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Porsche 911 – What is your risk if you take 30,000 euros 911? | Second hand

After 14 years of production, the Porsche 911 of the 997 generation is no longer available. However, the listener must be aware of the risks he or she is exposed to. I tested a copy made in 2005 with 105,000 km on board.

Now really: has it ever happened to you to steal your dreams? How about meeting at least some of them instead of collecting hard money for a new compact family all-terrain vehicle or spending substantial sums of money on a monthly hive? How about having your Porsche 911 without assuming you've sold it to a lender for decades?

Fortunately, Porsche coupes are produced in quite a number, although they are part of it. niche segment. Leaving some savings aside and with some administrative effort, you could finally pay the price of a dream like that. Of course, 911 generations of air-cooled engines, including the 993 series, have entered the expensive phase of several years, gaining the status of collection vehicles. The first generation to have a coolant, the 996 Series, does not fully reflect the stylistic identity of the Porsche 911 – purists say its headlights look like egg shells. How's the deal with his successor, the 997 series? The return of the classic round headlights with its launch in 2004 has gone right into the hearts of fans. The design of the car is immodest, and second-hand prices are more attractive than ever.

Copies of Carrera and Carrera S from the first years of production can be found at prices of around € 30,000. But how good is the Porsche 911 so rated? Our German colleagues have examined a case inside the distributor of Axel von Blittersdorff in East Hamburg. Out of curiosity, at the service of the Porsche network, they also asked some questions about the cost of technical interventions.

The labor time was about 200 euros, so they saw their way, shaking their heads, to prevent migraines from occurring. However, concerns about the technical condition of the machine are not without motivation. In this regard, we note the symptomatic oil leaks of 3.6 and 3.8 liter engines (Carrera S). The extra gasket of the engine block saves you this worry. But not one of the possible weaknesses of the patches (there were yield failures at different rolling intervals, between 50,000 and 250,000 km). No matter when it happens, it costs a lot.

With brand service, an overhaul of the engine costs around 20,000 euros. A brand new engine cannot be found for less than € 25,000. But the service people did not complain: “We have enough customers coming to us who are seriously investing in the mechanical part. Some people made the engine quit after half a year, after which it went through the full 911. ”

Some encouragement comes from the warranty offered by Porsche, but involving the service of the car exclusively in repair shops. brand, which means other high costs. Beyond that, a 15-year-old car may need other investment to work as expected. New tires, for example. And these are not cheap.

The desire to have a Porsche 997, which promises to blast the allocated budget in an early age at a blast. A set of candles, 100% meeting the brand's requirements, costs about 1200 euros. Then, at intervals of approximately 60,000 km, it will be necessary to replace the brake discs and the front axle plates. Nothing else, they can be solved with around 800 euros. What it would be: damage to the upper damping point, rusting of components in the exhaust circuit and damage to the audio system. In the first years of production, the plant failed to reach 997 at the high quality of its predecessor. Engine engineering interventions (located at the back) are not comfortable at all, raising their cost from the start.

Something else characteristic of the 997: The T-shaped front frame that keeps fans cool, it is made of an aluminum alloy that is sensitive to corrosion by flowering. Replacing it is not a matter of "if", but of "when." The piece, taken "in the plaster", costs about 1,700 euros. Also in the cooling circuit area: as the temperature sensors deteriorate, sometimes the fans do not start. Do we still have to say how serious are the malfunctions that can come with the boiling liquid? Even the replacement of the sensors is not too cheap.

Denis Neumann of Porsche Workshop says: "You can't save big money on spare parts. Cheap ones get a lot of revenge after installation and in difficult to predict ways. However, get rid of the idea of ​​poor quality or repaired tires from the start. The same is with the brake pads. The latter can lead to some of the most serious problems. ”

Finally, the good news: the financial depreciation of the car will no longer be great, provided it remains in good condition. Two to three years may not feel like the resale price and the time to stabilize the SH quota for 997 is not far off. Cars that were initially a little more expensive (convertible, bodywork, automatic transmissions, all-wheel drive, etc.) are usually offered at least equipped. Beyond that, remember that a more complex car poses more risks of failure.

If everything you read above scares you, remember that the Porsche 911 is the world's most prized sports car, including its superiority. quality. Inevitably, a dream that comes true in reality loses its ideal status. Do you dare to live your dream?

The trouble that awaits you from behind – The engine is a kind of Achilles heel of 997

Placing the engine in a tight compartment in a narrow compartment cooling problems.

Disruption before the evacuation chain after the galleries. Sometimes the corrosion forces you to go there.

The weak alloy with which the 3.6 and 3.8 l engine cylinders are lined inside accelerates piston wear.

Who imagines that with the start of the 997 generation in 2004, the sensitivity of the famous 996 engines has been left behind. This was confirmed by expert Dennis Neumann, who works in a specialist service (but not part of the Porsche network) in Hamburg: "There have been new problems, especially with the new 3.8-liter engines fitted with the Carrera S. variants. [19659004] The coating on the inner surface of the cylinders simply tends to dissolve over time. To this we add that the increase of the cylinder from 3.6 to 3.8 liters is obtained by shortening the pistons and they will be required even more by increasing the friction in the cylinders than with the 3.6 liter engine. Even if there is nothing to crack, it affects the performance of the engine. Engine problems can also occur due to insufficient dimensioning of the factory-fitted bearings. The service offers us to replace them with new, more solid parts. "At the Porsche repair shop, a complete replacement of the engine costs from € 20,000 upwards, with all known sensitivities included.

Dennis Neumann us – have confirmed that several specialists offer different optimizations for the mechanical part of the 997 series, with or without appropriate guarantees. In general, a complete standard engine replacement gives you another 100,000 km without major problems. Generation 996, produced earlier and being the first to have undergone liquid cooling, has a similar sensitivity.

Exhaust Chain

Compared to the 996 series, the exhaust circuit is less stable over time. Necklaces and screws are given up first.


The growth insinuated in the upper mounting points of the dampers compromises their performance.

Audio amplifier

A typical defect in the audio system consists in the malfunction of the amplifier, it can be replaced, but costs about 700 euros. 30,000 km. In a double bearing, disc replacement is also required.

Condensers for air conditioning

Located in front, in a low position, directly in front of the cooling radiators, they are exposed to pebbles. on the road.


The design of the 997 series, including rounded headlights and pointed wings, has been successful. However, his sportiness is not without its drawbacks. The statistics mention various risks of damage, which makes it difficult to assess the coexistence of a car in the medium to long term. Some of his feelings were resolved during the facelift in 2008.

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