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Ron Rivera is definitely signing some free agents

Fresh from the project, Ron Rivera is making media tours on Monday. One of his stops was at the Chris Russell and Pete Medhurst show this afternoon. It covered a variety of topics – it’s worth listening to below – but the one that really caught my attention was what he planned to do next week: Sign some veteran free agents. After signing only one undeveloped free agent, Jaret Patterson (RB), Rivera is now turning its attention to patching the rest of the team with vets:

“We have 4 more places and we have not filled them with free agents. We will look around and photograph a few boys who are there. So we̵

7;ll add through a free agency, hopefully next week or something, when we start preparing for OTA. “

Here are 3 potential goals, in my opinion.

Stephen Nelson (CB)

Nelson won’t be cheap, most likely – his previous contract with the Steelers was $ 8.5 million a year – but there aren’t many teams with limited space left to afford this year. Washington is one of them.

Can Nelson take less with the Steelers? We may never know:

“It came to me to be traded or to be released, and I just want to say very clearly to those who may not know or assume that there has never been a discussion with me so I can get paid cut,” Nelson explained. “I was never even given this opportunity to reduce my salaries. It was either trade or liberation. I just want to make that clear. “

Why do I like Nelson? Well, in 2019, it was the 6th highest rated corner for men in the league. Nelson is 5’11 “, 194 pounds and is built on the same model as William Jackson III and Benjamin St. Just. If Rivera and Jack Del Rio are serious about moving to a more physical scheme to cover men in high school, 28-year-old Nelson, with a two-year contract, could be a perfect addition to the new corner kicks on the list. It will also very clearly release Kendall Fuller to move to the slot where he excels.

Degree of coverage of the man: 73.4

Nelson’s 2019 season flies under the radar, but in many ways you look at it, it was one of the best seasons of any corner in the NFL. Its degree of coverage is one such indicator. The Steelers are another team that doesn’t perform a ton of human coverage (23rd highest in the NFL last season), but Nelson played well when asked to run. He allowed only 12 of the 28 balls thrown at his cover to be completed, of which only eight were first drops. Minka Fitzpatrick received great recognition for her impact on the secondary ─ and deservedly ─ but Nelson had a lot of impact in his first year.

Josh Bynes (LB)

By compiling Jamin Davis in the first round and Shaka Tony in the 7th, Washington has taken clear steps to improve the speed and athleticism of its corps. Having said that, most would agree that some extra depth of return would be welcome.

Bynes is an interesting case. Now 32, Bynes plays the best football of his career after about a decade in the league. Like William Jackson, he played in defense of the terrible Bengals last season. Still, he had a year in his career.

“It’s just for me to keep playing this game. Let me go out there and keep showing that I can play this game to its full potential. This will be my 11th season coming up, and I still have a lot left in the tank and I want to play as much as I can. I want a team to believe in me, knowing that I can go out there and play any game as if it were my last. And I showed that last season in all 16 [games] and stood firm. I know I’m able to do that next season and move on for another season, so I just can’t wait to finally figure that out with either Cinsy or another organization in the next few weeks, “Bynes said.

Bynes, who was on a one-year deal with the Bengals for $ 1.65 million, was not re-signed, but he is certainly a man who I think might be worth taking $ 2 million a year for a year or two.

Mycole Pruitt (TE)

My initial instinct is that with the preparation of John Bates, the narrowly finished room is full. But if not, blocking the strict end of the extraordinary, Mycole Pruitt, will be my goal. I’ve already written about it elsewhere, but I’m not sure we could do better than Pruitt as TE3 on this team. Pruitt is only 29 years old and had a higher PFF rating than Jacob Hollister, Kyle Rudolph and Trey Burton last year.

With Logan Thomas, John Bates and Pruitt on the list, we would have the full set of skills and two great mentors for Bates to help him hone his gaining and blocking skills.

[Pruitt] signed with the Titans in 2018 and has not looked back since. He is an underrated member of this high scoring. He plays an unknown role. Pruitt does the dirty work and rarely gets credit for it. He is an underrated pass hunter who often takes advantage of the opportunities he gets in this area, but where Pruitt really shines is in the running game, where he is often used as the sixth offensive game.

Pruitt was a free agent last season and returned with a one-year deal. Before signing with the Titans again, Derrick Henry came across his Pruitt’s agent at a public event. Henry told him and I quote, “Make sure Pruitt is back in Tennessee.” I can’t do what I do without him. ”


Which of these three players would you most like to see Ron Rivera sign this week?

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    Stephen Nelson (CB) – $ 5M / year

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  • 25%

    Josh Bynes (LB) – $ 2M / year

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  • 0%

    Mycole Pruitt (TE) – $ 2M / year

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  • 25%

    All three

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    One of them

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