Paris Hilton says she “finally feels free”

; after talking about abuses she received at a boarding school in Utah as a teenager. Hilton reveals about the experience in a new documentary “This is Paris”, which debuted for free on September 14 on Hilton’s YouTube channel. (September 12)

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Paris Hilton talks about cases in which she felt abused in the media.

During an episode of her Monday podcast, “This is Paris,” Hilton revealed that she became “very emotional” while watching Hulu’s documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which calls into question the media’s attitude toward Spears and other women.

Hilton said she could relate to Spears’ struggles and described a 2007 interview with David Letterman in which he believed the comedian had tried to humiliate her.

According to Hilton, Letterman’s public relations team contacted her several times for an interview, but she kept saying no. Finally, when Hilton smelled, she agreed to continue his program late into the night, as long as he promised not to keep her in jail.

“I felt it was a safe place because I had been at Letterman for so many years and he would always have fun with me and joke,” said Hilton, who was sentenced to 45 days in prison in 2007 for violating probation in case of reckless driving related to alcohol.

Soon after Hilton took the stage, however, Letterman broke his word by scolding her for what food he ate in prison and whom he met behind bars. At one point, Hilton told him, “I went on with my life, so I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.”

“There shouldn’t have been a single question, and then he just kept pushing and pushing me and I just felt so uncomfortable and so upset,” she continued. “It was as if he was deliberately trying to humiliate me.”

Hilton said she asked Letterman to cancel the topic during trade holidays, but he did not back down.

“It was just very cruel and very mean,” she said. “When it was over, I just looked at it and said, ‘I’m never going to be on this show again.’ You have crossed the border. ” I didn’t turn him down because I’m not that type of person, but I was angry. “

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According to Hilton, Letterman would have found it harder to get away with this interview if it had happened today.

“There is no way this can happen today,” she said. “It’s such a different world now.”

Hilton added that he eventually returned to Letterman’s show after he apologized profusely. She said their next interview was “so much the better”.

“He knew not to do that anymore,” she said. “I think he was feeling bad.”

During the podcast, Hilton also reacted to what she called an “disgusting” NSFW joke that Sarah Silverman cracked for her time behind bars on the stage of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

Paris Hilton testified for abuse, she says she suffered at a boarding school in Utah

“To sit in the audience with her was just publicly humiliating me because I was so angry, so cruel, I was sitting there and I wanted to die,” said Hilton, who was in the audience that night. “I tried so hard to hold back my tears. There were tears in my eyes. I literally wanted to run away from the whole room, but I was trying to be strong.”

She continued: “It was so painful, especially what I went through in my life, then it was really hard for someone to be so angry about it.”

According to Hilton, she has not spoken to Silverman since.

“We all survived”: Paris Hilton claims that in the new documentary widespread abuse in her former school

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