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Puzzle Quest 3 revives match-3 / RPG mess after ten years away

Puzzle Quest returns after a ten-year absence. Puzzle Quest 3 will once again combine match-3 and RPG mechanics with original designer Steve Faulkner at the helm, but this time it will be ̵

1; uh – free to play.

There is not much to do based on this trailer or in the press release, which vaguely promises a “reversal of traditional puzzle gameplay” and “an intensive 1-on-1 combat system realized in the 3D game world.

Match-3 gets a bad rap, but there’s a little more satisfying in the games than matching a bunch of gems of the same color. In Puzzle Quest, different types of matches give your character different resources, which can then be spent on attacks against various fantastic monsters. There was a quickly identified pattern to match your patterns, but in the end it was more sophisticated.

I would definitely be excited about the Puzzle Quest 3 message if it wasn’t free to play. There are many great examples of F2P games these days, but I haven’t seen a match-3 game model that doesn’t harm the game. I play match-3 games to relax, but it’s hard to relax when there’s a limited life or dwindling energy that will either end my game or ask me to cough up coins to keep going.

John wrote a review of Puzzle Quest 2 for us in 2010, and was forced to keep playing, although he repeated it.

It’s ridiculous that after playing it for days, just repeating these same actions over and over, I know that once I’m done writing this, I’ll come back and release more. I’m sure what he offers can’t justify the interest I have in playing him. But I will not stop. I don’t want to stop. I want to repeat this action. And repeat this action. And repeat this action. And I hardly care if the context changes.

Puzzle Quest 2 doesn’t seem to be available for purchase anywhere on a computer after it was removed from Steam by its publisher, but the original Puzzle Quest is still available. Puzzle Quest 3 has an official website where you can sign up for updates.

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