The phone which can be seen in the middle of the night, was undoubtedly the Moto RAZR, which produced a futuristic style with its slim design with an aluminum hull. Many millions were sold before being appropriated by better devices, but now it seems that Motorola's current parent company will take it back.

According to the Wall Street Journal (through The Verge), Lenovo will try to push the nostalgic factor, the growing trend in consumer electronics, and launch a brand new RAZR branded device. Little is known about plans, but rumors suggest that there will be a foldable display similar to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy F.

It is unclear whether the phone will work with Android, but as all Lenovo and Motorola mobile devices do, is very likely. This is also not the first time that an Android phone is launched with the RAZR brand. The WSJ report says the phone is currently being tested and can only be released in February as an exclusive Verizon. and sell them for $ 1

,500 per piece. This will have to be quite impressive to displace many units at that price.