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Pelicans from New Orleans are part of the long-standing GM Dell Demps

Pelicans in New Orleans are separated by long-time GM Dell Demps

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WEBVTT >> WELCOME AND WELCOME TO WDSU HOT STREET. TRAVIS MAKEL. Today we have a great panel, and we focus this whole SEAT OF THE SITUATION IF YOU HAVE DAVID GRUB WHERE THE PELICANTS FOR THE CASSEL AND THE SHAMIT DUA COVER. AND SPORT EQUIPMENT WHICH CAN NOT BE FOLLOWING THIS SITUATION. Before we start. Let me put some things that deal with ANTHONY DAVIS. 13 DAYS, ANTONI DAVIS AND THE AGENT THE RECORD OF THE SPORTING COMPOUNDS WHICH SHOULD NEED MARKETING OF THE PELICANTS. They wanted to join dams. AND PELS DOES NOT MOVE HIM. So the star who does not want to be here gets stuck in New Orleans for the season. WILL THE GAMBLING FOR THE PELICANTS BE MAINTAINED? NBA WILL SPEED TO PELS $ 100,000 EVERY GAME THAT DOES NOT WORK, HE WILL HEAL. We'll start with you, Fletcher. DOES NOT CONTINUE USE OR NECESSARY? >> – SIT OUT? FLETCHER: I love what they did. DO NOT WANT TO BE COMPLETED IN A LOVE DEBATE WITH EASTERNS. WAIT TO SUMMER. BUT THESE NBA WOOD ON A NEW ORLEANS SMALL BOTTES AND USES THAT AGAINST THE WALL THAT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, PERFORM THE DIMENSIONS OF ANTONES DAVIS, AS IS ONE OF THE STARS OF THE LEAGUE. He sells tickets to. I think it's the worst situation. I covered four major coaches. This is the happiest thing I think I can remember. THE TRIPLE CONTINUES TO BE PERFORMED OR TO BE ON AN POINT WHY IT CAN KNOW WHAT CAN WE EXCLUDE, WHY CAN YOU RISK HARM AND WANT TO DRAW A NEW ORLEANS? >> I think it is the best interest on the part of the participants to close it. WE HAVE TO CONTINUE THROUGH IMPLEMENTATIONS. But he will realize that this is very uncomfortable. THE TEAM DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE RISKS WHO ARE PEOPLE. So I think it is in the interest of both parties to close HIM DOWN and send it to LA. to CHILL OUT. >> QUESTIONS WITH ANTONS DAVIS. He says I want to play basketball. But you just do not want to play basketball because you have entered the business side of this trading requirement. HOW DOES THIS AND THE NEED FOR THE ANTONI DAVIS AND THE TEACHING TEAM IN KEY SPORT? >> EXPECT LIST OF LAW HE IS EXCLUSIVED TO PLAY IN NEW ORLEANS FOR THE SEASON OF THE SEASON. He has teammates who love him and coaching staff who still talked about Gail Benson. It is not a good condition. But the team shuts down that there is a risk of injury, and now we are dealing with what we saw for the first time – these are Liag's new rules after many stars sitting on the keyboard. NEW ERA. I MUST PLAY ANTONI DAVIS. >> WHAT YOU CAN KNOW, WHAT IT IS BEST TO MY INTRODUCTION LA AND DO NOT RISK HARM? >> I do not think the pelicans will be prematurely eliminated from the playoffs. THIS POLICY SHOULD BE SAFE FOR THESE. AND THE IMPACT MUST NOT BE ACTUALLY AGAIN, WHEN THE PLAYERS ARE USED BY THE FANS. So I think the situation happens at least until the pelicans are officially eliminated. >> MICHAJA JONSON IS SLEEPING NOT HOPE IN THE GOOD FAITH. DO YOU RECEIVE THIS? >> NEVER DO NOT AGREE IN THE GOOD FAITH HERE. And the answer of the Pelicans when doing this request, that monday and the antons, you know, the first press conference says that NEVER is a PRIVATE PROTECTION. THE RABBIT PAVAL CONTAINS THE QUESTION AND RESPONSES TO IT. WHEN YOU USE 10 DAYS BEFORE THE STATE OF TRADE AND KNOW THAT THE PARTNERS ARE LIMITED, USE ORGANIZE THE DEAL. ONE ONE, IS NO PROBLEM THAT MUST BE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT POSITION YOU HAVE IN THE YEAR. But when you try to LEIF and you are also trying to get together in the franchise you are trying to leave, you have a problem. Pelicans have no incentive to negotiate with lakes. >> EXPECTATION FROM THE POSTER'S POINTS THAT PREPARE THROUGH SUMMER. WE HAVE THE MERCHANTS WHO WANT TO CONSIDER. >> WE HAVE THE GENTLEMAN AGREEMENT? >> WE CAN DO. I think they were also negotiating that they were not in the eye to watch. He was around the object, which seemed to be a jump to action. KNOW WHERE COLLECTION. They force pelicans in the corner. >> IF YOU CAN KNOW ABOUT THIS – >> EMP CAN YOU WORK AS THE BEST, CAN YOU? IF THE CONTENT GOES, THIS WORD AND THE WATER, WHO WOULD HAVE THE IMPACT AT ALL TIME? >> EVERYBODY WILL BE CONSIDERED THAT THEY ARE HAPPENED. FROM PEM WE MAY EXPOSE AN APPLICATION THAT IS CONFIRMED TO FULFILL THIS ON YOUR LINE FOR TIME. PELICANTS SHOULD LOST LONG, A SOLID VIEW IN EVERY SINGLE OFFER, AND THE EASTERS WERE NOT HAPPY. THIS MATERIALIZATION. >> I know you have a lot to say about the back and the saddle, the lakes, the pelicans. CONTENT WITH EXISTING JONSON WHO IS NOT ACTUALLY IN GOOD FAITH. TWO YOU DO NOT AGREE IN THE GOOD FAITH? >> THE PELICANTS USE WORDS AS KOULZA AND WORK WITH LEBRON JAMES, SPEAK FOR HIM. ALL WAYS LAKERS AS THE STAR TEAM, BULTIES. PEOPLE SPEAK AND PERFORM IN LANGUAGE AS EXCLUSIVE HAY. BUT THIS NFL, ON THE BEST, IS NOT BETTER OF CABBES. EVERYONE IS IN THE LEVEL OF THE EQUAL TO THOSE WHO MUST BE GIVEN. BUT NBA DOES NOT WORK THAT YOU WANT TO BE IMPROVED BY THE EASTERS AND THE BOOKS AND THE BOOKS THAT USE TO BE BEAUTIFUL. Some of the smaller teams are distorted. KNOW YOURSELF AND Say You WILL NOT BE IN ANY RIGHT PLACE. THE LEAGUE. AND YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND. CORRECT to follow on something that I wanted to WARNING – signs several mini TO WHICH I AM NOT OCCUR THIS STATE OF QUIET AS AND WHEN AND IF YOU RECEIVE THIS Darius inquiry and the possibility of illegality for the future. But it gives the Pelicans the organization and Gail Benson of NAPA IT. This gives them a chance for a clean house. >> HE WILL BE JAMPLY BALL, FROM WHICH FLETCHER RELIES THE RIGHT TO MY MOMENT. ALWAYS LEAVING THE LORD IS LEAVING YOU IN THE POSSIBILITY OF CLEANING THE HEARTS POSSIBLE THAT THE SITUATION IS NOT LEAVING THAT IS THIS? >> I BELIEVE SMALL MICKS LAMES DECIDED THAT IT WILL NOT BE PRESENTED BY A PRESIDENT OF BASKETBALL OPERATIONS. EVERYTHING HERE HERE. Let the person make the assessment of DEL. AND IF NEW GOM Instead of the new coach. WHY HOW TO HAPPY HERE. Dale does not hire Monty Williams. And as Fletcher said it was TINKING IN THE CITIES. Do you want to decide what next course is, what is the best course for this franchise that moves forward? >> THIS IS IN THE REFERENCE OF ALVIN JANTTRI. Alvin has a better chance of surviving as he plays like a similar NBA style that is surrounded. So if the new manager of the basketball organizations sees we have talent and we want to move in that direction, but DALE is in the hot spot. It will be hard to see him. He was seven, eight, ten years old. TREADY KRIS POL. Anthony Davis, two unsuccessful superstars. I do not know how you can give him a third. >> ABOUT THE STYLE OF THE GAME IS UPTEMPO. THE PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY THIS STYLE WHICH ALVIN JANTTRI HOLDS. >> YES, ABSOLUTELY. He plays like a very egoitarian crime. EASY to get points. The boys are attracted to the systems that can use bums because they get a better deal. Obviously, the results were not there. YOU CAN NOT ACCEPT THE RESULTS. BUT NECESSARY NOT TO DO ANY ONE SINGLE DEBT WHICH DELIVERY DELETE A NOTICE. WHAT YOU CAN USE YES? AND HOW TO USE UP? >> POSSIBLE QUESTION, BUT INDEPENDENTLY, THIS PROFESSIONAL SPORTS WORK WHERE IT DOES NOT THINK THAT IT IS FIRST. He is the only one you mentioned was safe. >> THE PEOPLE TO BE TALKED ABOUT THE NATIONAL AREA IS BECOME A FOOTBALL ROUTE OF BASKETBALL. He does not try to play in the basketball team. I always say to people, I look at Mike Lemmas as the minority owner. He is on and will always be included in this franchise. And he will choose who is the one going into that organization. OR WE ARE THE AWARD OF THE PRESIDENT OF BASKETBALL OPERATIONS OR CERTAIN SINGLE ACTIONS THAT WILL BE FREE FOR THE SETTING OF THIS FRANCHISE. Let's have all four comments for FLETCHER. It's in the building here with us is not outside. WE ARE ALL FOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT US. WHAT GETS WITH DAVIS ANTONS? USE OUR CRYSTAL BALL. WHAT HAPPENS WITH YOU WHEN THE SEASON REMAINS. ONLY FOR YOU, YOUR TERMS MUST NOT BE HERE. >> THE PELICANTS WILL GET ALL AT RAN. TOP FIRST PLAYER IN JASEUN TATUM COMPOSITION AND SMART MARCUSS. >> WHAT GETS WITH DAVIS ANTONS? Give us time. >> I WILL ARE EXPECTED TO A CLEAN FREE AGENCY. They want to see all the dominoes. We will see a lottery project. WHO SHOULD YOU OBTAIN THAT ONE TEAM LOCKS SION WILLIAMSON WHO CAN NOT MAKE ANY PACKAGE THAT BOSSON MAY INCLUDE A TATUM. >> WHAT GETS WITH DAVIS ANTONS? >> THE PELICANTS ARE IN A POSITION WHICH MUST REQUEST EVERY BEST OFFER. TWO THEME CONSULAR COMMANDS YOU WILL BE THE EVENTS WHO THINK THAT Jerry West has done a fantastic job of positioning them with the TALENT project. AND THE CULTIVATIONS YOU COMPLY WHO WILL BE TRADED. YOU HAVE THE YOUNG PARTS WHICH MAY BE TRADING. But I will think that in July 1st, this day will be done. WILL REQUIRE THESE TRANSACTIONS BEFORE. STRAPS AND SKIN, THREE. >> IS THERE TO A DOWN BODY? WE TALK FOR THE ACTION AFTER THE YEARS, I CAN NOT BE MY HEAD – >> WHAT IS ANNE NI DAVIS? HERE IS THE DARK TOP OF THE DOWN CONCEPT? >> YES, see, I agree with Kamar. It will end in Boston before the night begins before the AGENCY begins. I hope Jason Tatum arrives in New Orleans. It is a jeweler's cruiser for the Pelicans who look at the entire STRAIN POTENTIAL. IF YOU CAN NOT HAVE YOUR JERRY WEST. He raised the soldiers into what they were. I think Brooklyn is a dark horse, they have enough young assets in the Angelo Roussel. MAY MAKE THE DAVIS JUDD. WHO YOU CAN DO NOW, THIS MY TEAM AS VINEGAR, BRUCKLIN. >> DO YOU HAVE ANY THEME OF THE DARK HORSE, HOW TO TAKE IN THIS FINAL QUESTION? >> I will say SHIKOO. DWYANE WADE, JABARI PARKER NEW. YOU HAVE A NUMBER OF POTENTIAL NUMBERS. I think they are playing for Anthony Davis. >> FINAL QUESTION HERE, THING IS ANSWERED IN ANOTHER WORD DESCRIPTION OF THE DIVINE SYMP – SIMP MOVEMENT – THE FORCE OF RIGHT NOW? >> THE NEW ORLEANS IS TWO WORDS, BUT A NEW ORLEANS BASKETBALL OF 2002. ALL THERE ARE SAFE, SINGLE, SAINT. WE NEED – NECESSARY. >> CAN YOU RESPOND, THAT MY BROTHER CAN WORK HERE. I CAN NOT MAKE A WORD. >> ALL COLLECT TO A WORD, EXCEPT ONE PURPOSE

Pelicans in New Orleans split up with long-time GM Dell Demps

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