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Pokemon Go adds a generation 6 Pokemon, a new level cap and much more in a huge update

Pokemon Go received a steady stream of tweaks and updates from its explosive debut in the summer of 2016, but the game will receive its first major brand update next month. Called Go Beyond, the massive update will be released during the week of November 30 and will bring some significant changes to the mobile game, including the first Pokemon from Gen 6, a higher level restriction, seasons and more.

Kalos Pokemon

Previously, Niantic was annoyed that Kalos Pokemon was on its way to Pokemon Go and the first sixth-generation monsters would arrive as part of the Go Beyond update. From December 2, players will be able to encounter a handful of Gen 6 Pokemon (and their evolution) in the game, including starters X and Y Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie, as well as Bunnelby, Fletchling and Litleo.

To coincide with the arrival of the Gen 6 Pokemon, Niantic is holding a special event in the game in early December. During the event, Pokemon Gen 6 will appear more often in the wild, thus ensuring that everyone will have a chance to catch them. The event starts at 1

0:00 local time on December 2 and lasts until 22:00 local time on December 8.

Increased level restriction and changes in leveling

As part of the Go Beyond update, Niantic introduces some major changes to the game’s equalization system. From November 30, the studio will facilitate the process of leveling up to 40 by releasing more XP for capturing and developing Pokemon, registering new Pokedex records, hatching eggs and other tasks. Niantic says the additional XP “will be twice as big as the previous one” in some cases, which would make it easier for lower-level players to catch up.

Gyarados Cap
Gyarados Cap

Anyone who reaches level 40 by the end of the year will win the award to be a Legacy 40 Trainer. Along with this award, they will receive several awards, including a Legacy 40 medal and access to an exclusive Timed Research that will offer their own awards, including a Gyarados training cap for their avatar. You have until 23:59 local time on December 31 to win the Legacy 40 prizes. To make it easier to reach this stage, Niantic will offer a double-catch XP bonus from today, November 18, until the end of the year.

On top of that, Niantic hits the Pokemon Go player level limit of 40 to 50. However, the leveling process will work a little differently for these high-level players. In addition to winning enough XP, players will have to meet new Level-Up Research challenges to raise their level above 40; for example, to reach level 41, players will need to catch a large number of Pokemon in one day and perform other tasks. There will be similar requirements for challenges for each subsequent level.

Players are not the only ones who receive a level restriction level; Niantic also makes it possible to power Pokemon even more than before. The studio introduces a new type of Candy called Candy XL, which will allow you to increase the CP of Pokemon more than originally possible. Niantic says you will be able to acquire Candy XL by hunting Pokemon or converting ordinary Candy.

Up-level challenges
Up-level challenges


Another new feature that comes as part of the Go Beyond update is Seasons. A new season will start in the game every three months and each will bring some big changes. For example, the types of Pokemon that appear in the wild will vary according to the season. Different Pokemon will also appear during the season depending on your hemisphere; for example, players in the Northern Hemisphere will encounter a winter Pokemon during the first season of the game, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will find summer themed Pokemon such as Burmi and Darumaka.

Naturally, Season Pokemon Deerling will also be included in this new feature. You will be able to find a different form of Deerling in the game each season. Niantic also says that the events will be themed around the season in which they take place, and different Mega-Evolved Pokemon will appear in Mega Raids depending on the season.

Event 12 days friendship

Prior to the Go Beyond update, Niantic is hosting a 12-day Pokemon Go friendship event that begins today, November 18th. During the event, the level of friendship with another player will increase much faster than normal when you open gifts, trade Pokemon, or fight together in Raids and Gyms. You’ll also get a boost attack when you fight a raid with a friend, as well as increased XP to successfully complete the battle, and the number of gifts you can open each day has increased. The 12 Days of Friendship event runs until 13:00 PT on November 30th.

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