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Ronnie Wood reflects the sobriety, Mick Jagger's "superhuman" recovery from heart surgery

If there is someone who can stop at the 11th week after heart surgery at the age of 75, it's Mick Jagger. The rocker confirmed his status as the world's most adapted actor, returning to Rolling Stones returning to Chicago on Friday.

The American Foot of the No Filter tour was slowed by Sir Mick's heart surgery.

is re-enabled. He started at the Soldier Field stadium in the city of 61

,500 people, and after Stones' frontman opposed to medical expectations with a quick recovery, even his classmates called him "superhuman". Guitarist Ronny Wood, 72, said: "The doctors said they had never acted as an athlete at age 75 – we really laughed.

"He is so fit that he spends three hours a day. to do exercises, and that has made him many benefits in later life. He's really superhuman.

"Normally, if this type of surgery is done at 75, she does not retire, they come back behind the desk. They never had a case when the man did not have a desk job.

"He's a medical miracle, he's a Mick."

In fact, Ronnie thinks the legendary frontman is more capable than ever.

He said, "Oh, God, it's even harder for him to stop. It's like "Mick, come here, I want to talk to you" and it's like everywhere. It is really in good shape. "

  Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones play their role when they resurrect Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Tour North American Field Tour "Soldier" on June 21, 2019. The tour was postponed until Jagger recovered from heart surgery.
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It was three weeks before the North American Stones series began that Mick called classmates Ronnie, Keith Richards, 75, and Charlie Watts, 78 – in his hotel room in Miami. Visibly upset, he told them he needed an emergency surgery to solve his heart problem and was not fit for execution.

Despite the nightmare of resolving 17 concerts, there have never been any questions. They just wanted Mick to get better. The music could hold.

Ronnie said, "Mick knew from his doctors that one day he would have to take care of this problem with his heart – but he had no idea it would happen quickly. "He called us into his room and said," I have to do this now. "He felt so bad about it, We said," Do not feel bad if it's done, do it, then we can keep moving "And now we are really ready to jump – fortunately."

Their tour already won 188 million pounds and were watched by 1,506,259 fans in Europe

This American leg had to start in Miami on April 20 , and Stones was back on stage earlier than anticipated, thanks to Mick's restoration.

I met P in a suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago, the rocker who had been sober for ten years, arrived, clutching a box of dietary bone

The father of the six, whose children were between two and 42 years of age, was dressed carelessly in a black hat over his shirt, he said his two-year-old twins Gracie and Alice joined him on the trip and went to see Cirque du Soleil with his mother, Ronnie's third wife, Sally, 41 in the afternoon.

They also took the young children to Keith and the retirement of his wife Patti Hansen in Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas.

Ronnie said, "When Mick was in the surgery, Keith said you could come to his little place too."

"So we took the twins there and they were trained in a pot." Keith was over the moon. said: "They came like little babies and left like little girls."

If you are an older dad, it makes him stress, that's not obvious, his coat is hardly gray. something I'm really proud of, I've never painted it, maybe it's because I'm not worried. "

A mick who has eight five-way children our women also has a two-year-old son, Devero, with ballerina Melanie Hamic, 32.

Ronnie believes that they are both living evidence that men can deal with being older dads. said: "Mick has received his little Dev, he looks forward to seeing him, my little ones, I can not get enough of them, if you have a place in your life where you have the freedom to have them and take care of them then , I would recommend it. It's like having a second chance.

"From my sobriety, it's like having a second chance in life, seeing everything with clarity, gratitude. It's amazing. I feel so good. And to have these small blessings is the icing on the cake. "

These days, the post-concert races of the stones are far from the heights of the sixties and seventies that have risen from hell. they will have something bright to eat on the day of the concert – Mick and Charlie as fish and vegetables as he and Keith prefer the shepherd's pie.

Then, to relax, they will have a soup and return to their hotel suite. Ronnie, who has fought a drink and a drug, usually ends up with documentaries about Netflix's crimes. And that's what he likes. "

He said," With the momentum of youth, you have always pursued high. The music was high and you still want to get taller and taller to drink or whatever. You never thought about it – it was like keeping up high. "But now I can sit and go," My body will collapse if I continue to accumulate it and do it as I did before. "I'm still very happy, I do not think I miss something, I see it a little wiser, I'm tall enough and I'm grateful for that."

Their 17-day American tour continues until the end of August. this band will come out in different ways before finding a window to work on their next album with original tracks

Ronnie says the group does not have regular contact when it's not on tour or in the studio. "Rolling Stones," and he answered, laughing, "No. Ha! I know you're holding me now.

"Charly and Keith, they still refuse to go online, but they do not carry phones, and I can find Charlie on a landline and Keith through his wife if we have to talk, but something is , that we are so close to the road, we need a little room and we know that everyone is okay, the band is more communicative when Ronnie wants feedback about his impressive paintings. "Ronnie said," Charley liked it. "Keith said," I like the myths of Mick. "

He plans to release more art, and he is not likely to slow down, but it is a natural "mess."

The same goes for the other stones, although their career has lasted for six decades, no one is about to give up. "Mick bouncing off the operation only highlights their endurance Rony and Charlie have been fighting cancer and Keith has recovered from a serious head trauma

Ronnie said, "Someone there likes us, we just keep going and thank our lucky stars. Fortunately, they have left no scars to prevent us from progressing. This is the best thing ever with the stones.

"We are at the top of our health when playing together. Charlie, apparently adjusting when we start playing together, he physically looks and feels better, we all do it. We do not want to stop working. Everything is fine, there will be a new album and a new tour.

"It will be great – but let's finish with the first one."

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