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People can’t stand seeing a tattoo … Again

Few places in star Wars The universe has a softer place in the hearts of fans than Tatooine. Although not the first thing we see in the Galaxy far away, a young boy named Luke Skywalker was called for the first time to start a revolution.

From its desert plains to its iconic canteen, Tatooine has always been a symbol of the rural galaxy. In the new season of The Mandalorian,, however, fans need to see a different side of the planet.

What is a tattoo?

Dave Filoni and John Favreau from
Dave Filoni and John Favreau of The Mandalorian Jesse Grant / Getty images for Disney

According to the official star Wars website, Tatooine is a “raw desert world orbiting double suns at the outer edge of the galaxy.” (Per StarWars.com) These double suns serve as a backdrop for several iconic moments in star Wars canon.

Despite the stunning images, however, the planet also serves as a grounded world in Star Wars, where much of the franchise’s technology, brilliance and futurism have yet to fall.

So far, the planet has appeared on the screen for six star Wars. Luke Skywalker’s staff left him there so he could live away from the dangers of his family.

He also met an old hermit named Ben Kenobi, whom he quickly realized was something more. This is not only one of the first places the franchise goes, but at the moment The rise of Skywalker, the place where the story culminates, too.

Not every person in star Wars is a Jedi or a warrior. Some are normal beings who have to deal with what they have. Basically star Wars The saga is a complex story about rags to wealth about how one does not have to be rich and successful to make a difference.

Sometimes there is something deeper that drives them to greatness.

The Mandalorian Tattoo

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“Season 2” in Tatooine is not the first venture of the series in the desert wasteland. In the first season, fans got another look at the planet as the titular hero brought Baby Yoda around and tried to protect him. However, Tatooine’s story was ultimately a small part of the season. Now Tatooine plays a much more important role.

The perfect setting for the series’ inspired western setting, Tatooine has so far been the main home of the second season. With the opportunity for the series to bring back a favorite but notoriously underused character in Boba Fett, the desert wasteland full of crime and the people who do whatever it takes to stay alive is the perfect setting.

While fans praise the series for its unique approach to a favorite franchise, some see the long stay on the planet where it all began as the same type of fan service that denies them newer movies.

Mandalorian fans are heard

Many fans see the return to Tatooine as an overwhelming trick to get excited in a series that has proven that discrimination still works in the distant galaxy. The Reddit u / Flock_of_Porgs user started with a simple anecdote.

“I wasn’t excited to see Tatooine. . . again. “

However, while the user had some issues, this was not a shared idea. U / Rudy1661 saw the return to Tatooine as a refreshing look at how other events may have indirectly affected the people of the desert planet.

“It’s certainly possible, a bad place like Tatooine actually works with second-hand things. But a more plausible theory would be that after Anakin won the undergrowth, people began to copy the design and it became extremely popular on the planet. “

Whatever the case, the creators of The Mandalorian you may need to consider how they can reassure fans with something new while returning to previous places. If they don’t, fans can turn to them, as well as the franchise’s past attempts at fan service.

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