Southwest Airlines celebrated its first Hawaiian flight from Oakland, California to Honolulu with blessing, hula dancers and more.
Sandy Hooper, USA TODAY

Southwest Airlines passengers have to prepare to cancel flights in May because the consequences of the Boeing 737 Max 8 grounding continue.

The airline, which has more Max 8s from each US carrier, has decided to keep its 34 Max 8s on its flight schedule at least in May, according to a memorandum sent to the airline pilots late Friday. that it estimates "limitations for the future schedule."

Max 8s make up only one part of the Southwest fleet of 750 aircraft, but 34 smaller aircraft – with 175 passengers and several flights a day – means fewer flights. earlier this week they said they had canceled 2800 flights by March 31, due to grounding Max 8 on March 13.

These cancellations are in addition to an additional 6,600 in the last six weeks due to winter conditions and labor dispute, all creating a mess for travelers.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX airplanes are parked on the asphalt after being grounded at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, March 28. After two fatal catastrophes for five months, Boeing is trying to portray himself as unbridled by the crisis that embraces the company. AFP / Getty Images)

Southwest said the May schedule extension in May will reduce last-minute last-minute cancellations, which violates the plans of Southwest passengers and crew members. The airline's social media accounts are full of passengers complaining about a last-minute cancellation as the plane was grounded by the FAA on March 13.

and intends to drastically reduce the breaks in the last minute trip and the cancellation on the same day that affected our customers and employees since Max was founded, "said the airline statement

for returning service to Max, the review of the flight schedule is for a return to normal operation and the restoration of the reliability our customers our teams deserve and expect from the Southwest. "The flight is changing because the airline can better match its available airplanes

Note to the pilots from the Southwest Pilot Association President John Wax and Southwestern Vice President Alan Kashir acknowledged the impact of retreats on pilots and pilots

No : No you need to be at Max 8 to be affected by landing.This is why American Airlines earlier this week extended the cancellation of its flights until April 24 due to Max 8. He has 24 of the aircraft in his fleet. The airline said this move was about 90 cancellations of daily flights. Autoplay

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