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Rent Review: Live or Not, the show continues and continues …

Technological problems, broken bones, ghosts from past stage productions, and the worst, unfortunate and intrusive fashion show of TV shows at a studio, far, too much time on the screen could not cause excessive damage to [5] Jonathan Larson's 90th musical, who added another chapter to Broadway's love of television and his own legend of the enemy.

In what happened by chance, Fox We do not call the new rent something different from this one-word title Rent: Live! ). Good thing: the show became more After starring Brennan Hunt, who played with horrific musician Roger, broke his leg during a general rehearsal yesterday.

The voice in the address to the television audience at the beginning of the case was mostly a general rehearsal last night, recorded live in front of the audience, with the Hunt folder in a dock. Obviously, only the last scene of this evening's show was a real live broadcast, with Hunt's foot, in a voice propped on a chair. It does not matter, indeed, at least in terms of continuity: The scene is, in some way, an epilogue that happens months after the main plot. I wonder if the actors sometimes performed by some actors during the three-hour event can be attributed to keeping the expected big night. Not only that, but at least in New York, the first five minutes were dead, a technical technical problem quite quickly removed, but the one that really contributed to shaking might not matter. at least for hardcore fans ̵

1; Rentheads, who packed the big audience in the studio and seemed to get as much time for the air as the actors. Like the last Jesus Christ Superstar live at a concert and Fat: Live tonight rent (three produced by Mark Platt with TV directing by Alex Ruggins) so heavy for the audience that the show itself sometimes seemed secondary and a little like a raft in the sea.

For all of the recent television shows on stage musicals, the nets still seem nerve to the stage musicals and hedge their bets against too many PBS-ys, reinforcing the event full of noisy and very visible publications American Idol .

When Production Is Bad (19459003) Christmas Live Story! ), miscast ( Peter Pan Live! Christopher Walken, or both (19459004) The Sound of Live Music! with Carrie Underwood), the enthusiasm forced by TV viewers on the part of a live audience, there is a certain sense, but it is enormous Outing A scene directed by Michael Grayf from the original production was none.

Laughing in the early 90s in the center of Manhattan, the winning Tony and Pulitzer La Bohème follows seven young friends who live or struggle to live the bohemian life. Musicians, director, performer, dragon queen, radical professor, among others, are doing their best to survive in the Eastern Village, devastated by AIDS, and the beginning of the high rent of gentrification. to see his main job become a major job: He died in the day Rents had to start his first fully produced off Broadway. The show, of course, was crushed, moved to Broadway, won awards, and developed a huge world record.

If the theme of the musical – HIV, drugs, gender mismatch – is no longer stunning, then the proceedings have done quite a compelling case. for a long life of Rent .

Vanessa Hudgens, who played Maureen's vanguard performer, and Kiersey Clemons as her girlfriend's Joanne's girlfriend, were great, "Take Me or Leave Me" tonight Highlights. And if the extremely silly, avant-garde "avant-garde" Over The Moon is the only worst number Hudgens has ever made.

And Brandon Victor Dickson, as a generous anarchist Tom Collins, but almost came out with the show just as Judah did in the last spring age Jesus Christ Superstar winning every last tear of "I'll Cover You," Love a ballad he sings for the first time duet with his beloved Angel (sure, if not always a voter, Valentina from "Drag Race" on ] and later, heartfelt, on Angel's pansy

The rest of the ensemble mostly survives if you occasionally waste your busy activities Jordan Fisher ( Hamilton ) could not erase the memories of Anthony Rapp's original Mark, and Hunt, wounded or otherwise, sang well but showed little of the charisma that made Adam Pascal breakthrough Keala Settle, the most memorable part of Hugh Jackman's greatest showman had a small but decisive role tonight singing the solo of the most respected song of the Seasons of Love. The Idol style can be released after showing tonight. Rentals still have its problems and tonight's version – even with music director Steven Oremus, just enough to update the music and scenographer of Jason Sherwood using the expansive use of fashion podiums and tracks for Fox's Mass Studio in Los Angeles – can not fix his mistakes. Angel, the AIDS-infected transvestite whose death destroys the group of friends remains too much, as her name suggests (even killing her dog – yes, you read this right) – you can black out your halo

in jail when Mimi did not breathe her last – Surprise – only exaggerated Larson's escape from one end Show to Carol Burnet Camel to me, never more than tonight

Fortunately, was overshadowed by the not-so-surprising arrival of the original Broadway caste join the new band in Seasons of Love, a reprise Take a look at this evening's success if you can keep your own work with Idina Menzel and Jesse L. Martin that remind Rentheads and everyone else why this show has rocked Broadway and the world years ago

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