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PS5 now looks invincible – VG247

There are two months left since the launch of the new consoles, but it still seems that Sony has won the generation.

For a while I thought that this generation of consoles would be different. Sony seems to be slowing down a bit, barely saying anything about PS5 as Microsoft pushed forward the story of the Xbox Series X as the most powerful console, the Game Pass grew and grew, and huge acquisitions were made. Still, even after taking Skyrim and Fallout, developer / publisher of Bethesda, it’s hard to see how the PlayStation won’t continue to lead by much difference – at least in a powerful console space.

As I said elsewhere on the site, Microsoft has a lot to prove and isn̵

7;t doing much to allay fears right now, although I’m pretty sure the Xbox is in a far better position now than it was seven years ago. Sony, on the other hand, burst in the door with a series of superb PS5 games, a supposedly less powerful console that outperforms the more powerful paper machine, and, importantly, there are games that are known and partly dated.

Destruction All Stars, the racing racing game delayed by the release of the PS5, arrives in February and is included in PS +. This is an exclusive PS5 exclusive, but perhaps the least mesmerizing game coming to Sony’s new console. Giving it to all Plus members will at least ensure that there is a decent chance of winning an audience, and while I haven’t seen anything suggesting that this will be the next Rocket League-style success story, it should offer a thrill for multiplayer. .

Screenshot of the PS5 comeback game

I think the “Return” may surprise many people.

The key for Sony is that the games keep coming, even if the first two aren’t particularly big players. In March, Sony released Returnal from Housemarque. There’s a bit of negativity around this release as a full-price game, mostly because the studio’s previous titles were similar to arcade releases, but that seems utterly unfair to what looks like a great shooter from a team that’s hardly ever been stepped wrong.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the first so-called. A “big” PS5 exclusive coming from Sony in 2021, due out in the first half of the year. Insomniac has already managed to dazzle the PS5 with the crossover Spider-Man Miles Morales, but Rift Apart must allow the studio to show what is possible on the PS5 when targeting only the next generation system – although one-year games rarely get absolute the best of a new console. The shots look great and Ratchet & Clank games are always great fun.

May sees that Bethesda, owned by MS, is releasing Arkane’s Deathloop, exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC. Arkane is known for providing amazing game mechanics thanks to Dishonored games and this FPS looks just as inventive. At a time when Xbox systems seem so short for Xbox Game Studio titles, the fact that it is locked is magnificently wicked. Like Tango Gameworks’ more mysterious and supernatural Ghostwire: Tokyo, although it has not yet received a firm release date.

In the second half of 2021, Sony has a trio of absolute hunters to be released, with Gran Turismo 7, Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok. Although it has been confirmed that Forbidden West is also coming for the PS4, and Sony has not clarified the situation of the release platform with Ragnarok, there is no denying that the sequels to three of PlayStation’s biggest franchises within a year of release the PS5 are great and sure to delight fans immensely

Picture of Gran Turismo 7 PS5

The GT7 will probably be huge for Sony and PS5.

GT7 should be the first proper game in the series since 2013 and will arrive with the huge expectations and knowledge that Polyphony has built, supporting GT Sport as well as doing so. What’s more, we can get the Gran Turismo on the PS5 before we get the new Forza on the Xbox Series X, something most would bet against. He sighed with disappointment when Sony revealed that Horizon: The Forbidden West was also coming to the PS4, the feeling that we might not see Guerrilla Games able to fully shape its technical chops, but the debut trailer still looks pretty great if you ask me.

I still don’t believe God of War: Ragnarok is coming out this year, but not because I’ve heard anything suggestive – I just didn’t expect a sequel to my favorite PS4 game to arrive so soon in PS5 life. If Sony Santa Monica can really get the game ready by the end of this year, even if it launches on the PS4, it will go beyond what already looks like one of the best in PlayStation history. And there’s every chance the year will give more, even without considering what games come from third-party publishers.

What I think Sony has done brilliantly is to give PS5 owners and potential buyers a clear picture of the coming year. As a PS5 owner, I’m happy with the games I have, and there’s been a steady decline in quality-looking titles over the coming months. Can Xbox beat PS5? Maybe, but a turnaround of this magnitude in 2021 seems very unlikely.

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