President Trump says that it is up to his new attorney general to decide when and whether Mueller's report on Russia's obstruction of elections will be released. He also has some harsh words for the former FBI department. Director Andrew McCabe, calling it a "disaster". (February 20)

WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors have recommended criminal charges against Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director and frequent target of criticism from President Donald Trump, a person familiar with the decision, said Thursday.

McCabe was fired by the FBI shortly before his retirement in March 2018 after the Justice Department's internal affairs supervisor found he had improperly allowed a leak for a federal investigation into the Clinton Foundation in the last weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign. Investigators also concluded that he showed a lack of candor when asked about the leak.

Mackay's attorneys asked the Attorney General's Office of the Attorney General to quash the recommendation that he should be charged according to a person who was not allowed to comment publicly. The department denied the request, clearing the way for criminal charges.

The Ministry of Justice did not immediately respond to questions about the case.

Andrew McCabe hints at "inappropriate relations" between Trump and Russia (Photo: Getty)

Then Attorney General Jeff Session fired McCabe, after McCabe with the Department of Justice's inspector general's report finding that he had misled his participation in an expiration in The Wall Street Journal days before the FBI's election to the Clinton Foundation. He was fired days before he began collecting retirement benefits.

McCabe, who became interim FBI director after President Donald Trump fired former FBI director James Comy in May 2017, has been targeted by the president against law enforcement officials he says is began partisan investigations against him, his campaign and his administration. , These studies have led to charges against half a dozen of Trump's one-time aides and advisers.

Trump applauded McCabe's dismissal decision in March 2018, calling it a "great day for democracy". Trump called McCabe a "sack" and argued that his behavior was similar to the treason of promoting Clinton, Trump's Democratic rival in 2016.

The decision covers a series of allegations of misconduct by top F 2016 leaders d. Internal investigators have blamed McCabe and Comi for violating the Justice Department's rules in recent months in a campaign in which federal agents investigated both major party candidates. Lower-level employees have been fired or re-assigned.

The Department of Justice announced on August 29 that Komi had violated the Bureau's rules for keeping private notes for his talks with Trump and then with a friend who described the content of a story in The New York Times. But the department did not prosecute Komi criminally.

McCabe's dismissal came after the inspector general investigated the behind-the-scenes information of the Wall Street Journal for the Clinton Foundation to determine if it was an unauthorized leak and, if so, what the source was. The story appeared online on October 30, 2016 and in print on October 31, which was a week after another story reported that McCabe was suspending a fundamental probe under pressure from the Justice Department.

Investigators determine that, in order to promote his impartiality, McCabe authorized associates to open an August 12 call between McCabe and the Wall Street Journal's Deputy Deputy Attorney General. The call actually confirmed the existence of an investigation by the Clinton Foundation, which Komi had refused to do.

The Inspector General found McCabe to be "frankly outspoken" when he said he did not allow the disclosure and did not know who he was doing while speaking to Comey when questioned under oath by FBI agents and then when was sworn in under oath by special counsel investigator Robert Mueller.

McCabe brought the case in August, challenging his dismissal, alleging that Justice Department officials demoted him in January 2018 and fired two months later to take care of Trump's "illegal whims." McCabe's abrupt termination comes after he has already announced his intention to resign even days before his retirement benefits come.

Trump's political allegations against Mackay stem from the fact that his wife failed to run for state senate as a Democrat in Virginia. Trump has benefited from contributions from Jill McCabe to a political action committee tied to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliff, an ally of Clinton.

Trump called Andrew McCabe a "major streetcar" and said he had taken "huge sums of money" for

But the FBI's internal documents state that McCabe did not monitor Clinton's investigation until his wife applied and that he has no conflict of interest. McCabe has argued in television interviews that top congressional leaders have been notified of a counter-intelligence investigation into Russian influence over Trump's campaign and no one has objected.

The McCabe decision comes amid several investigations into how the Justice Department and the FBI launched investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Attorney General William Bar appointed an internal probe in May.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz's review, launched in March 2018, focuses on the FBI's wiretapping of Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser. The Inspector General examined whether the FBI violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA when seeking the supervision of a Page ordered by the court at the end of 2016. Horowitz also examined the FBI's relationship and communication with Christopher Steel, a former British intelligence officer who was hired by a research firm working for the Clinton campaign and compiling an already infamous "dossier" claiming links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Republicans complain that the FBI is hiding its reliance on Steele's findings in Page's monitoring applications. But copies of those petitions, released after the US TODAY and others sued, showed investigators revealed to judges that Steil was seeking information to "discredit" Trump and that investigators had broader suspicions of Page's ties to the Russian government.

Mueller took over Russia's investigation in May 2017 after Trump fired Komi. Mueller's report, published in April, details the "sweeping and systematic" efforts by the Russian government to interfere in the election to help Trump win, but said neither the president nor his campaign has spoken to Russians.


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