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Representative Max Rose is fighting for his life in a nasty House race

One of the most contested House races in the country looks more like a street fight than a campaign.

He was taken to Staten Island and a small part of southern Brooklyn, where Democratic freshman Max Rose and Republican State Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis fought for control of a lonely New York City convention area.

Advertising wars – involving heavy talk and random f-bombs – are remarkable for the level of vitality and ugliness on both sides.

“Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in New York history – that’s the whole commercial,”

; Rose said in six seconds, referring to a mayor who is unpopular in a neighborhood that is the most conservative in a highly democratic city.

Hostility to New York Progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is running for president briefly, has been central to the area, home to a large number of first responders and police and law enforcement who largely voted against de Blasio in 2017.

“Bill de Blasio’s failed leadership plunged New York into the ditch,” Rose said in an interview with NBC News, blowing up the mayor’s pandemic handling before criticizing Republicans for opposing strong relief from the state and local pandemics.

Rose, 33, who was elected in 2018 and is only the second Democrat to represent the district in 30 years, is a veteran who has served in Afghanistan. Maliotakis, the only Republican woman representing New York, has served in the state legislature since 2010. Although she easily lost her candidacy for de Blasio’s release in 2017, she won about 70 percent of the vote in the 11th Congressional District. of New York.

Cook’s political report spoke of the House race as one of 25 cases nationally, but there were no independent public opinion polls.

Millions of dollars were poured into the battle. Rose raised about $ 6 million by the end of June, according to the Federal Election Commission, while Malliotakis raised about $ 3 million by September.

As of Monday, candidates and groups supporting them have spent more than $ 9 million on television and radio advertising in the area, about 75 percent of which goes to Rose, according to Advertising Analytics.

Many of these ads have a pronounced, taste-like appearance on your face. Maliotakis and groups supporting her brand Rose as a “radical liberal” and a “fictional liar” who supports police protection (Rose said she doesn’t).

Rose and groups supporting the democratic label Malliotak are a false “scam”, even launching a petition to appoint her global ambassador for flip-flops. In an interview with NBC News, she called the ads “disgusting and dishonest.”

Rose is trying to promote her independent series, even saying in an ad that “he stood by President Trump when Democrats attacked him for killing an Iranian terrorist.”

“Because when you kill American soldiers, we kill you,” he said.

The swing area was worn by then-President Barack Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016. Two years later, Rose defeated incumbent Dan Donovan by about 6 points.

“What we’re talking about, just like we talked in 2018, is how we can drain the swamp and bring the government back to the country of working people,” Rose said. “This time, however, the only difference is that we have now achieved results as a member of Congress.”

Rose said how well Trump is performing in the area on Nov. 3 has “zero connection” with how he will deal with Maliotakis, whom he called a “rubber stamp” for Republicans.

“This is not a Trump neighborhood, nor is the Rose neighborhood,” he said. “What is this, this is a patriotic area that is tired of BS.”

Supported by Trump in her race in 2020, Maliotakis said in 2017 that she regretted voting for him – which she said was disappointed with repeated questions about her vote. She said she felt differently now, adding that “at the time, he had not even taken an oath in most of his offices.”

“The president has done a great job on behalf of our veteran community,” she said. “It had created millions of jobs, brought our unemployment rate to record numbers for minorities and women. And also renegotiated trade deals that benefit our country like the USMCA. Of course, I support the president. We are the ticket, he supports me and I support him. “

Meanwhile, City Hall rejected Rose’s description of de Blasio as the worst in New York’s history, citing an official who supported the Confederacy.

“Max Rose is trying to lead Republican out of Republican Trump,” Rebecca Katz, a progressive strategist and former aide to de Blasio, told NBC News. “It’s gloomy to watch, but this is his play.”

Republicans called Rose’s efforts against de Blasio desperate.

Jessica Proud, a New York NP strategist, said the ad was the result of Rose being “caught between a rock and an anvil on many issues – especially in the area of ​​criminal justice.”

Maliotakis, who has been approved by a dozen law enforcement agencies, said the vote for Rose was a vote to keep Democrats in control of Parliament and that “no matter how much Max tries to distance himself from Mayor de Blasio, he clearly supports a lot. the same policies. “

Neil Quatra, a Democratic strategist in New York, said Rose “cleverly” reproduced the sentiment against de Blasio, building “a highly identified anti-Blasio brand as part of who he is, which is a huge asset in such an area. honestly. “

Kwatra said Rose competes only with representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, DN.Y., among young, emerging politicians in New York, adding that Rose reminds him a lot of former New York Mayor Ed Koch.

“He’s very visceral and, frankly, New Yorkers, especially in their politicians, appreciate him,” Quatra said.

This month, Rose read the mentions on her Twitter account, including from a user named Andrew, who said, “But Max Rose is rubbish.”

“F — you, Andrew,” Rose replied.

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