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Red Dead Online Patch 1.11 – Hunters, Traders, and Collectors

Red Dead Online gets an up-to-date update today with new player pursuits and goals. While the new Frontier Pursuits system is the most important patch, there are many more things under the hood, including changes in motion and animations and a range of season-ending style awards. We break down the latest patch and how it changes both the border and the bandits who wander it. Border Pursuits Border Exercises are essentially professions that players can level through regular play. Players are free to switch between them, though it will be slower to switch between them than focusing entirely on one pursuit. There are unique rewards, activities and cosmetics for each Border Pursuit. Rockstar says there are many more things to do, but for now, we start with the Collector Hunter and the Human Trainer. Bounty Hunter:

Become a Bounty Hunter. A licensed head hunter can track targets and capture – or kill – depending on how honest you are in your activities. Sometimes a nearby player with a high enough bonus can also be a target.


The life of a trader is ideal for growing capitalists as you create and grow a business out of your camp. Thanks to the knowledge of your trusted Crips companion for hides, skins and butchers, you will be able to take advantage of new opportunities to collect materials and produce valuable goods for sale.


The collector loves to get to know the world about rare and precious things. Look for a mystical traveling saleswoman in the wild to get started on the collector's journey, looking for lost jewelry, rare arrows, and other treasures to sell as individual pieces or extremely valuable kits.

There are also four new Free Mode events that can be unlocked by role progression: Manhunt, Day of Reckoning, Salvage, and Trade Route. There are also numerous cosmetic and practical extras ranging from special ammo to hair and beard types. The wealth of new content must be unlocked through Frontier Pursuits, making it by far the healthiest and most attractive part of the update.

  Red Dead Online - A bounty hunter carries a pig, tied a criminal over his shoulder on the way to a prison cell.

Rockstar Games

Club Membership, Cosmetics & Awards

A good part of the fun at Red Dead Online is customize your cowboy, and Patch 1.11 brings more cosmetic content to the game. The game has new pieces of clothing, dresses, beards and unlockable hairstyles, as well as more customized slots for clothing so players can save their favorite combinations.

Red Dead Online also receives a season-end unlock system called the Wheeler Rawson and Co. Club. Players register automatically at no cost and the game between September 10 and November 18 unlocks prizes. Players can also spend gold bars to upgrade their pass, which gives them more rewards. They are permanent and all that is earned will remain at the player's expense forever.

Prizes include exceptional emotions, poses and backgrounds in the photo studio and four new weapon-style modifications that can be unlocked through Gunsmith.

Balancing ability cards

Both passive cards and abilities are changing everywhere. There are nine new passive cards (some of which are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for a period of time before launching on the Xbox One.)

Dead Eye Cards now consume more Dead Eye at launch and have seen some changes in the balance sheet. The slippery bastard is being reworked so that it no longer prevents the player from blocking, but applies a heavy penalty for spreading the accuracy of the weapon.

The merry man now deals a fixed amount of damage to the energy he holds. The focus gift no longer has a penalty for damage dealt while the card is equipped. Hunker Down now provides additional damage resistance to players in disguise and provides damage resistance against any damage, not just bullets.

Once logged in, it's worth reviewing your abilities and passive cards and seeing if your charging is still working. This is a pretty comprehensive set of changes and you want to make sure that your card deck still matches your style of play.

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Smoothing Things

Red Dead Online has a great range of changes in motion, battle and shotgun. These changes are designed to remove a lot of the pain from the Red Dead Online movement and make it smoother. Robbery no longer requires players to lift their bodies, animations are smoother, body shots inflict more damage to reduce the sense of bullet enemies, and players will see damage indicators on their screen.

These are just a few of the biggest changes that will affect your quality of life – essentially everything has to get a little faster and the clumsiness of the game has to be reduced. Even the melee gets a new setting: players can now throw their opponent to the ground without dealing with them, the direction of attack affects the success of the grapple, and coping, grappling and killing holds are now accelerated. (Pig tying has seen similar changes, and it must be faster to tie someone up and get rid of another player's lasso.)

Inventory and Savings

The amount of things can there is a player in Red Dead Online has been increased. Instead of five horses, players may have ten. We can now record up to seven custom toilets (and name them) instead of three. Hunters can carry a maximum of 50 animal skins in their horse load.

Jewelry and watches are now being sold for more and they will drop more often than the enemy's bodies. In addition, the crates and cabinets found in bearings and vehicles will already be filled with additional loot and valuables, which should make looting a significantly better investment over time.

Eventually players can reconfigure their character once for free, Any other changes beyond that will require a fee, so it's worth the jump and spend a long time to ensure that your character's cheekbones are exactly ] correct.

Here you can find the full Rockstar patches that go through each game change. This is an essential list as a whole and players should expect a different Red Dead Online from the one they left before the patch.

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