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Patriots vs. Patriots Chiefs final result, takeaways: Brady, Belichick defeats Mahomes in classic overtime

In the battle between the old and the new, the experience in comparison with youth, the past and the future, the patriots against the superiors, the old reliable win.

With over 37-31 victory over Patrick Mahomes and the bosses, Tom Brady, Bill Belichik and the Patriots – the biggest superpower AFC once knew – are returning to Super Bowl for the third consecutive season, where they will be looking for their third championship after five years. You can play the game right here, at CBSSports.com

King is not over yet. Even in the so-called season, the Patriots are the best that AFC has to offer. And only a fool would bet against them in Super Bowl, where they will face Rams, another young team who threatens to stifle the Patriots over NFL.

They simply have survived undoubtedly the most difficult test of their management. The boss pushed the patriots on the edge, but the patriots found a way to overcome their strongest usurper. After a relaxed, methodical (design from the point of view of the patriots) first half, the game woke up in the second half. Only half of the points were scored before, all of the patriots. After half time, 54 points were scored.

But the first half was important. This was important because when the patriots built a lead with 1

4 points, the pillow against the unstoppable machine known as Mahomes. They needed every point to keep Mahomes at last. That's what made them work extraordinary.

To win earlier than the high-ranking chief, the patriots returned the clock back. While the rest of the league – with the bosses headed by the revolution – has taken exotic attacks that have moved NFL into an era at the top of football. Rob Gronkovski, the most blasting end in the history of NFL, turns into a blocker and Brady in hand, a checkpoint and a third pass. Their attack method worked. The patriots came up with a perfect game plan and performed it just as perfectly. They played away from the heavy-boss bosses – mostly with the rookie Sony Michel, who ran for 113 yards and two touchdowns – which clocked the clock, tossed the ball with James White (49 receiving yards), switched key third pauses (13 out of 19) and they released another clock (43:59 to 20:53 in possession time).

They started the game with a 15-play, 80-yard touchdown that took more than half of the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter, the patriots surpassed the heads from 119 to minus-11. They finished the first half with eight-game, 90-yard drive, reaching the final zone and leaving no time for the bosses to score all their points. At half time, the patriots led 14-0, gaining an advantage of 245 to 32 meters in yards and a 12 minute advantage at the time of possession. Mahomet was unpleasant 4 out of 8 for 65 yards and one missed touchdown. The bosses had a total of 16 plays. The Patriots took 16 first falls.

The game unfolded exactly as Belichik had predicted. He had drawn up the ideal plan. And his players perform it perfectly.

But it does not matter how good a coach or game plan is, because at some point Mahomes will break through. There is a delay, but there is no way to stop it. Of course he came out shooting in the second half.

In the first series of the boss of the third quarter they collided with an early third and two of their own line of 34 yards. Two games later, Chiefs broke through the final zone as Mahomes went deep to Sammy Watkins for a 54-yard win and hit Travis Kelce in the middle of a 12-inch touchdown. The patriots, however, continue to bother him in his pocket and add a goal to the pitch to take another two points. At the head of the fourth quarter, the Patriots led 17-7, but Mahomes was in the process of mounting dangerous driving in a way that only Mahomes was able to pull. Driving ended with Mahomes, who brought the bosses up to three points in Machomess's record-breaking fashion: out of the pocket with a precise laser that brought Damien Williams away from the last line and kept him in line. With the remaining 14:51, the patriots led only 17-14. The teams exchanged stops. And then it happened. The moment of controversy that seemingly marching every playoff game. By trying to hit the counterattack, Julian Edelman let the ball cover the ball over the keeper. The heads recovered the muffled pulse, but followed an automatic look. Edelman said he never touched the ball.

You're the judge. This is almost impossible to say.

Officials canceled the invitation to the pitch despite the lack of available evidence. But that did not matter. Later two plays, Brady pointed Edelman to the middle. This time the ball definitely deflected Edelman's hands. Daniel Sorensen took it. In the end, the rulers slipped deep into the patriots.

And they had a four-point lead, thanks to the perfect screen by Andy Reed, who for all his mistakes in managing the late-watch watch remains the best player and offensive. If it was not Belichik, he would probably have had his Super Bowl already.

Now, he just had to keep Brady in a situation where countless teams have succumbed to the past 20 years. Of course, Beards delivered. After spending a lot of time in the game, Brady hit Chris Hogan, who made an unrealistic catch that withstood the challenge of a first key. With 3:50 on the left, the patriots collided with a quarter and inch from the 10 yard line. Brady turned to Michelle. Michelle runs through the gaping hole. Patriots led by three with just over three minutes to go against Mahomes.

The stage was set for Mahomes to start writing his own playoff history. The strike-off attack led the ball to the 40-yard Patriots line. A game later, Jonathan Jones dropped off the end zone. In the next game, Reed made a perfect (and legal) game for Watkins for 38 yards. A game later, the bosses took over again through Williams.

The only problem? They left Brady with too much time.

He quickly took them to the bosses, where the fools chose to give Brady additional chances. With less than a minute, Brady was weaned after crossing Gronk, but Dee Ford got an off-road sign that denied the possibility of being played at the end of the game. In the next game, Gronk escaped, dropped Brady's ball on the 4-yard 25-yard line. Rex Burkhead hit the ball in the final zone with 39 seconds to give the Patriots three points.

Is it possible for Mahomes to inject more magic in 39 seconds? He could. Harrison Butter did not choke. He sent the game to overtime at 31-31.

At that time no one knew it, but throwing the coin would solve the game. Patriots won the throw, won the ball and refused Mahomes to win the game. Brady was confident that Mahomes had never had the chance to touch the ball, leading the patriots of the 13-play, 75-yard walk that ended with Rex Burkhead in close proximity.

The game began with an endless series of patriots, ending with a bruising darkness. The game ends with an endless series of patriots, ending with a jerk.

Patriots return to Super Bowl, where Brady and Belichic will be pursuing their sixth championship against the team (the new city, the same nickname), which historically started against as early as February 2002. This could be the ideal way for them to reserve their dynasty, which is supposed to be (yes?), Ending ever before due to the unfavorable and invincible process of aging.

Patriots gave many points on the road to doubting this season and the bosses certainly spent the full regular season as a new class conference but Sunday was a bright reminder that the winter came, the patriots are almost inevitable. Leaders may have the better of both crimes, they may be more talented, they may have a better quarterback at the moment and may have a brighter long-term perspective, but they are not the Patriots – and I probably will never be. We may not see a dynasty like this once again. For such an awesome and sexy, no matter how unsurpassed this team of bosses, they could not overcome the NFL version of the ultimate boss, the insensitive monster everyone knows is expecting them if they travel deep enough in January but never seem to kill . Chiefs may be the future of the league. But the Patriots have not yet written their story.

They are still the patriots.

Brady is still KOZA

Brady did not do much in the first half. He handed the ball to Michelle. He hit white under the passageways. And he made a deep throw, which was required of him just before half to give Patriots 14-0 lead.

But he was not perfect in the first half. In the second series of the Patriots, when they were on the brink of opening the game with an early 14-0 score, Brady made the mistake he never made in his career. ,

But here's one thing: finally, after Mahomet pushed the bosses out of 14 points to turn the game into a shootout, Brady managed to keep pace with Mahomes. As the Patriots continued to rely on their 176-yard and four touchdowns, Brady made a big hit after the big hit.

During this series of winners in the game, Brady turned three-thirds to the completed levels – 20-yard to Edelman, 15-yard to Edelman, and 15-yard to Gronk.

He finished 30 of 46 for 348 yards, one touchdown, two spades and a 77.1 pass. But no one will remember this performance as its omission. They will remember it in the last minutes against the quarterback, which could endanger its status as the greatest defender of all time.

This is a different time debate. For now, Brady remains a king.

Mahomes overcomes pressure

In this note, do not blame Mahomes for the result.

While he, along with the rest of the crime, was fighting in the first half, Mahomes coped with the pressure from the patriotic front of the game and struggled with the return of an emblematic second half that only had to complement the MVP event. When it was over, he finished 16 out of 31 for 295 yards, three touchdowns, no photos and 117.0 passes. It is not to blame for the chiefs to lose coinage and never touch the ball for overtime.

Most of his most repulsive accents are above. Here is another:

And, of course, it is worth noting that he missed a touchdown in the first half. The fact, however, is that he is still the best defender of the planet at this time. He jumped after the rough first half for the unbelievable second half, which was due to decline in the Kansas City era. He was dealing with pressure all night – not only with the pressure of the moment, but also with the pressure of the seven patriots who fired him four times. None of the losers of the patriots are for him. Unlike Brady, he works without any margin for mistakes. The defense of the superiors is terrible. He can not afford to make mistakes because his defense is usually not enough to save him. Brady can make mistakes. He is assisted by the greatest coach of all time in Belichik.

Mahomes, in his second playoff start, prevailed over Brady. This may not seem much when the sun rises in Kansas City on Monday, but it matters. Imagine how good Mahomes might be a year or two from now. Imagine how irresistible he will be when Brady and Belichic are no longer nearby to figure out ways to overcome his brilliance.

The present still belongs to Brady and Belichik. The next few years may remain. But Mahomes and the superiors still have the brightest long-term future. They will just have to wait a little longer to claim the throne that seems to be theirs – after Brady and Belichic leave for their own terms.

What's next?

After two weeks, the patriots will face the Super Bowl LIII sheep you can hand over here at CBSSports.com. Meanwhile, the bosses are heading out of the season, knowing they have to give Mahomes better protection if they ever blow the Death Star and defeat the NFL version of the Galactic Empire.

Feel free to experience the game with our live blog below.

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