Mark Kuban, Damon John, Kevin O'Leary, Lory Greiner and guest Matt Higgins of Shark Tank "of ABC. (Photo: Eric McCannolds, ABC)

Move away, homicide.

On Sunday, Shark Tank, the San Diego-based entrepreneur wants to improve his home life. Hernandez is the inventor of Pooch Selfie, shrillly attached to a tennis ball for telephones, which aims to attract the attention of hairy friends.

As a lover of dogs, Hernandez said that his dog's Logan pictures often end up with Logan facing the other side or saliva over it. "You immediately became a dog photographer," Hernandez said, showing a slideshow of dogs carrying everything from a birthday hat to a Yoda suit. "Not only can you use Pooch Selfie to get fantastic friends with your dog, but you can also use it to get some pretty cool portraits of them."

Jumping in the shark tank he's been watching for a long time on TV was huge for Hernandez, who stuttered in fear and could not remember the exact number of units he sold. Related: Exclusive "Shark Tank": These are the 20 best-selling products ever shown on the show 19659007] Related: Shark Shaggy Matt Higgins calmly suggested that he take a moment to gather his thoughts: "Take a breath, but do you know? If you are not nervous now, do you have "

The company sold about 25,000 units at a price of 9.99 dollars for a price of $ 380,000 for online sales "It is the simplicity of attaching a tennis ball to the phone," said Hernandez, who manages to bring Pooch Selfie to Bed Bath & Beyond, but the product fights in the pet section

For Kevin O'Leary, Someone can handle this for two seconds, is not it? "

The subject was a painful place for Hernandez, who almost broke into tears while saying that he was protecting his vision from others who tried to steal it. (Paucius Selfie has a US patent for use, he said.)

Hernandez finances his $ 18,000 business from his own money and runs it alone, in addition to one-day work as an electronics seller and father of one year old. With 18,000 units still in inventory, Damon John wondered why Hernandez did not take a slower approach and retained his entire company.

But Hernandez wanted his product to be the first thing consumers think about when it comes to pets. More importantly, he wanted to share the joy he received when he was filming Logan.

"I did this because I love my dog," Hernandez said. – My dog ​​will not be around. This is my first best friend. I just want to share this with people so that they can do the same. "

The story collided with John, who had recently lost a pet:" My dog ​​Spartan just died. I have no pictures to look like, so I understand the passion and love of our little hairy friends. "

John offered Hernandez $ 100,000 for 33.3% of the capital (Hernandez offered 20%), but Hernandez waited to hear what the other sharks were offering.

"I would not do it," Mark Kuban warned, and in a quick sequence, like a choir, the other sharks came out. "Damund, I'd like to partner with you," Hernandez asked, his hands on John, who almost quashed his offer. After exiting the tank, an excited Hernandez said to the cameras: "I watched this show for nine seasons, and now I can not believe I have a deal."


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