Roger Stone has much more than his relationship with President Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON – A day after he was charged, Roger Stone used his account at Instagram to make fun of special adviser Robert Mueller and order the accusations against him of a big nobumer. #Nickburger, "Stone sent on Saturday, and the post was accompanied by the image of Muller dressed as a waiter holding an empty basket on a silver tray

Stone is not a stranger to disputes, and there is a way to create a stir with his candid and sometimes odd After being arrested on Friday, Stone put a picture of himself with the words "Who put Roger Stone", a play on the 1988 film "Who Created Roger Zayek."

Stone, a veteran political consultant and long-time adviser to President Donald Trump has been charged on Friday, reports that he is lying about his role in the Russian intervention during the 2016 election campaign for Trump's campaign. from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump Roger Stone indictment: Muller pushes deeper into Trump's campaign, highlights efforts to use Russian hacks to break the bid of Clinton

In the indictment, for the first time, the investigators' understanding of the efforts and the campaign of Trump learn about website WikiLeaks plans to provide damaging information about Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton; prosecutors say the information was stolen by Russian intelligence with intent to influence the election on behalf of Trump

The allegations are rooted around Stone's alleged contacts with WikiLeaks and Trump's campaign. He is accused of lying about his contacts with WikiLeaks, including the relationship with the founder of the Julian Assange website and about interacting with members of the Trump campaign for stolen emails.

"In the summer of 2016, STONE talks to senior Trump Campaign officials for Organization 1 and information that could have been detrimental to the Clinton campaign," the indictment says. senior officials of the Trump campaign to ask for future editions of Organization 1. "


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Stone has repeatedly said that is innocent and that Mueller has a vendetta against him and the president.

After being released on bail, Stone speaks ranging federal court building in Florida, then appeals to CNN and Fox News to condemn the accusations and boast that he will never testify against the President

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