SportsPulse: Tom Brady made the right payment. Leaving New England and joining Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay, he managed to take the Pikaners to their first Super Bowl in 1

8 years.


Kansas City bosses knew the NFL had its numbers throughout the season. They did not blink.

The bosses used a stellar coach and solid talent to meet almost any challenge and created a second consecutive Super Bowl room.

Star quarterback Patrick Maomes released a spectacular performance at the AFC Championship just a week after entering the NFL turmoil protocol. He cleared the record on Friday and returned to lead his team to a decisive 38-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday night.

The bosses will face Tom Brady and the picks in Tampa for Super Bowl 55 on February 7. The Beeks defeated Green Bay at Lambo Field 31-26 in the NFC Championship and will become the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

The bosses will strive to become the first team to defend their Super Bowl title after Brady and the Patriots after the 2003 and 2004 seasons. And they will have to beat Brady, who reached his 10th Super Bowl in 20 seasons to do so.

“The job is not done,” Mohammes said. “We’re going to Tampa.” We will try to let him back. “

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The AFC Championship, for most of the night, was not close.

The same Chiefs team, which had won its previous eight games with an average of four points, fell into a 9-0 hole after second-year successor Mekole Hardman stifled a punt in the first quarter. Buffalo recovered at the 3-yard line and immediately scored a touchdown in the next game. But by halftime, the deficit – and Hardman’s blunder – were just memories. The bosses scored 21 unanswered points, and Hardman went up to make the first landing in Kansas City with a huge 50-yard sweep.

Perhaps a four-game, 75-yard touchdown device summed up the bosses’ best day. Mohammes was fired without a loss, then nailed Hill on a sloping route just as he won the first. Hill didn’t stop there. He squealed and squealed, breaking battles and dodging defenders at a top speed of 20.76 miles per hour, according to NextGen statistics.

When the defenders finally managed to get him out of bounds, Hill had moved the chains 71 yards to 3. Three clicks later, Kielce would pass a Mahomes shovel for a 1-yard touchdown.

The Hill-Kelce duo overcame the Buffalo defenders, Hill escaped 172 yards on nine catches, while Kelce had 118 yards and two touchdowns in a record 13-catch match. The method – low shovel, high attic, each to the end zone – was less important than the player, Kielce seemed unstoppable, as the chiefs published their game with the most points after three months. A week after the victory over the Browns, Hill and Kielce became the first teammates in history after the season to publish several games of 100 yards each, according to CBS.

On the other hand, the Beals could not find a rhythm. Star receiver Stephen Diggs fought hard until it was too late. Allen’s hand was strong at times, inconsistent with the others. Bills’ healthy quarterback took advantage of his confusing insight by flying 88 yards in seven games. But the bills could not support drives, converting only 5 of the 14 implementations from the third down and twice contenting themselves with field targets in the red zone.

This may work against some, but not against the Mahomes, whose bosses enter the red zone five times and exit with five touchdowns.

Mahomes, who said Friday that there were no additional symptoms of the concussion, nor did doctors expect long-term problems, finished effectively 29-out of 38 for 325 yards and three touchdowns and no set-off.

“We brought the Lamar Hunt Trophy back to Kansas City and now we have to go get the big one, darling,” said head coach Andy Reed. “Let’s bring the gold home.”

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