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Power Rankings Week – ProFootballTalk


1. Raven (7-2; last week # 3): Yes, it was just the Bengals. But it was also a potential game of trap and this team is too good to miss.

2. Seahawks (8-2; No. 5): Russell Wilson makes $ 35 million a year and he's controversially underpaid.

3. Patriots (8-1; No. 4): The next four games will tell us a lot about the 2019 Patriots.

4. 49ers (8-1; No. 1): Jimmy G is the new Captain Kurt.

5. Saints (7-2; No. 2): Was it a fluke or herald of doom?

6. Packers (8-2; No. 7): Not good, but not as ugly as the Chargers game.

7. Vikings (7-3; No. 12): In 20 days we will find out if Primetime Kurt has more permanent power than the Big Pumpkin.

8. Texas (6-3; No. 9): Another week, Brady-Munning's potential rivalry unfolds, with Deschown Watson facing Lamar Jackson. Bosses (6-4; No. 8): They went from worrying that they would miss a bye to having to worry about losing the division title. Bills (6-3; No. 6): This "one-year-old" feeling has been haunting for several years.

11. Steelers (5-4; No. 15): The Steelers are ready to give the Browns their last reminder that the Steelers are the Steelers and the Browns are the Browns.

12. Orly (5-4; No. 13): The table is set to take down the Cowboys in the Eastern NFC.

13. Raiders (5-4; No. 17): They play well enough to stay with Derek Carr for another year.

14. Cowboys (5-4; No. 11): They play well enough to stay with Jason Gareth for another year.

15. Aries (5-4; No. 10): They are left with Jared Goff.

16. Titans (5-5; No. 21): They are no longer stuck with Marcus Mariota.

17. Panthers (5-4; No. 14): Another end-of-season collapse can lead to a clean sweep of the front office and coaching staff.

18. Colts (5-4; No. 16): It's Time.

19. Jaguars (4-5; No. 19): The Jaguars can still do everything they hoped to do when the season started.

20. Bears (4-5; No. 23): In the battle of Mitch Trubiski and Jared Goff, everyone loses.

21. Chargers (4-6; No. 18): Philip Rivers had almost as many consecutive incompletions to complete the game as there were children.

22. Broncos (3-6; No. 22): Drew Lock will soon have his chance to prove whether John Elway can choose a quarterback.

23. Brownie (3-6; No. 26): Freddie Michaels is still new to this. Mike Tomlin is definitely not.

24. Lions (3-5-1; No. 20): Jeff Driskel played better than expected. However, as expected, the Lions lost in Chicago.

25. The Buccaneers (3-6; No. 25): "What Could Happen" will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video

26. Cardinals (3-6-1; No. 24): "What Can Come Soon" will be the name of their official video in 2019

27. Falcons (2-7; No. 29): "What Happened to Hell in New Orleans?" Will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video

28. Dolphins (2-7; No. 28): "Dancing for Nothing" will be the name of their official 2019 highlight video

29. Jetty (2-7; No. 30): What good are bragging rights when you have nothing to brag about?

30. Giants (2-8; No. 27): Pat Shurmur is a great suit and bottle of Brylcreem, far from being Ben Makadu without so many wins.

31. Washington (1-8; No. 31): Dwayne Haskins Era begins in D.C. (Poor Dwayne.)

32. Bengals (0-9; No. 32): They might be able to get Marvin Lewis back next year.

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