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Players have found a new prey cave in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light

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Players have discovered a new monster closet that can be kept for easy looting, and I’ve already spent an hour pointlessly shooting at it.

Naturally, this is the Cosmodrome, the same planetary location as the original booty cave, which quickly became a legend when the first Fate starts. While Bungie returned the first loot from the loot as part of the addition of the spaceport Fate 2 in his Beyond the light extension, it was just the nerfing version, complete with an old Easter egg, but without a new loot.

This new prey cave, whispers of which began to be transmitted from the Guardian to the Guardian during the weekend, is the real deal. It is in The Divide and revolves around a small building with an interior room that endlessly spawns Fallen, including powerful (read: yellow health ribbon). The split is one of the destinations where Destiny 2’s introductory First Light mission brings new players to familiarize themselves with the game, and as a result is often full of enemies, which is probably why this particular building spawns so quickly from them.

Step back, head for the door and you will be able to understand the waves of Fallen, which appear in groups of four waves starting every 30 seconds or so. By the time I showed up this morning, there were already a bunch of other players casually cultivating engrams and prizes.

Now the loot doesn’t work Fate 2 in the same way as at the beginning of the original game, so the usefulness of this new prey cave is a little different. Yes, you can still process legendary engrams, and yes, you feel good about being rewarded for barely doing anything, but especially for players with higher power, there are much more effective ways to continue grinding (such as major hits or ranking in Crucible).


Screenshot: Bungee / Cat

But this new prey cave still has some great advantages. In addition to getting blue and purple drops that can help you quickly get to a soft cap of 1200, if you haven’t reached it yet, you can use any of these best fabric fabrics that still you can lie in your inventory to quickly farm for refining cores, a resource that is an integral part of mastering (and thus making more powerful) your most valuable equipment.

Finally, loot cave is an easy way to fly through the armory and spaceport. In a sense, the fragmentation of heads surpassed the traditional plunder of random drops Fate 2and the new booty cave is perfectly suited for this new purpose. This is also a great place to deal with all the search steps you may have in your diary that require you to kill X number of enemies in the Y way.

Since the discovery of the first prey of the prey, Destiny players have been watching for others and although they have found some good breeding grounds on various occasions, no one is a true successor, neither in terms of the level of prizes nor huge groups of players who would gather around them.

In many ways, this newest place feels as if the closest players have managed to experience the strange The magic of Skinner Box at first, even after the game’s prey has developed beyond it. Then again, The original booty cave has never been super rewarding, the players just felt that way. And on this front, this new one is doing well so far, at least until Bungie finally manages patching.

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