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Rome's Oscars may be Netflix's latest move to conquer Hollywood

Emmys? Netflix has their workload. But Oscars of a great category, like Rome's nomination for best picture have been unrequited yearning for Netflix.


Yalitza Aparicio plays Cleo in Rome, the film by Netflix, written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

Alfonso Cuaron
The giant of the stream finally united with Oscar on Sunday when Rome ̵

1; hailed by critics as the masterpiece of director Alfonso Cuaron – won three awards and competed in 10 Oscar categories.

The categories of Roma are of high class. The film, a black-and-white cast of domestic workers in a mid-class Mexican family in the early 1970s, won a film for best directing, cinematography and a foreign language. Though it did not get the best picture, Oscar's life for Netflix tripled overnight.

Netflix's victory in the Sunday awards show may last more than a night of Oscar's glory. Their prestige can go to the future movies you can play there. The resumption of Netflix as an original movie distributor may be meaningless to viewers: You probably do not care about Netflix's attitude to the theater, its cold Oscar series, or its giant catalog that absorbs smaller titles. But what is just strange to viewers can be irrecoverable obligations to some in the upper echelon of film production (or those who want to get there).

"Theatrical chains are attacking the Roma as being made for a TV movie because of their limited theatrical release," BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said in a note Wednesday, citing the cinema chains that protest the Roma film award so far. we do not hear any users complaining about the possibility of watching the Roma or the birds in their home without any extra costs. "

But that means your Netflix membership has missed some movies that you probably will be fond of. and his creators have rejected a "giant payday" in Netflix to ensure that the film has a traditional theatrical release, Amazon has managed to run projects such as The Big Sick by Netflix for the same reason

For some filmmakers, filming silver screen or Oscar gold cost more than a Netflix check The streaming giant himself is trying to eliminate some of his film mistakes, but the landing of prestigious Oscars is one of Netflix's toughest checkboxes. If Roma and Netflix have a great night on the Oscars Sunday, it could mean more premium movies to move along the line.

Victory data can not be bought

Nothing guarantees an Oscar, especially for the best picture, but Netflix is ​​growing to put the Roma in the best position to win.

Netflix reportedly spent up to $ 30 million on a promotional blitz for a Roma season. It's a little appreciated that Netflix has not publicly confirmed, but that would be twice the price of the movie and probably the most expensive campaign of its kind. (Netflix declined to comment on this article.)

The impetus was preceded last year when Netflix hired Lisa Tabak, leading Hollywood strategists, who introduced Moonlight and Spotlight for the best picture. Netflix head Ted Sarandos said at the time that the company wanted to "expand and deepen our efforts to celebrate the incredible artists and talents that bring their projects to their Netflix dreams."

Why so Long [19659005] From the outset of his original film ambitions, Netflix has been spontaneous to publish his films "day and day." This means that Netflix debuted his films in the theaters and streaming service, while theater owners take the place the theater, who perceive it as a threat to the traditional window schedules that give theaters months to view movies without competition from home viewing.

When Netflix released Beasts of No People in their streaming service the same day as the big screens in 2015, the movie chains rebelled, and the four largest US operators – AMC, Carmike, Cinemark and Regal – have refused to show it. "Awards, known as Oscar nominee predecessors, Nation's Beasts have failed to win any Oscar nomination.

This was one of the disgusting reactions that triggered the reaction of #OscarsSoWhite in 2016, as the entire cast of the film was black. It was also a symptom of Netflix's alienation from traditional film institutions like the Oscars Academy.

  Actor Idris Elba stands as a warlord in a crowd of soldiers with firearms in beasts without a nation

Nation's animals have not been nominated for "Oscar" in 2016, widely perceived as neglect.


Netflix's initial strategy of attracting Hollywood's biggest names was to remove them with a giant check, but the stacks of money were not always enough. Since Netflix began losing films such as The Big Sick and Crazy Rich Azians, she was relaxing her determination for a day-and-date release. At the end of last year, Netflix put Roma in cinemas for more than three weeks before running; Buster Scrugs' ballad from Cohen's Brothers and Birds was broadcast in the theaters about a week before they were streaming. This move was not far from the owners of the theaters. The mainstream cinema chains are still stubbornly opposed to Netflix's films. Many have refused to see the Roma together with other nominees for the best paintings in the special Oscar showcases this year. But Netflix's move may be more successful as the overture of directors, demonstrating that he is ready to recognize the importance of screening in the darkened theater of the people who make the films.

  birdbox "height =" 0 "width =" 570 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/8Xr1KOgefYsbvhzWb1n1Oz2OEiE=/570x0/2019/01/02/4bcd2886-1a27-407d-9010 Netflix said Bird Box was seen by more than 80 million households in its first month of streaming. </p><div><script async src=


Bird Box has also played a role in reassuring another critique of Netflix films – that headlines are lost in seemingly endless lines of Netflix content. In its first month of streaming, more than 80 million households watched Netflix's Bird Box . With many people watching Netflix from a single account and Netflix claiming that the Bird Box has "very repetitive views" of individual accounts, its message to the creators is clear: Make movies with us and they will be seen. The cool attitude towards Netflix is ​​one of the retaining points.

The Oscars have not completely neglected Netflix. The documentaries of the giant giant nominate annual nominee for a documentary every year since 2014. Netflix brought his first Oscar feature film last year to Icarus, his documentary on doping among competing bicyclists.

The company also won an Oscar for a short documentary film about the White helmets in 2017, volunteer rescuers in the Syrian bombardment. Mudbound, a drama for a black family and a white one in rural Mississippi, received four Oscar nominations last year.

But Mudbound did not win. Overall, the Netflix Oscars record is quite small for a company that publishes around 90 films each year, making it the second-largest film studio after Disney's production budget, according to Barclays.

Not all leading producers are rejected by the lack of Netflix movie awards. Obviously, Kuaron has entrusted to Netflix a film he loves so much that he has delayed his work until he feels he has developed enough emotional maturity . Martin Scorsese, one of the most prominent directors of his generation, releases his next two films through Netflix. (It is worth noting that Scorsese has been overlooked by the Oscars for more than 30 years until 2007 the statue of the best director for The Departed.) Guillermo del Toro, director of the best picture for last year, and Steven Soderbergh also have movies coming out of Netflix. ,

But others among Hollywood elite filmmakers remain resilient – Steven Spielberg for example.

With the Roma on Sunday, Netflix can finally enter the most sacred circle of the winner. This may silence one of the last remaining points of hesitation for filmmakers from all stripes and may go to the selection of future movies that Netflix can mark for your enjoyment of watching an experience.

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Updated 8:36 PM PT : With prize results.

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