributors and for exposure; especially after recent remarks by Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Monday at a virtual investment conference hosted by Morgan Stanley, in which he said things like “The consumer is probably more impatient than ever” and that, given the pandemic, brought a number of films home , he is not sure “there is a way back” to the way the business was done before. Although Chapek said, “We certainly don’t want to do something like cutting off the legs of a theater show,” many are concerned that it’s all a Disney code that goes on with their theatrical day and Disney + model date; and this black Widow can emulate the same propagation path as Paradise on May 7. Keep in mind that even if Los Angeles is open by then and audience capacity constraints ease, Disney still needs the rest of the world to move forward. black Widow and make the $ 1 billion box office movie that everyone wants to see, it’s the title to remain a pure theatrical release.

What scares many Paradise is that Disney manages to keep 100% of everything they do from buying Disney + PVOD for $ 30 Paradise. Disney does not have to share this PVOD revenue with an exhibitor. That was explained to me ParadiseThe $ 30 price point for Disney + is roughly equivalent to the rent that Disney will receive from five or six movie tickets. Come on. Until I heard that Warner Bros. is a partner of the show and made a deal on the terms of their HBO Max titles from the same day, Disney did not give up.

I was told that Disney’s terms for Paradise were a two-week minimum play with a scale that starts at 50% rental if the film eventually wins between $ 0 and $ 37.5 million, and then 51% if the gross domestic finale is between $ 37.5 million and $ 50 million. Although these conditions are not rigid in the ordinary market, we are still in a pandemic and people are still not flocking to the cinema in large numbers, plus cinemas have to compete with the whole Disney + PVOD of everything. How fair is this for an exhibition?

black Widow
Marvel Studios

Let’s see what happens to Black Widow, and if Disney emulates a Paradise a theatrical Disney + distribution model for this title. I would like to give Chapek the benefit of doubt. Even during Disney Investors Day, he made it clear that a stable Disney + program would not be possible without the power of the big screen and the franchises he created. He is also the man who smashed the window of the theatrical DVD, starting with Alice in Wonderland as early as 2010; and the studio still moved away with $ 1.025 billion gross gross for this film. Then Disney didn’t burn down the house to keep warm, and I still don’t think they will. The studio is currently saying that black Widow continues to theatrical on May 7, and the exhibition has not heard otherwise, they are just very suspicious, as there were no trailers for the Marvel movie Paradise this past weekend, only those for the May 28th Disney Theater Cruel.

From the point of view of the box office optics, it can be said that Disney left money on the table Paradise from the boxes of Cinemark and the Canadian Cineplex. Why would you do that with a movie like that Paradise who has A CinemaScore, is 95% certified fresh for Rotten Tomatoes and fantastic PostTrak posts of 93% with a recommendation of 80% of the total crowd?

Only Disney knows the answer to that question. As for the potential reporting of Disney + Paradise PVOD data, no news, which is good news. For something bigger, it would discard the movie distribution model from its axis.


Up for Don Hall and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, Paradise attracted a large 57% female crowd, with one third of those buying tickets under the age of 17. The distribution of diversity is 37% white, 22% black, 21% Asian, and 20% Spaniard. Raya played best in Salt Lake City, I hear, but there were very good numbers for the pandemic in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Houston, Seattle, Phoenix; the list goes on.

Alerts do not read numbers Tom and Jerry today, but we hear that he headed to slot number 2 in his second weekend in 2563 places (+88) with a forecast industry on Friday of $ 1.6 million, -60% from a week ago and 3-day $ 6.75 million, -52% for a ten-day total of $ 23.1 million. There was chatter between the rivals, who were heading for the weekend Tom and Jerry can steal number 1 from Paradise given how this movie didn’t have Cinemark. That doesn’t seem to be the case, and the second weekend drop in these theatrical HBO Max titles is steeper than expected. I remember Wonder Woman 1984 fell by 67% on weekend 2 and it was on New Year’s weekends, usually a big time for a movie.

“Walk with chaos”
Murray Close

Lionsgate’s much-delayed gambling is $ 100M YA Chaos walking starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland is poised to lose money just like any major broadcaster coming out during the pandemic, where 50% of all 5.8,000 American and Canadian theaters are still closed. The industry forecasts show the film with a $ 1.3 million Friday and 3 days on $ 3.7M. Diagnosis of the film with B CinemaScore, terrible reviews at 24% Rotten and PostTrak of 67% and a recommendation of 41% show that the film will never come together even in a healthy market, so the studio decided to go and not hold this feature anymore . The first weekend of the photo is in line with what the box office sources predicted over the weekend. The sci-fi feature, directed by Doug Lyman, attracted 54% of boys, 65% over 25, and the 25-34 demonstration represented 30% of ticket buyers. The breakdown of diversity is 56% white, 20% Spanish, 15% black and 11% Asian. The most popular markets were New York, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Denver.

Courtesy of Nicole Rivelli / Focus Features

In fourth place is Eddie Huang’s film Focus Features Boogie which he did $ 430,000 at 1252 places yesterday on a 3-day trip $ 1.26 million. Pic gets C + CinemaScore. The Rotten Tomatoes score was low at 44%, and PostTrak OK with 70% and 55% recommended. Boys bought tickets at 53% with over 60% between 18-34, and the 18-24 demonstration repeated over 40%. The variety is 44% black, 20% Spanish, 18% Asian and 18% white. Boogie was the best on the East Coast with New York, Philly, Boston, Chicago and Miami among the leading markets.

Universal / DreamWorks Animation Croods: A new era over the weekend 15 marked in 1,604 places won a $ 200K Friday, -28%, and 3-day $ 890,000, -29% for a current amount of $ 53.7M.

In general, how does New York handle the coffers?

Fandango did not release results this weekend for audience sales, and Comscore may have more information on the five areas after the weekend is over. Sources tell us that 49 theaters in New York are active this weekend out of a total of 133. Eighty-four theaters in the five neighborhoods remain inactive, 24 of which are Regal.

The total cash weekend last weekend is estimated at a total of $ 25.1 million, + 14% from a week ago. This is probably a combination of wider theatrical editions and New York back in business, but it could be more if Paradise it was a pure theatrical edition.

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