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Pelosi and Manuchin talked over the phone as a possible indicator that there is a problem with the debt limit

The Speaker of Parliament did not talk to the Minister of Finance on Saturday night, then sent him a letter, and then chased a press release unless it was urgent.

But it happened on Saturday night.

All this is Washington's second favorite acrobatic regime: a struggle to increase the debt ceiling. Washington's favorite exploiter is a struggle to finance the government. The latter will come in less than two months. But the first is now – a little earlier than everyone else thought.

Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Finance Minister Steve Munchin became friends on the phone lately. They burned the lines more than singing "Phone Hours" in Bye Bye Birdie.

Pelosi seems to prefer to work with Mnuchin on this subject ̵

1; and make it by phone.


The House Speaker Has A Little Benefit To Action Chief of Staff Mick Mulvany. Multiple sources of the congress tell Fox that Mulwani angered the Democrats during the last two-chamber bipartisan meeting on the Capitol's debt ceiling. Three weeks ago, clearly excited, Pelosi told reporters he refused to "waste time" on Mulvaine's characterization of her remarks in the session. She also said that Mulwan "does not trust" in terms of the debt ceiling "any."

However, Mulvaney seems to be the official official of the administration, who is best in line with President Trump's identification. MEPs therefore ignore the impulses of Mulvin and Mr Trump.

Still, Pelosi obviously prefers to use the phone to trigger Munchin. And perhaps, the same goes for Munchin when it comes to a discussion with Pelosi. There is a reason why Ambrose Bears describes the phone as "an invention of the devil that overrides some of the advantages of making it obscene to hold off."

The relationship between Pelosi and Manuchin: last Wednesday night for the urgent need to raise the debt limit.

Pelosi and Manuchin spoke twice last Thursday. They spoke on Friday at noon. Then the duet spoke for 12 minutes on Saturday night.


Munchin has sent a letter Pelosi stressing the need to increase the debt ceiling over the next few weeks. The President replied with his own message to the Minister of Finance on Saturday night.

The top political leaders of the nation do not talk often and do not communicate with each other – especially on Saturday night – unless there is a problem. The problem is that voting to increase the debt limit is one of the worst newsletters that legislators can submit. The problem is that no one wants to vote to resolve more debt. The problem is that Congress will soon have to raise the debt threshold or run the risk of lowering the country's credit rating, blurring the stock market or sending a shock to the bond market. The problem is that Munchin urges Congress to raise the debt ceiling immediately before legislators leave Washington for most of August and the traditional summer vacation. This is because few in Washington have paid much attention to this issue until a few days ago. Munchin then proposed that the government "spend its money in early September, before the congress can come together." Government reserves will soon be reduced to about $ 250 billion. The accelerated timetable is partly due to reduced revenues due to the new tax law.

One may notice a signal that the state treasury will dry out the next day: the profitability of the short-term profits of the state account. The return on the treasury bill, which is maturing in mid-September, is now higher than that maturing in mid-August. People also do not invest in short-term government securities – another sign of possible trouble.

If Trump's Congress and Administration do not work soon, federal cash reserves can be curtailed and the government may face liquidity needs. Sending a letter on Saturday night, Pelosi is trying to issue anxiety, highlighting the need for the lawmakers to swiftly raise the debt ceiling.

Official Washington has long known about the need to raise the debt ceiling. The parties spoke a few months ago to negotiate a two-year agreement on spending limits and its blending with the debt limit. In May, Senate Major Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested they were so close that the deal could only be hours.

But then the conversations melted. The countries broke off a "cost priority" deal. This is a reference to the delayed efforts to remove mandatory spending limits for spending imposed by Congress in a 2011 package to increase the debt ceiling. In Washington, the upper limits are usually called "swallowing." The sequestered is particularly strong on the defense because the Pentagon is commanding most of the money that Congress distributes each year. President Trump wants more for defense. Democrats tend to bend a bit. That's why Pelosi insists on "parity." In other words, Pelosi also wants a parallel increase in funding for all programs that are not defensive.

Just a few days ago, a senior source from Congress told Fox that it looked. the parties may have to agree on a short-term extension of the debt limit. The technical issue of the expenditure ceiling should not be resolved by mid-January. But Pelosi is connecting these questions now.

Meanwhile, many Congressional Republicans do not just want to increase the debt limit unless it's related to something. Even if they fail to deal with the debt ceiling, it threatens the market or the ability of the federal government to borrow. That's why some of the party in the OS hope for an upcoming deal. Failure to tighten the increase in the debt ceiling under the cap can be a problem for some Senate Republicans. Parliament approved plan 402-12 on Friday. McConnell has promised to tackle the problem over the next few weeks. When he left the Friday afternoon in the Capitol, John Stewart's first lawyer, September 11, specifically spoke against the Scottish record of the September 11 bill to another measure or vice versa. But when it comes to legislation, you do not get style points.

So everyone in Washington has a problem without much time to solve it. It is possible for Congress to pull out some of the break in August if something does not happen quickly.

Expect more phone calls between Pelosi and Mnuchin.

Raising the debt ceiling is a monumental task for Congress. And while politicians can negotiate on the phone, the march on the debt ceiling is so important that you can not just register it.

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