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Robert De Niro's CNN appearance raises eyebrows on the web: "What did our viewers gain?"

Trump anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro dropped a pair of f-bombs when asked about Fox News during a talk on President Trump on a CNN vulgar appearance Sunday in which critics wonder what he's doing on the liberal network in the first place. .

An up-to-date CNN personality on air who spoke on condition of anonymity questioned the decision to book De Niro.

"It is especially puzzling that our show, which claims to criticize the media, would choose to host a Hollywood celebrity with zero readability news value," a CNN official said. "What is his credibility besides hating the president? What did our viewers gain from his vulgarity? "


" the clear value of the news. "


1; CNN Aired Person

76-year-old De Niro appeared on CNN's Trusted Sources media show with presenter Brian Stelter, who told the Hollywood legend that the liberal network was trying to book him" by for some time. "De Niro is known for his gruffness and has used profanity to attack Trump in the past, including a famous start of a salt tirade with the president during the 2018 Tony Awards.

During his CNN statement live, De Niro called the president "crazy" and did not disappoint fans of his iconic gang ial vibrations when asked to researchers from Fox News, which support Trump.

"F — & # 39; em, f — & # 39; em ", De Ni

Hill media reporter Joe Concha thinks the situation was" made up "because CNN allowed profanity on its air in the past, and De Niro is known for it that he uses vulgar language when talking about President Trump, CNN has not distanced himself from the interview and even promoted it on social media and on his website.

A CNN second person, also speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that they would quickly end the interview when De Niro uses profanity, but he admitted it was probably a win for the network because

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"I would say, 'We're done here', but the culture of rights comes from people who are icons in their trade , they think they can get away with it on Sunday morning, "the source says." But if it's good for ratings, you can handle the backlash. "

" If it's good for ratings, you can handle

– CNN's Second Person

Unlike our colleague, Stelter does not immediately apologize for the language and note that it is on cable, so the comment will not lead to a breach of FCC. "But it's still Sunday morning," Stelter said. "Why do you choose to go this route?" [19659003] Ironically, De Niro replied that Trump behaved "like a gangster" and said that America was in a "terrible" situation as a result. After a commercial break, Stelter directed the talk to De Niro's upcoming gangster movie "The Irishman," but the duo inevitably turned their focus back to Trump.

STEPHANE MONEY USES REPORTERS, USED THE WHITE HOUSE, PRESS BRIEFS TO BE "PARTY" Stelter, wh o was open with his criticisms of Trump himself, thanked De Niro for appearing and wrapping up the segment. He never commented further on profanity.

A CNN spokesman directs Fox News to a Twitter exchange between Stelter and an employee of the National Republican Senatorial Committee when asked why the guerrilla actor was recorded on a media show. [19659003] "An interview with one of the most famous actors in the world falls entirely into the goal, which is (as I say most weeks) to explore 'how the media world works, how news is received,'" Stelter tweets when asked the purpose of his show first.


I just wanted to clarify that this is the estimate, "NRSC employee Matt Whitlock fired back at" Reliable Sources "host.

  Robert De Niro used profanity during an interview with CNN's Brian Stelter.

Robert De Niro used obscene words in an interview with CNN's Brian Stelter.

NewsBusters editorial director Curtis Hawke told Fox News that CNN's media show was "as close to a sermon on resistance as one would receive" and De Niro's appearance was no different.

"Stelter was embarrassed by what happened, but in fact CNN couldn't be prouder of how it came to this. De Niro's tirade illustrates why a lecture on citizenship and decency will continue to ring hollow, [CNN] "Hawk said." The desire to impeach the president has become such a craze for CNN and the rest of the liberal media that it becomes the version of the 21st-century golden calf that these people worship. "


De Niro – who plays former Special Advisor Robert Mueller on NBC's Saturday Night – once called on Mueller to speak against Trump in an open letter published by the New York Times. The Oscar-winning actor also called Trump a "total loser", a "big idiot", a "stupid fool" and said he wanted to punch the president in the face.

The host and political satirist "No Things Considered" Tim Young also wondered why the actor was booked on CNN's media show.

"I'm not sure how Robert De Niro is a 'reliable source' or what would even be a reliable source. He didn't talk about Hollywood, he was forced to kick and swear why he hates Trump, "Young tells Fox News before joking," Oh, I understand, he may have been a credible source of

DePauw University and CNN frequent critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News: "We live in a strange time where pop culture mixes with public affairs," but even with that attention, there is no journalistic purpose for

and Stelter, they just needed to know that De Niro was going to be on television and cut with verbal bricks and that have received, "McCall said. "Attracting Hollywood types into news programs to discuss national politics has been a problem from the beginning, but having an actor with a history of severe and profane outbursts only further disrupts public dialogue.

"The problem with this interview is not only bad language, but also the angry and emotional tone that permeates the discussion," McCall went on. – De Niro clearly identifies what Trump has a right to do, but Stelter had to direct the discussion to something that could generate a meaningful idea … this interview was not good television or good journalism, but merely fueled public discontent with how the media they do their work, allowing emotions and polarization in what should be a rational dialogue. "COM

The Center for Media Studies Vice President Dan Gaynor mocked the Twitter interview, saying that" Reliable Sources "is" just left-wing activism "and noting that journalists really" don't care what De Niro thinks about Trump.

Stelter replied, "But this journalist, without quotes, does."

New York Post columnist Carol Markovic summed up the feelings of many with her response to a CNN presenter: "But this is it. because you knew what he was going to say and that you agreed with him. Where is journalism in this? What did you find? "

Fox News" Joseph A. Wolfson contributed to this report.

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